17. Februar 2016


Message of the 73rd Light Reading
on January 29th, 2016 in Vienna
channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Photography © 2014 Jens Schnabel, Munich 

Follow me! I open the gateway to the world for you. 
I open the gateway to Life for you.

I am the living consciousness of ALL-THAT-IS. 

I am all comprehensive, omnipresent, 
all loving and giving form to all Life.

Beloved Ones,

Who have originated out of me and have started a long 
journey. You have forgotten your divine consciousness 
in order to make unique and one of a kind experiences 
far from it. You have indeed descended and due to the 
entry into this life you have left your divine status behind 
and you have agreed to a life, which is shaped by human 
limitations. An infinitely long time ago you have decided 
to leave the Source and far from your home, the origin 
of All-That-Is, to serve Creation, serving, whereby you 
were exposed to new and up to then impossible experiences, 
whereby new worlds and new creations were created. 

The universe is infinite, because you enrich it with finite 
experiences; and this matrix was created for that. 

Remembrance returns

Today the point has been reached when for many of you 
these experiences have been lived and are exhausted. 
The time has come when your life changes radically, 
because remembrance returns! 
For some it is an instant of enlightenment, yet others 
lift out of this matrix step by step and on the basis of 
individual insights. What was needed was to see through 
the “game”; and you have seen through it. 
You were to leave the place of forgetfulness; 
and you do remember!

Know Beloved Ones: Everything that now occurs in this 
world serves you to remember who you really are, 
what you really came to earth for to do and wherein
lies the uniqueness of each human Being. 
The more elemental the upheavals are, the stronger 
is the desire to fathom the meaning of one’s life. 

Whoever takes up the trace to the answer of this question, 
for him the gateway to Life begins to open and the path 
toward the Light can be entered.
Your service on this earth completes due to your own 
perfection. And this happens in these days.
Healings take their course, jumps in consciousness, which 
were still unreachable just a few months ago, occur and the
divinity of human Beings clearly emerges. The new human 
Being unfolds for the benefit of Mother Earth and is no 
longer a burden for her.

What so far has been hidden “behind the stage settings” 
is now revealed to you. And it must be unveiled in good 
as well as bad, so that each human Being awakens or 
can remain in the world of illusion. But you, who awaken, 
are in the process to master this level of Life, meaning to 
leave it, in order to ascend to the next higher level of 
Creation. Day for day you increase your inherent vibration 
due to awareness processes, which occur in you; day for 
day your Light gets brighter and your burdens become 
less, day for day you come closer to God, who I AM; 
and many already follow me faithfully, unconditionally 
and full of devotion.

Know: True devotion needs a clear mind, a mind, which 
 recognizes what a blessing it is. To be unconditional 
means to devote to God wide-awake and not to submit 
to God blindly. 

Devotion to God is always a sign of strength, because this 
quality expresses the victory of a human Being over his ego.
And thereby human Beings come closer and closer to God 
and one recognizes one’s true nature.
How can God unveil to an unconscious one, if even life on earth
itself is a puzzle? For true devotion it requires a human Being, 
who is fully conscious on all levels, and it requires a fully 
conscious decision. And more and more human Beings find 
themselves at that point, which again sets free high Light
energies for this world; ascension truly occurs on all levels.

Follow me!

Yet what does that mean?

To follow me means to attune every thought, 
each word, each action and every intention to God, 
who I AM. 

To bring God into the life means: Each moment 
in my presence to foster new insights and to release 
damaging influences. 

Totally connecting the intention of human Beings with me 
brings everything on its way. From that moment on the life 
energy of human Beings begins to flow freely, clarity comes 
in and the power of distinction reaches a so far unknown 

The greatest difficulty in this time for the individual human 
Being is to make right allocations and, despite the massive
events, remaining in the care of God’s Love. 

With God on your side and with God in your life 
everything is possible; also what a human Being 
considers being impossible. My protection is absolute, 
therefore also entrust yourself to me absolutely. 

Today I work among human Beings.
I have come in order to push open the doors to awareness 
and in order to save you from harm.
This is an essential point. Harm cannot reach you as you 
live in me and also death remains an empty shadow for you.
Therefore I encourage you to immerse even more deeply into
your own mystery, and not only bring to light fragments of 
your truth.
I encourage you to see the whole wonderful reality, 
which accounts for you.

For that you need to do nothing more than to turn guidance 
in your life over to me. And very soon you will merge with me, 
the guided one and his guide will no longer be separate, way 
and the goal are one and your arrival has been fulfilled.
I make myself be recognized in you, I care for the necessary 
twists of fate; I prepare heaven on earth for you. 
This message serves only one purpose, to bring you 
entirely close to me!
Day for day I keep miracles ready for you and 
you shall partake in them. 

To open oneself for miracles means to open to me, 
to open to me means to be ready for miracles. 

The gateway to the world opens in you and 
I have come to deliver to you the key for that. 

The last circle completes and you return home to God. 
Your life is full of Grace, the gateway to your inside world
will now be pushed wide open – and you look at the outside 
world with new eyes. 

I am with you, in Love, which is infinite.


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