26. August 2015


Break-up Appearances on all Levels

Written and Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 
Translated from: Vom Staat 

The world is in upheaval! On all levels appearances of decay 
of this society show up. Heads of politics, religion, the economy 
and culture lose their orientation and are not up to the 
challenges of this time.
Daily the tempo of transformation accelerates and gradually the 
new world, the new society, looms. Despite immense efforts of 
the dark forces to keep their power, we experience their failure 
in these days. The maliciousness can no longer be hidden and 
the outgrowth of this inhuman “ruling class” comes to light of 
the world public.

Thereby more and more human Beings become aware of 
what kind of system they have served so far as slaves and 
how this system – in ignorance of mankind – could have 
been maintained in the background.
This truth liberates and affects turning away from it.
More and more human Beings turn to new possibilities and 
they take new paths. And the number of those, who put 
every effort into a change in society and who reject this 
system in all areas, grows daily.  

The spiritual Light from the center of our universe 
changes the vibration on earth and also increases 
our intrinsic vibration. 

Thereby we find an entirely new access to life and to 
Mother Earth. Empathy and love begin to become the 
determining forces. This has the result that true alternatives 
are developed for today’s system of society and more and 
more human Beings, individually or in groups, put their 
whole effort into it. 

We have begun to take our fate 
into our own hands. 

We begin to understand that we are the creators of our 
lives and that we cannot, should or may, turn this 
responsibility over to anybody else.
An awakening has started, even though from my perspective 
still hesitantly, which is clearly connected with the fact that 
human Beings redeem their own issues and thereby lose their 
anxieties, anxieties, which the dark entities need as a source 
of nutrition. It is a simple truth: Human Beings, liberated 
from fear, are the key for change and the solution for 
each problem, which is based on a feeling of lack. 

We recognize increasingly that we live in abundance 
and that we only need to open ourselves to this universal 
energy, which is available everywhere. And foremost we 
become aware that we can intervene directly in the course 
of time and thereby we can change the course of this world 
to a light-filled development. 

“But the most beautiful of all doubts is, when the discouraged 
weakened ones lift their heads and no longer believe in the 
strength of their suppressors!” (Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956), 
German Playwright and Poet, praise of doubt) 

The time for self-empowerment of 
human Beings has come.  

Victims become self-determined entities and slaves become 
free. The wake-up call from Heaven reaches more and more 
human hearts. It is a process, which is irreversible.
The planet changes and human Beings are reborn.

This process is ongoing now. And in the meantime we 
receive sufficient inspiration from Heaven and our inner 
spiritual guidance, how we can shape the new earth in 
the near future.

Which light-filled service can for example religions 
perform and how should the nature of states be 
defined for the new time?

The collapse of the system comes irreversibly closer 
and could happen at any day. Therefore it is necessary 
to point to suitable help for the time in between and 
foremost for the time after.

This is a necessity, which at this point I like to comply 
with due to the publication of  “Of State” in the book 
“Life, Volume I”.

In Love
Jahn J Kassl 

Of State 
John Baptist

Excerpt of the book: "Life, Volume I"

Beloved Ones, it is the 12th of December 2012, 
while these lines appear on paper. Mother Earth is 
in the greatest transformation in the history of 
mankind and of time; and mankind awakes.

The universe meets you full of reverence and love 
and fully conscious high cultures of this and faraway 
galaxies keep a protective watch over you.
Walk on, nothing and nobody can harm you! 
Victory is ours and we inherit Life.                       
The day of complete insight and the final liberation 
of mankind from the yoke of the rulers, which 
have misused their power, have come.

It is now my task to talk to you about State, about 
the essence of State and how it should serve you 
and not degrade you to slaves. Before my eternal 
brother (meant: Sananda, Remark JJK) will talk to 
you about religion, I will give you an overview, 
how it can be, how it should be, and how it will 
be in a short period of time, even if it seems difficult 
for you to imagine.

The State should serve the human Being – in all matters. 
The State should be guided, led and administered by 
individuals, who have achieved complete mastery over self.
Of individuals, who have overcome their ego, which have 
questioned and recognized their personal motives, and of
human Beings, which have recognized themselves as spiritual 
Beings of Creation in connection with other cultures, which 
exist far from this world. In short: 

The State should be led by the noblest of nobles, 
by selected Beings of the quality of enlightened Ones. 

