13. August 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

Live like it is worthy of a human Being, be, like it is fitting 
for the gentility of a human Being and become, like God has 
determined it for a human Being; this is the destination of 
this journey across infinity.


Receive now the
10 Guideposts for Right Livelihood: 

1.) Lead a simple life.
2.) Think clearly and on the basis of a purified heart.
3.) Act innocently like children.  
4.) Follow your inner guidance.
5.) Trust your own power.
6.) Respect all life.
7.) Take in light-filled food.
8.) Seek out light-filled locations.
9.) Surround yourself with light-filled human Beings.
10.) Seek closeness to God.  

These simple guideposts keep you on the ground in this 
stormy turning point in time and keep you on course on 
the light path. And it is always the simple and easily 
understood measures, which affect great things, as 
they are followed exactly.

-simplify life, whereby you put your clear thoughts 
into easily understood words and perform actions, 
which can barely be misinterpreted or misunderstood.

-To act like children means to act innocently.
And to act innocently means without egotistical hidden 
agenda or motives. Look at children as they are without
intention and clear, as they express this or that, unless 
parents and the environment prohibit this mode of expression, 
whereby it is expressed differently and thereby the child 
recognizes this as unwanted.

-simplify your life, whereby you do not get attached to 
wealth, and foremost then if you have substantial earthly 
wealth. Property is not the burden, instead how you manage 
it, and how you resonate with it. Does the property serve 
you or do you serve the property?

-Connect with your inner guidance and trust your power. 
Attain this ability and this self-confidence until this manner 
of acting becomes flesh and blood. Begin to make courageous 
decisions without depending on second or third ones. 
Begin so that mistakes are courageously admitted. 
Mistakes are part of life and only whoever does not get 
stopped for too long, goes on. “Mistakes” only means that 
the overall picture has deficiencies, something is lacking. 
The more often you make decisions, the more secure you 
will become and mistakes will be less and the more 
complete will be the results. Self-trust must be attained, 
must be learned and with each made decision trust grows 
in you and your inner guidance grows.

-Do not let yourself be guided by anyone, instead guide 
yourself, whereby you connect with your inner guidance, 
which is inherent in each human Being. This is the point.

-Respect the multitude on this earth and the multitude 
of all life, which the earth brings forth. The “foreign”, this 
or the “other” shall not create fear in you, instead should 
be trusted. Never deny your own roots, which you have 
established on earth and in this existence, and never 
uproot anyone, who derives this part of his identity in 
the same manner. 

You can feel at home everywhere. 
But truly at home you are only in God. 

And while this insight is gradually born in you, it is necessary 
to get strength from the roots, which the earthly home offers.
Therefore also respect the connectedness of a human Being 
to his earthly home, to “his” country, to “his” land, and assess 
the expression “home” positively.
Before any human Being can overcome this world, it must be 
totally accepted. And this path leads to the right handling of 
the expression “home” and of home itself. This is the point.

-You are what you eat! This is a true statement, which I 
confirm hereby. So pay attention to what you eat. Your 
thinking and your actions are directly affected by it.
Pure food increase your vibration, spoiled food lower it.
Whoever wants to manifest his light, needs light-filled 
energy sources and the intake of food has a significant 
role in it. Prefer vegetable sources of nutrition, animals 
are your partner, your protector and companion, healer 
and messenger between the worlds. Animals have not
been created to serve human Beings as a source of 
nutrition! Understand this, act accordingly and change 
your habits! This is the point.

-Move in a light-filled environment. Pay attention about 
whom you are with. Avoid places, which do not feel good. 
Do not go on empty, senseless paths, whereby you are 
tempted to perform actions, which are no longer appropriate, 
whereby you feel obligated to “friendships”, which have served 
their turn long ago, and do not continue professional dependencies, 
which should have been given up a long time ago.
This arbitrariness distances you from your assignments, 
waters down your path of the Light and soils your thinking, 
your sensations and your actions. 

Whoever today still agrees to compromises, 
because he does not want to lose this and 
wants to keep that, is still not ripe for further 
insights and is unsuited for the ascension. 

-God is the source of your life and the way. Seek the closeness 
to God! Be active and foremost creative in it. Orient your life entirely 
toward God and this means: Think with God, speak with God, act 
through God; and you will always take the right course, find the 
right words and entertain the appropriate thoughts.
To be in God’s custody means: To see perfectly clear like glass 
what is! It also means: To genuinely recognize shadow and light, 
in yourself and in the world. Because only whoever knows self, 
knows human Beings and knows God.

And whoever has reached this step is ready for the „ABC of Eternal Life“, 
which I transfer to you on the day of the Light manifestation in Vienna  
(meant is the Light Reading on July 31st, 2015, rem., JJK). 

Clarity, simplicity and wisdom – these are the characteristics, 
which a human Being should possess, as long as he still stays 
on earth. 

The last steps of the old earth are now 
stepped on and wrapped in the golden 
Light of God’s Love we rise above this 

I am the messenger of Life,
Which is eternal in the infinity of the Lord.


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