24. August 2015

EU Cookie Guideline, JJK

Honored Reader!

For some time now, you have been asked, if you allow 
cookies or not. This concerns all readers in the EU, 
because EU guideline 2009/136/EG, from the year 
2009 is now being enforced. 

„EU laws require that visitors from the European Union 
are informed about the cookies being used in your blog. 
In many cases these laws even require that you must 
get a corresponding permission.“ 

Since the Lichtwelt-Blog is hosted by Google, Google 
has complied with this ordinance and therefore you 
find a big crossbar on our homepage. This course of 
action is no “protection of the private sphere”, as it 
is ascertained; instead it is clearly another intrusion 
into certain user freedoms and obviously serves for 
further “surveillance”.

Therefore we must point to the fact that we 
cannot change this guideline and Google 
automatically implements it.

A system change is still urgent and in the future 
we will continue to utilize all our strength for that.

As you would like to express your displeasure, 
Brussels and our governments would be the right 
addressees, because these have implemented this 
ordinance into national law.

Therefore we ask you to decide for yourself, how 
you would like to proceed and also for the future 
we wish you much enjoyment with our work.

In Love

Your Lichtwelt-Team & Jahn J Kassl 

Traslated from German by Franz

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