5. August 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: After intensive transformation processes were running 
the whole night, I awaken lightly and am liberated from the 
worked on issues. In the afternoon during my meditation I fall 
asleep and have the following Dream: 

Final battle between good and evil! We, the light warriors and 
the warriors of darkness, make an appointment in a great castle, 
looking like a fortress. All weapons are allowed and at the assigned 
time the two “parties” appear. The battle ignites with full severity 
and even though we are armed with everything, which human 
Beings ever developed, these weapons barely injure. I myself 
shoot at an entity, yet seems to have no effect, on the other 
hand somebody hits my head with a glowingly hot steel wire 
mesh, and I also remain undamaged. It goes back and forth 
and the situation seems with no way out, because nobody 
seems to obtain the upper hand. Therefore I speculate to 
flee through one of the open windows.

Yet immediately after that I discard this thought, because 
I know I must prevail in this fight, must endure until the end, 
to defeat the dark warriors and to get rid of them, otherwise 
they follow me everywhere. (End of dream)

This is a dream picture, which describes in a clearly 
understandable manner today’s situation on earth 
and the situation, which individual human Beings 
encounter themselves. Inner as outer.
It is necessary to face darkness. It is necessary to take 
on this last fight, which in some phases seems without 
a way out. The essence of this end time is summarized
in this dream picture, and is easy to understand for every 
human Being.

In this message it is my duty to continue the so far given 
announcements from the high levels of the Light, and to 
deepen them.


Beloved Ones,

It was said: Be the immovable mover!
Which meant: Observe self and do not identify 
yourself with the issues of this lower vibrating matrix.

Today I add: Act accordingly and face any struggle 
in this manner, meet every challenge in this spirit.
Meaning, deny nothing instead accept the challenge, 
to overcome and to dissolve your own shadows, 
This challenge can at first create a “battle situation”. 
Take up this fight and as soon as you are ready to 
walk across the underworld, as soon as you discard 
your fear, your victory is near. 

In the moment, when a human Being decides to 
face his own darkness or the darkness in the world, 
the energy begins to change and the Light performs 
its work. 

Suddenly the certitude appears that you can neither be injured 
or be killed, because darkness is recognized as illusion and 
begins to dissolve. This spiritual practice levels the path toward 
victory for each light warrior, the victory over self and the victory 
over darkness, which surrounds you in the outer world and binds 
you to it. This struggle can, as the dream picture describes, be 
tiring and can last for a long time. Therefore it is necessary to 
bring forth the characteristics, which distinguish true light 
warriors: Perseverance and endurance.

Perseverance and Endurance 

Many levels must be redeemed! In yourself and in this world! 
This requires great powers of endurance and it is necessary to 
muster it under all circumstances. It is written, that the people 
of Israel wandered through the desert for 40 years. Also that
image serves me as a metaphor, because these 40 years point 
to a long time, when it was necessary to develop endurance, 
perseverance, courage and trust; a time when the chaff is 
separated from the wheat.
Then as well as today it is necessary to face many circumstances 
and illusions, without escapes (open window in the dream, JJK)
This message describes what today turns out to be decisive for 
each one, who portrays himself as a light warrior. In conclusion: 

May come what must come and shall, a light warrior 
remains in the field as long until the work is done. 

It is important to see that as soon as this attitude is anchored 
in a human Being, new energy and strength, abilities and 
means are transferred to him from Heaven. 

Heaven, which means the infinite power from the 
Light always provides sufficient strength and energy 
for a light-filled effort, so that an entity can fulfill its 
assignments on the level of its consolidation. 

In summary this means, each human Being grows with his
assignment and Heaven knowingly and wisely holds its 
cornucopia ready for it.

Look there! 

Significant is also this fact: Nobody, who courageously faces 
his inner and outer shadows, can suffer damage, because the 
energy of redemption flows. Yet each one, who backs off and 
closes his eyes to what is, remains subjugated to this matrix, 
because this energy of liberation is blocked due to discounting 

Today it is important to work against the fallacy that 
non-identification with one’s own or with outer darkness
shall mean to ignore it. Not looking there changes nothing, 
to turn toward what is, opens all possibilities for healing.


You may and you must interfere, it is your life and it is 
your world. Foremost you may and you must interfere in 
your own life. And if you like it or not, you are interfering.
Only pay attention how you do it! Do you remain untouched 
by darkness, which surrounds you, and does your light-filled 
energy also stay preserved during a controversy?

