7. August 2015


To create Suffering, to do Violence: 
The Business Model of the Roman Catholic Church 

Essay from Jahn J Kassl 
Translated by Franz

"The Rock, which was not in Rome“, this was the title of 
Rudolf Augstein’s SPIEGEL on 04/24/2000.And further on: 
„All thinkable proofs and indications that Apostle Peter ever 
was in Rome are missing, not to mention that he was Bishop 
of Rome. Also the legend that he was crucified in the circus 
Nero just like his Redeemer, however in full humbleness with 
his head hanging down, is nothing more than a pious fairy tale. 
And how should he have come to Rome, if not at the behest of 
his Roman Overlords? Yet the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome has 
been and still is the spiritual center of all Catholics in the world, 
even of all Christians. Hardly anyone among the faithful takes 
umbrage that this magnificent building has been erected on
forgeries, deceptions and dream-like longings.“

(…)“Therefore can the Catholic Church with its uninterrupted 
succession of Roman papacy really base itself on Sacred Peter
as the first Bishop of Rome? 
The answer simply is: No.“ Source: SPIEGEL 04/24/2000 

„Quarrel about the question: ‚Was Peter never in Rome?‘ 
“You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church.” 
Jesus supposedly said this to Peter. And supposedly the 
St. Peter’s Basilica rises above the grave of the Apostle, 
who was murdered, as one of the first martyrs of the 
young belief. Yet many scientists doubt this.“
Source: DIE WELT 03/04/2010 

And what is really true? 

We were sent into all corners of the earth, and the intent,
to form a church, was far from us, yes, it was totally 
inconceivable for us.“ 
(from The Biography of Jesus Part II, The Last Supper) 

Read the true history about the events in Jerusalem approximately 
2000 years ago in the two books, which were transmitted to me 
in the years 2008 and 2009 by Jesus himself: 
The Biography of Jesus, Part I and II“.

In the following contribution I will recite from this text in 
the context of today’s controversy with this topic. 
The truth makes us free and can be expected of us, 
because neither Jesus nor Peter was crucified! 

As soon as all human Beings know this truth the Roman 
Catholic Church is history! And this institution also belongs 
on the garbage heap of the younger history of mankind, 
because based on this fairy tale, the lie of Jesus’s and Peter’s 
(even with the head down) crucifixion, in order to be equal in 
suffering to Jesus, or to even exceed him, generations 
of human Beings have identified with suffering and thereby 
have invited it into their lives, all according to the perverse 
logic of the Church Elders.

Mother Theresa 

is a tragic example of a misguided human Being based on this 
diabolic tradition. The needy ones, which she collected in the 
streets of Calcutta, were not given any pain medication, so 
that they are refined due to suffering and be equal to Jesus.  
„Cancer is the kiss from Jesus“ it was said and pain must be 
endured and tolerated.
Totally in this philosophy, children, who found refuge in 
this order, were raised for child prostitution, in order to 
experience early on enough suffering, indeed in “Jesus’s 
And whoever digs also just a little deeper with the promptly 
by the Church of Rome declared “Blessed Angel of the Poor” 
needs good nerves, and also an even better stomach, in order 
to stand the “benefactions” of this “Mother of Death”.
Yet it is an extremely healing process, if our examples are 
disenchanted and if her true countenance is unveiled to us. 

Truth always heals, also then, when as a first reflex 
we resist it, because opinions have to be given up 
and illusions must be destroyed.

Suffering: the Business Model of the Church 

Pain and suffering therefore is the business model of the Church 
of Rome, and many religious fanatics rival in it and surpass 
themselves in pain experiences. 
Self-flagellation or being nailed to the cross every year at Eastern 
for example, is in some countries still central part of a pain-filled 
Jesus cult. In our latitudes it may be less extreme, here the sliding 
on the knees in front of the altar is sufficient, or the knuckling under 
in front of priests, bishops or popes, in order to be found worthy of
the sacrament. The black magic initiations (baptism, confirmation, 
Eucharist, confession, anointment, priest consecration, marriage)  
chain human Beings to the Church, in order to keep them away 
from spiritual awakening.

