24. Februar 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Beloved Ones! 

A clear thought brakes through any illusion and a clear 
feeling, an emotion freed of all superimpositions, let you 
win your power of creation and a light-filled existence is 


Today it is valid to think clear thoughts, to bring forth feelings 
as well as entertain emotions, which are pure and genuine and 
spring forth from the knowledge of your soul. How can this be 
guaranteed? How can one achieve what today is one of the main 
concerns but also one of the main difficulties for a human Being 
in a world, which is broken down and influenced due to magnetic 

-I point to the necessity of inner contemplation.
-I point to the significance of energetic purification work and 
I point to the fact that clear thoughts and pure emotions can 
only appear out of a being freed from all “evil spirits”.

Daily energetic Purification 

This means for the daily spiritual work to direct the attention 
to the energetic purification of all bodies. It is valid to dissolve 
foreign influences and overlays, and to free the being of all 
impurities and foreign occupations. This occurs whereby you 
devote yourself to the divine Light or you entrust yourself to 
the Ascended Masters, the Archangels or High Entities from 
the Light. You may care for clarity and purity in self, in order 
to mentally and emotionally maintain a grip on what is 
happening, and in order to correctly allocate the events 
in this world. 

In your self begins the resurrection and out of self 
flows the energy of the Light. It is your task to ensure 
that this flow of Life can flow without impediments. 

Ask and it is given to you, and foremost are patient!
I expressively point to that in this message.
As time seems to pass more rapidly, and the events apparently 
seemed to overturn, the more sedately and more patiently you 
must appear yourself. Haste is not a good companion and prompts 
a human Being to missteps, because most of what is owed to haste 
withdraws from thorough observation.


Meaning, very consciously begin to decouple yourself from the 
rapidity, which the outer world predefines for you. Entirely 
consciously take one step at a time. Thereby patience is your 

The more rapidly the world of outer appearances 
turns, the slower your inner life clock may tick. 

Then you come safely to your finish line, because with 
patience everything is attained. The significance of these 
days lies in the fact that the dissolution processes of this 
matrix continue at a so far unique velocity. It is a velocity, 
which you may not keep up with, because your soul and 
your heart frequency are attuned to a “slower”, the 
spiritual mode of Life. Therefore it is valid to consciously 
slow down your life.  

If you are in haste, take a detour, and instead 
of taking two steps ahead, take one back. 

Today this is of great significance, so that you may 
ind peace, silence and calm. 

Whoever rests in God will redeem all affairs 
in time and also will not miss the ascension. 

Transformation is needed then, as you consistently pursue it, 
but not that you force it. And also the ascension cannot be 
forced or be attained with haste. 

Time will continue to accelerate and therefore it is 
important that you slow down your life further, so 
that you consciously pause and set your steps with 
slowness and patience. 

With this attitude you can redeem all your still outstanding 
issues in great inner peace! Nothing remains undone, because 
you know that you act in the rhythm of your soul and in the 
knowledge of your immortal consciousness.
There is no longer any time left for earth; the change has 
begun. Human Beings know this and they begin to fall into 
new hustle and bustle. Quickly doing this, still quickly getting 
done that. NO.
Remain firmly on the ground with both feet, work as time 
would still go on for eons, and work like somebody who aims 
for his perfection, yet gives it sufficient time and opportunities, 
so that it may also be fulfilled. 

Spiritual stress has a negative effect on your awareness 
processes! And this stress needs to be abolished. 

For that it is understood to recognize the following:
1.) Everything occurs in God’s wisdom.
2.) Everything occurs at a God given time.
3.) All your efforts may go in the direction of fulfilling 
the Now.
4.) All knowledge is given to you, as soon as you are 
ready for it. Meaning facing God purified.

Please be conscious of the significance of your own 
transformation work until the end of time. A life clearly 
devoted toward God enables you to serve mankind.
Worship in its purest form occurs as you realize your 
own potentials and foster with all strength the potentials 
of human society. In order so that you may succeed, 
you need wisdom, poise and inner harmony. 
The wisdom that everything comes to you, 
The poise that everything occurs at the right time,
And the harmony of a soul, which expects this with 
joy without thereby being stagnant.

Go into inner silence so that knowledge can be transferred 
to you, and it is the daily meditation, wherein you are purified 
of all overlays, in order to prepare yourself for your rebirth.
Release this seeming contradiction between consistent 
transformation work and the expectation for enlightenment, 
whereby you direct your life energy entirely toward the 
harmonious vibration of your heart. Whoever wishes to build 
a great house, may put stone on top of stone, and whoever 
wants to reach the summit, may set step upon step.

Understand: Outer time sequences determine your 
life only as long until you begin to listen to your inner 
clock and you begin to vibrate at your frequency and 
in the rhythm of Life. 

You are exalted over time and space and no power can 
exercise power over you, unless you open yourself for it, 
because you trust the visible more than the invisible 
divine Spirit in you. 


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