1. April 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

God’s power, the Lord’s messenger, Heaven’s herald 
blesses every human entity, because truly: Great Angels 
have taken on human Gestalt and have unified for great 
deeds on earth.


I am God’s power at all times and the herald of the 
Creator’s pure word on all levels of All-That-Is.

Beloved Ones,
It is time for you to make the last decisions.
It is time for you to affect the last orientation toward 
God’s Light and to express a clear YES, which is noticeable 
on all levels of Creation, for your transfiguration.
Deep in your hearts rests an energy, which for some 
of you still has not been liberated.

Make Decisions! 
It is the power of an immutable decision, which, 
as soon as it is made, sets free new energies and 
immediately creates new facts in such a life.
Whoever gains the impression today that his life 
is an accumulation of repetitions or whoever perceives 
stagnation in his life, to him this proclamation is valid, 
and I strengthen these human Beings.

I encourage every human Being to manifest his will, 
to anchor his resolutions and decisions, and I encourage 
you to leave the way of hesitation and to enter the path 
of certainty, the way in God’s confidence. 

Tepid are those, who do not fully devote their life 
toward God, who work with the earthly matrix, 
which pretends impermanent securities.
Tepid are those, who serve many Lords at the 
same time and thereby do not do justice to anyone.
Tepid are those, who speak about ascension but do 
not follow their words with decisions or deeds, which 
bear witness to the deep longing for union with God. 

Now I stand by these tepid ones, whereby I release
reservations and remove anxieties.
Many of these human Beings are oftentimes only a step, 
only a right thought away from fundamental insights. 
It is necessary to orient everything toward the moment 
of Grace and to expect it well prepared.
Because once a human Being has the courage, he throws 
all reservations over board and recognizes the self-limitations, 
which he subjected himself to. Securities of time lose their 
power then and illusions disappear; human Beings emerge,
who live in God’s abundance, thrive and grow.

Please make the decisions, which are now necessary! 
Do no longer postpone these. The time when you have 
waited is over and the time, when you have to merge 
entirely with your assignments and with your destiny 
has come now. 

The flirting with ascension is insufficient, 
as someone wants to overcome this world 
and would like to enter into the otherworld. 

This means that today it is necessary to reconcile 
with the world of outer appearances. Any discrepancy, 
any contradiction, which causes unrest, disharmony or 
fear on the inside of a human Being, must be dissolved 
until a human Being lives in harmony with self and with 
the world – as it is – and remains in peace. 

The origin of any conflict lies inside of a human Being, 
whereupon these turn toward the outside with far-
reaching consequences.

Self-Healing in Reflection 
This world is the exact mirror image of these inner 
controversies, the tensions within the essence of a 
human Being. Cause and effect enabled these conditions 
in this world and also enable any healing.
And this “self-healing” is the primary concern and the 
most important contribution, which every human Being 
can bring himself to the ascension process and has to make.

Now it is necessary to bring the many different levels of 
perception into harmony and to orient oneself toward peace, 
without thereby becoming idle. “Active peace” means to work
due to your light and love, means, due to your “being as you 
are”, to activate the remembrance of the divine in fellow human 
Beings, so that more and more turn back and walk the path of 
the Light. It is necessary to purify the inner chambers and in 
such a manner create new and light-filled reflections. 

Your decision to serve the light-filled change on earth 
and thereby devote yourself entirely to God may and 
shall become visible in this time.
Thereby new sources of Life develop among human 
Beings, and due to the Light, which emanates from 
you, a new world develops. 

Make the necessary decisions.
These are decisions, which are in waiting 
today and which you have deferred until today.
Trust that your life changes due to clear and uncompromising 
decisions, and that this is the basis, whereon the whole world 
will be changed.

The avowal to your divine assignments, to clarity on all levels, 
to love at any opportunity and determination is needed, as it is 
necessary to encounter the power of darkness with the power 
of the Light. 

Come with me! Together let us walk the way 
of the Light. Live the new Life; discard old 
images of roles, because God’s Angels are 
unmistakable, exalted over time and space, 
and unique in Creation. 

I am

Christ Consciousness 9, Pendant Gold / Silver:

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