3. August 2015


3D Matrix extinguishes! 

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream, in the night after the Light Reading (6/26/2015), 
when the “Crystal Cube of Ascension” was presented: 
I receive the news that a very close friend during my school 
and boarding school time has been shot. This friend was 5 
years older than myself and at that time he was a great 
example for me. Yet this individual is a typical example of 
a 3D entity, which manages quite well on that level, knows 
how to behave cleverly and knows how to gain one’s own 
benefits, yet has always shunned substantial fundamental 
insights – foremost for himself – and as I know shuns it 
until today. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,
I guide you from slavery into the Light!
I prepare the path from dependency to freedom for you!
I am omnipresent on this earth and I am amongst human 
Beings, from the very beginning of time.


Beloved Brothers, Beloved Sisters!

In this and in the messages, which still follow, you 
encounter neither the Biblical Moses nor the consciousness 
of the Biblical Moses. I meet you here and today as an 
awakened and perfected entity, as an Ascended Master, 
who rushes to aid you, so that you may liberate yourself 
from the imprisonment of this matrix, from the clutches 
of this time.
Thereby you encounter the strengthening energy, 
which emanated from the Prophet and this energy is 
supplemented with the knowledge and the consciousness, 
which the Prophet has gained in the meantime.

Since ancient times I have been and I am a servant for this 
mankind and I will not leave my by God assigned position in 
this world, until all human Beings have returned into the Light. 
I am one of the Ascended Masters, which perform this service 
in this world. And all of us, human Beings, as well as subtle 
entities, know each other from eternity and we know each 
other from many common times as siblings on earth.

Together we have crossed timelines, which go back 
thousands of years, and which we got behind us.
Thereby an inseparable bond of affection, of trust and 
of love between us has been linked; this is an intimacy 
and closeness, which can only develop between entities, 
which together have encountered and passed a multitude 
of litmus tests.

Last Litmus Test 

Now the moment has come for the last of all “litmus tests”. 
Thereby we leave together the level of darkness and together 
we enter into the Light. Like once in Egypt, which serves me 
here as a metaphor, we will also turn our backs to darkness 
and turn toward the Light; because this matrix shall no longer 
exercise power over us and we will no longer transfer power to 
it, no matter in which manner. Therefore Jahn’s dream clearly 
points the way, shows the direction, where it goes, after the 
“Crystal Cube of Ascension” has been manifested and has 
been activated. 

The 3D Matrix extinguishes! 

The picture of the “shot fellow student” shows that something 
comes totally unexpectedly and suddenly ceases to exist. 
This fellow student incorporates symbolically the 3D world. 
The shot points to the fact that time ends abruptly and that 
any identification with this timeline can suddenly be ended. 
Yet this “violent death” also shows that the decoupling from 
this world or the overcoming of it, whereby we uplift ourselves 
at first, occurs due to certain very radical measures. 

The life, our life, changes from one moment to the next,  
which is the message of this dream picture, and we have to 
be whole-heartedly ready for it.

Fights of this Time 

Until then it is necessary to draw the greatest benefit from 
these “fights of this time” and from the “fights with one’s 
own shadows”. And this consists of the fact that we see 
ourselves as unmovable observers, that we allow everything, 
and thereby we neither avoid the fight nor do we demand it. 

The energy of the fight is an essential part of the 3rd 
dimension and as long as an entity has his consciousness 
condensed there, it is necessary to react adequately to it. 
The denial of what is means to ignore laws, until one is 
overtaken by it. 

Meaning, do not avoid inner nor outer fights! And when you 
do it, it must also clearly show it and portray itself correctly.
Here it is necessary to appear in your wisdom and make clear 
decisions. This world does not heal, whereby you do nothing 
against these conditions!
And this means to create the kingdom of peace within
self and start to carry it into the world. 

Never ask how the reaction of your ego or the echo 
from your fellow human Beings falls out, instead 
always ask yourself only this:
Is this action at this moment the right one?
Does my plan agree with my unique divine 

It is necessary to make every decision on this basis.
Neither inner nor outer resistances should keep you back! 
The victory is yours, as you help your awakened consciousness
in this world to a breakthrough, so that Light and Love may flow.
Your hearts and this world need those urgently.

Remain awake, and remain ready! 

Here I do not speak of the “mode of fighting”, instead of the “
mode of awakening” and being ready. This is a grave difference!
Because within you peace shall always reign and love shall rule. 
Yet out of yourself you shall act like conscious Gods, to whom 
the conditions and the laws of a 3D and 4D world are familiar. 