These form the council of a nation, a population, a continent 
and finally the council, which guides and administers all affairs 
of the planet. Truly, an individual in service of State is an 
administrator of responsibilities, which were given to him. 
He is wise in the application of his borrowed and assigned 
power; he is kind in order to connect human Beings and is 
determined in order to punish transgressions.
The prototype of the State in the future is as follows:

1) The State is not authorized to collect taxes or to enforce 
them, no matter for what purpose or to whose advantage.
2) The State has to make sure that the code of behavior 
and honor, which has been established by the Council of 
wise Beings and which has been put up for a vote by all 
human Beings, is observed.
3) The State has to make sure that everything, which serves 
the benefit of all, that all, which relies on means, capabilities 
and good deeds of individuals, is realized on a voluntary basis.
4) Voluntariness is the highest commandment, as well as the 
freedom of the individual is the highest commandment.
5) The State has to educate all human Beings, by means of 
broadly administered teachings of knowledge and by example, 
which the administrators of the State live by, to conduct moral, 
truthful and righteous behavior.
6) The State has to abolish all armies and convert them to 
emergency services, which during the time of transformation 
of the planet will serve people in need.
7) The State receives from the citizens all means – on 

a voluntary basis – in order to carry out certain projects, 
which have been mentioned here and will be.
8) The highest law, the essential tool, in order to transform 

a broken society into a healed Statehood, is the living 
example of those, who head the State.
9) In a time of transition the voluntariness in all areas 

is the advance trust for mankind, which was truly used 
to other yardsticks.
10) Who behaves inadequately, who commits trespasses, 
which damage the public welfare or do damage to other 
individuals and give that person undue advantages, will 
be sent to light- and love-schools and be made aware of 
his behavior, so that he can correct it: This is the end for 
psychotherapy, because one works on the basis of light 
and love, which is abundantly available in All-that-Is, 
and achieves healing.
11) The State ensures that healing professionals receive 
proper compensation for keeping individuals healthy and 
not in ill health.
12) The State ensures, that schools include enriching 

topics like ethics, right living, being happy, «who» I am, 
spirituality, extrasensory perception, creating, God, life 
and love; and it is prudent, to holistically address the 
capacities of the new children; the end of giving grades; 
and teachers, who have been extensively trained in 
the above.
13) The State trusts its citizen unconditionally 

and also receives this trust from the citizen.
14) All rights originate from the citizen and the State 
administers them and shelters the laws, which have 
passed and will be.
15) The State is the first and last instance to speak 
rights and to give rights, but is not appointed to create 
its own rights and to adapt them according to circumstances.
16) The servants of the State do not receive compensation, 
unless from God, because it is the Creator, who deploys 
them and withdraws their power, in case they go astray.
17) The State ensures that every human Being, as his 

birthright, has the right to adequate means, in order 
to shape his life on earth absolutely free from all 
problems of existence. An unconditional basic income 
and free housing are essential for this and only the 
first step.
18) The State allows every religion the possibility to 

present its case. It is up to the individual alone, what 
they accept and what they reject. This freedom is the 
freedom, which mankind, in the process of awakening, 
badly needs.
19) The State will be headed by the «Council of 

wise Beings» of 12 and supported by the »Council 
of Elders» of 12. The series of 12 continues all the 
way to the smallest communities.
20) The State fosters the regional cooperation of human
Beings. Thereby enhances the overarching cooperation 
of countries and nations.
21) The delegates of the State in lower levels will be 
elected for a time of 6 years and may be reelected.
22) Every citizen has the right to see themselves as 
part of society for important positions in the family of
23) For human Beings, who do not want to cease from
their criminal acts, longer-lasting schools in consciousness 
are being dedicated, until these human Beings can 
participate in the life of society as fully-fledged new 
human Being.
24) The State has to ensure, that only food full of light 
reaches individuals, before light nutrition will become the 
actual source of life.
25) The State has to forbid everything, which manipulates 
the human mind, what does damage to the human body 
and whereby the human Being in total is weakened.
26) The State has to abolish the influence of all forms 
of communication, which exert fear and keep human 
Beings in dependency, because it is part of the code, 
which forbids each attack on the freedom of the human 
27) The State has to insure, that human Beings 

meet each other in trust, because the State trusts 
its citizen.
28) The State does not judge, but recognizes conditions 
and names them, in order to confirm them with the 
individuals or to change them.
29) All individuals employed in the service of the State 
know that they are guardians of trust, and know, that 
they are guardians of peace and the administrators of 
unified human Beings – whose only goal is, to express 
themselves in the love for all creatures.
30) Babaji will assign the «Council of the World» 
in the first decade.

Hence it is valid: The State, the way it presents itself today, 
nearly worldwide, either «democratic» or dictatorial, is a 
discontinued model, which comes to an end.

Honored human Beings, with these first pointers, 
where the journey goes, I ensure you of my presence,


The Book: “Life, Volume I”, is in preparation. 

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