The immovable observers of this time act out of noble and 
light-filled motives, and also when it sometimes seems as
if these human Beings may get lost in fury and anger, this 
power only serves them in order to appropriately point to 
circumstances, which are ignored by the environment.
As Master Jesus chased the moneychangers out of the temple, 
the energy of fury, his anger was goal oriented and a means, 
in order to liberate the desecrated temple from impurities. 

Nothing of what you do is of significance, 
instead out of which incentive you act! 

Yet this dream expresses still the following:
The seeming lack of a way out.

Trust your inner Voice! 

And it is necessary to shake off this hopelessness, 
whereby you unconditionally trust your inner guidance. 
Listen to your inner voice; it guides you, because it is 
God who out of your heart speaks to you! Foremost in 
difficult situations, foremost then, as you flounder and 
cannot go any further. The scene of the “final battle”, 
described in this dream, furthermore points to the fact,
at what threshold this mankind and individual human Beings 
are: It is necessary to carry out the last battle, for “life or 
death”, and to face without compromise the issues, which 
this time introduces. „Life or death“ means under complete 
effort of one’s entire entity, which is imbued with the longing 
for Heaven. The longing for God enables a human Being to act 
accordingly. If this longing is only mildly blocked, a light warrior 
remains uncommitted and even before the battle with self or 
with the demons of time begin, he runs away.

It is a widely distributed phenomenon with many light warriors 
of the first and last hours, to take flight from self. Many light 
warriors have given up the confrontation with their own lies, 
to discard their own shadows or they shun it, wherever they 
can and with all means of self- and outside deception.

Many light warriors believe to be exalted over this world, 
whereby they simply deny these conditions. And likewise 
many light warriors treat their own still unredeemed issues, 
whereby they ignore them.
There are barely any “Saints”, which means completely healed 
human Beings among Light entities of this time, and therefore 
I point the attention to it, so that you take up the courage to 
face this last battle, which occurs in self at first.
As soon as you have prevailed over your lower self, you are 
ready to assist this mankind and to walk ahead as a light 
warrior at the very front. Not any sooner, yet then completely.

Take up the Fight! 

The power, which emanates from a healed consciousness 
cannot be overcome or cannot be defeated! Therefore it is 
so urgent that you heal yourself still before you enter onto 
the path of Light, whereby you walk as light carrier and light 
warrior ahead of human Beings.
Nobody becomes a Master by declaring himself to be a Master, 
and nobody is a light warrior, because he has determined it as 
such for himself. Mastership over self means true mastership, 
and therefore it is necessary to take up the fight over the lower 
nature in human Beings and to come out of it as victor.
God will then transfer to you the attributes of a Master 
and will hand over to you the light sword of a light warrior.
Everything begins within you and everything finds an end 
in you. Whoever gives primacy to the outer appearances gets
lost in them and neither knows self nor the infinite reflections 
in the world. And it is necessary to recognize and to honor 
these reflections, these illusions, as long as a part of your 
consciousness is anchored in this matrix. 

Darkness is part of this world, even though in the 
cosmic context it is an illusion. To deny it will not 
let it disappear! The direct confrontation with it will 
let it disappear; fear and imaginations of fear dissolve 
And like in this dream picture, you do not carry away any 

Something that does not exist cannot injure you or do 
something to you! It is the task of human Beings to recognize
this. Fear exists exclusively as a form of energy and thoughts 
in your emotional and mental consciousness! It is self-created 
or outside-created energy, which is necessary to be addressed 
and dissolved. Therefore it is so significant to redeem your 
own fears, whereby you address them and let them go. 

The greatest human dramas develop due to still 
unrecognized illusions, based on deceptions, which 
exist as “imaginations” in the emotional and mental 
consciousness of a human Being.  

Thereby the inner anxieties are projected to the outside.
Whatever is unredeemed must be redeemed now, 
at the very first in yourself. The message is: 
Take up the fight.

Ocean parts again 

Fear of their own abysses is the reason why so many human 
Beings close their eyes regarding the events in this world. 
Each human Being can overcome this fear, whereby he 
entirely consciously faces the inner fight!

In this context understand how necessary and wholesome 
every seeming “no way out in life” really is.
Transformation energy develops out of it, whereby 
a human Being becomes capable to look at the 
ACTUAL STATE, to accept it and finally to redeem it – 
transform it.  

This is a dream picture of great validity for further 
individual processes between the powers of darkness 
and the forces of the Light at the end of time. 

The longing for truth and for God let you overcome 
everything, because for those, who are ready for it, 
the ocean parts again. 

We are Life and All-One in God.

I am

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