Due to decisive action, due to fighting, without becoming 
a hate-filled warrior on the inside, conditions are overcome 
and this matrix can be left behind.

About Fighting 

At this point it is time to point to a circumstance and a 
widely distributed misunderstanding among light entities. 
It is the circumstance that many light warriors leave the
field to the dark warriors without a fight. I say to you: 

Fighting is noble as they are based on noble motives. 
And noble is a motive as you are forced to take up a 
fight, and as you never slide into hate on the battlefield 
of this world. 

As you remove eventual impurities in thinking, feeling and 
acting after work done, then you have passed the test, 
which every fight imposes on you. 

The wise fighter remains immovable on the inside, 
remains peaceful and prudent, even if he is called 
to destructive actions. 

The 3D matrix is uncovered as illusion due to the decisive 
action of mature, peaceful, and wise and inside healed 
human Beings!
And the light warriors of the first and last hours have 
in great numbers subscribed to these assignments.
Be aware of them! Still today. 

Put off your reservation, because the dark powers 
are only as successful, because the light warriors 
do not oppose them out of falsely understood 
healing and love concepts. 

Put a stop to darkness! You are the Light yourself!
Recognize your strength! Recognize your power!

Do not back off! Remain loyally devoted to your assignments! 
Walk with God through the rows of the dark powers and conquer 
the kingdom of Heaven, whereby you do not back off from the 
impossible, because you are aware of the unlimited possibilities 
of creation.

Every seemingly hopeless situation has a way out, because 
the path of a light warrior is bordered with miracles. Even the 
darkest place on earth becomes Light, and out of inexhaustible 
hate comes Love, due to your presence – in a time, which is 
now fulfilling. It means: Never consider yourself too “good” to 
take up your light sword or to raise your voice and to step into 
the ring! Whoever leaves the field without a fight or leaves it 
to others, has already lost. Therefore as you are guided into 
a fight, meaning, as you shall take up a fight, and then do it!
Yet always examine your intentions, your own motives and 
clear any such situation with your inner soul knowledge!

You must be at the right place at the right time, to do the 
right thing at the right time and you shall never let arbitrariness 
rule or follow a low instinct in you. Not every “war” is your war, 
not every issue is your issue, and it is not necessary to take up 
every fight! Distinguish clearly, because each one of us is put, 
where God wants him to be and is outfitted with the 
necessary means and with the appropriate tools, so 
that he can fulfill his divine assignments. 
Never let yourself be hurried by anyone to do anything! 
At all times be the supreme ruler in your life! 
Determine for yourself, what is good and what is 
dispensable, what is necessary and what is insignificant. 

What for the one is all-important, is an unimportant exercise 
for the other one. In short: recognize your place, recognize 
your hour, and recognize the moment, when you shall be 
present in your Light, conspicuous for all.

It is significant to understand, the old matrix of 3D, 
surrounding you, dies and must die!
Yet first of all this world already must have died 
within self. At first this is an inner process.
Your ascension will occur once you enter into your 
inner world and you uplift yourself above self. And 
for it, it is necessary that you are ready for it, that 
you uplift yourself, that you integrate the high energies 
of the 5th dimension and you can hold them.

Then it is the day, like in the allegory of the dream mentioned 
in the beginning, when the 3D world breaks apart and the day 
has come, when it ceases to exist for you; the world around 
you changes, because you are changed.

Beloved Ones!

We have spent many lives together in Lemuria or in Atlantis. 
We are the “Great Old Ones” of the first days and we are the 
“Great Wise Ones”, who are passing the last days of this 
mankind now.

We complete our Work 

Today we complete what needs to be finished and we create 
God’s kingdom in this world, entirely according to the image 
of those first days, as we were deeply joined with Mother Earth 
due to our Light and due to our Love.
Nobody among the unconscious human Beings can correctly 
assess or evaluate the dimension of your work.
How honored and respected your service and you are in the 
universe of the Light, only Heaven knows this and all those, 
who have entered into Heaven before you.

I am Moses.
I am the energy, which joins you with the new earth.
I am the strength, which prepares you for the new earth, 
so that you may anchor yourself there, whereby you may 
merge with the Light of your home and with the siblings, 
which expect you beyond the veil.

I strengthen you and I walk ahead of you.
As you wish it, I stand by you, until the ocean 
parts again and you can enter into the world of the Light. 

Never did you have to stand on your own feet alone 
and you never will be, because the great number of 
Ascended Masters has entered into this world!
I am one of them from this circle, who we create 
new out of old; awaken the dead to life and answer 
hate with love. 

The course of this world changes in these days.
So it is.

I am Moses 

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