To become like Jesus in alleged suffering has a 
very high price, namely one’s own soul. 
This is a price, which the Roman Catholic Church, come hell
or high water, demands of the around 1.2 billion Catholics.
Never is it one’s own suffering or of their high officials, instead 

it is always the suffering of second tier or third tier ones, which 

the clerics shamelessly enrich themselves from and are delighted 

The trail of blood of the Roman Catholic Church throughout centuries 
is a sole string of unbelievable crimes, and also here it is worthwhile 
to have a closer inspection. The Church in the course of it’s history 
has to be held directly or indirectly accountable for over 100 million
dead, only to ensure power and wealth. This is an unbelievable 
balance sheet of barely bearable hellishness. But the Church 
got away with it; even more, it was successful with it!
Until today.

The Church is exposed to the Light!

Already by a long shot the brickwork of lies becomes fragile. 
More and more the cruelty, which the soutane carriers are in 
truth capable of, shimmers behind the curious glow in their 
faces. Abysses, like child misuse, reveal themselves – the 
entire glamor is gone.
The time of lies is over. We live in the Age of Aquarius, 
which means: Truth prevails – and the Light.

Today the Church must ensure under totally different 
vibrational facts that their lies remain unrecognized! 
And this no longer works.
Nonetheless the Church of Rome has done a complete job 
and due to the glorification of suffering has degraded human 
souls to spiritual, emotional and mental cripples.

It’s all over now!

Now we have the opportunity to step out of this madness, 
whereby we understand that Jesus Christ was never crucified 
and that also Simon Peter never entered the way to the coliseum 
under emperor Nero.
The husband and father of a family Simon Peter never was the 
first pope or the founder of the Church as Mary Magdalene 
never was a whore.

The history of Jesus, as it is told to us and as it is written 
down in the Bible, is in its essence all lies from A to Z.

The mentioned books in the beginning describe exactly what 
really happened at that time and what deeper meaning all 
events obeyed to.

Jesus was not on the Cross!

In it there is unmistakably the talk that Jesus never was on the cross
meaning that Jesus thereby never could have survived his crucifixion, 
like it is claimed in many New Age writings.
Namely this makes not only one but THE difference!
A crucified savior, either surviving or died on the cross, is and 
remains a living savior, a living example. And as such it creates 
the basis for all excesses of suffering, which today we encounter 
in and around the Catholic Church, but also in the esoteric movement.
Because many “esoteric ones” want and cannot let go of their own 
suffering and desperately seek new core values of suffering and 
thereby create new dramas for themselves. Here is indeed still 
much redemption work to be done by many.

Fact is: 

Jesus (Prophet, family father and husband) –
My death on the cross never happened!
This information is very important so that you stop to identify 
yourselves with this suffering. Suffering does not lead to 
salvation that so many of you strive for.
Beloved children of Mankind, I neither died on the cross 
nor have I been crucified. The scriptures of Peter bear witness 
of what has been withheld from you. It is a great error in your 
history, and those who are responsible for it have loaded a great 
burden on themselves. As a result of this erroneous description 
of my life and my death, an infinite amount of suffering came to
Suffering was supposed to ennoble you and be noble. But it is 
destructive and causing so much pain, but the whole earth has 
been covered by it. Wars were waged in the name of suffering 
and in the name of the Cross; all joy was taken from you. 
The possibility of peace was withheld from you, and hate 
has been and still is a reality on earth.
How many wars, how much destruction of life on earth and 
how much personal suffering were in your daily life!

This happens because you believed in the wrong image 
of my message for hundreds of years.“
(from „The Biography of Jesus Part I, Prolog)

Mary Magdalene (Initiate, wife of Jesus and mother) –
“Miriam from Bethany was not a whore and not a sinner, 
as people like to portray her.
She was and is a high initiate of Life, and at that time 
we were intimately joined together.
The wedding at Cana was our wedding. 
I was her bridegroom and she was my bride.”
(from The Biography of Jesus Part I, Prologue)

Peter (Family father and husband) –
The so-called key transfer to Peter has never happened!“ 
(from The Biography of Jesus Part I)
(…)Peter finally went to Rome. Here also the told story has to 
be somewhat corrected. He did not die the barbaric death 
that is presented to you as an act of heroism.
Even though many human Beings found their death in 
Rome’s arenas, he was spared of this ordeal, and he 
finally ascended into the Light at an old age.
His crucifixion also never happened! Please accept this 
fact and liberate yourself entirely from these anxiety-promoting 
pictures, which paralyze you and thereby give you the wrong  
(from The Biography of Jesus Part II, The last Days in Jerusalem)

And Judas (Scholar, but foremost not a traitor!)
Many reports bear witness that he hanged himself, 
and in some places one claims that he was stoned by 
the disciples. But it was not like that, these stories are 
entirely fictitious, freely constructed and untrue! It did 
not happen this way, did not take place or play out that way!
It is time to lift the guilt from Judas’s shoulders! It is necessary 
to direct the Light toward the actual events so that the darkness 
yields from your hearts.
(…)His trust and his affection towards me were unique, 
and quite often the disciples were baffled and even jealous 
how quickly he understood what was expressed in my 
I asked him to use every opportunity to keep the Sanhedrin
 informed about my whereabouts.
(from The Biography of Jesus Part II; Betrayal of Judas)

The Catholic Church has worked off itself in a criminal manner, 
in order to establish a sect, which due to fear ensures power 
over human Beings in this world.
Happiness for simple human Beings was postponed to the beyond, 
while the clerics already wallowed in lavish happiness (even though 
very deceptive) in this world.

I do not believe a single Word of Pope Francis!

I believe also from this by many human Beings as warm-hearted 
and vernacular experienced Jesuit Pope Francis I. only then a 
word, as he begins to separate from the wealth, which the 
Church has stolen from mankind, as he begins to sell the 
gold, the real estate, the cash, the landholdings and the 
art treasury of the Vatican and gives the proceeds back 
to human Beings.

I believe Francis I. only then a word, as he clears up the 
Jesus lie and gives access to the Vatican archives, so that 
each one can be convinced of the truth for oneself and 
can let go of the false images.

I believe this Pontiff only then a word as he stops giving advice 
to parents to make children obey by giving them slaps on the 
This man does not know what he is talking about and if he does, 
it is even worse. Advice is simply vices and His Holiness recommends 
these. This is ludicrous and wacky. What does it have to do with 
God’s Love and Jesus’s Love? If Mother Theresa is accepted by 
the Church as a “Saint”, this attitude of the Pope is yet barely

„Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.“
Isaac Asimov (1920-1992)
„Whoever commits violence to the least, 
blasphemes the Creator.“ Bible, Salomon’s verses 14,31

I believe this chief of the greatest religious corporation on 
earth only then a word, as he refrains from treating adults like 
sheep, which shall see salvation in the Church and in the Pope 
as God’s representative, but thereby only encounter their 

I believe Jorge Mario Bergoglio only then, as he himself 
turns around and dissolves the office of the Pope as 
well as the Church.

Age of Aquarius of Truth

We live in the Age of Aquarius, the truth prevails everywhere 
and the Light reveals everything to us.
The 266th bishop of Rome is possibly the last one of its kind, 
because neither his organization or such an office is useful 
in the new world.

Until it is that far, until we experience the day of truth and 
the end of this matrix, it is up to us that we keep ourselves 
away from the suffering, which emanated and still emanates 
from this Church.
It is up to each one of us that we heal all injuries, 
which this Church has inflicted on us over many incarnations.
And foremost it is up to ourselves that we redeem all injuries, 
which we have inflicted on others in some incarnations under 
the banner of the Church, and ask for forgiveness for it.

It is necessary to heal any old experience of 
suffering and to reject every new one.

And the beginning has been made, as we liberate ourselves
of the fable of the crucified Jesus and the head upside down 
crucified Apostle Peter. Lies remain lies, also if they have 
been repeated for 1600 years: „It is known how much the 
fable of Christ has been useful to us and to ours.“ 
Pope Leo X (1475 to 1521), who was born as Giovanni de’ Medici.

In conclusion: The invented crucified one keeps the Church 
alive. Without this lie it dies and decays into dust. 
It is high time for it.

Jahn J Kassl

Epilogue from „The Biography of Jesus Part II“ from Jesus Christ:
I on the other hand remained among human Beings.
In the following decades the blessing and enlightenment 
bringing Himalaya served as my home. The assignment 
to anchor Love permanently on and in the earth, found 
it’s from eternity-determined continuation. The Kingdom 
of God in that region can be experienced in a unique manner.
The effect of HIS power and glory is omnipresent there – 
at that time as today.

As Master among Masters I served human Beings until 
I ascended also to my Father in the eternal realms of Love.
The timeless Being took full possession of me, and I fully 
entered into God’s arms. 

We write the year 116.“

The Biography of Jesus, Part II JAHN J KASSL:

The Fictitious Crucifixion – JAHN J KASSL:

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