15. Februar 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

The Soul shall flow into Eternity, you shall come into 
good fortune, you shall see what is, and go to where 
you’re Soul carries you. 

I am GOD

Maintain the flow of life, because where God’s energy circulates 
freely, neither illness or worries exist, and the human Being lives
in intimacy with me and lifts up to God – who I am.

Free yourself from Stress!

Recognize how essential it is to remain free of impairments 
in the flow of life, how necessary it is to dissolve all blockages 
and how worthwhile it is to ensure that your energy centers 
are free of tension and can vibrate free of stress. Free yourself 
from stress on all levels. Free yourself from tension creating 
thoughts and free yourself from emotions occupied with fear.
This is the message from God, who I am, to you, who is God.
Whoever operates in a stress modus, on whatever level, knots 
the inside, closes the access to his cellular memory, to the all-
knowing infinite spirit and becomes unreceptive to the divine 
Light; discomfort in soul, heart and body set in. 

Illnesses always have only one cause: 
spiritual, emotional, mental or physical stress. 

End to deal with your Being with such carelessness.
Step out of the environment, which causes stress in you 
and enter into your stress-free life. The matrix of illusion 
let you believe that stress is a good motivator or a necessary 
part of life. For many human Beings success and stress are 
still in immediate relationship to each other. Nothing could 
be more wrong than that.
The following is correct: whoever aims for success in the 
old matrix must subordinate himself to the play rules of 
this matrix. And thereby stress is part of the way.

And it is correct, whoever would like to step out of this
matrix, must at first remove all pressure and stress creating 
energies from one’s life. On the higher vibrating levels an 
entity encounters all challenges and assignments in deep 
inner harmony with the divine whole. Peace, harmony and 
decisiveness shape these levels of Light. In the higher 
realms creation is never connected to pressure or stress, 
instead it occurs in easiness and with pure joy.
Leave this level, where stress enjoys a high rank.
Thereby you continue to remain chained to the wheel 
of impermanence, because your heart is closed for the 
Divine. Tension making energies and stress kill human 

Clear thoughts, pure sensations and a spiritual life
oriented toward God are only possible, once the 
inner life of human Beings has become free of stress. 

The great destroyer of this time in this world is STRESS.
Begin to remove it on all levels, whereby you initially 
become aware of it.

How does Stress develop? 

Stress develops everywhere, where 
a human Being acts against his perceptions. 

There, where you act against your assignments or where 
you consider things, which your soul rejects, conflict develops. 
This inner conflict initially creates discomfort and very often 
this condition leads to illnesses, if this condition is not 
recognized in time. 

Each thought, each word and each deed, which are not 
in harmony with your loving soul, has the consequence 
that your heart closes. This creates disharmony in you 
and invokes chaotic conditions in your inner – the flow 
of life is blocked. 

Adventures charged with tension only have a beneficial effect 
for a human Being, if these adventures conform to the blueprint
and the plan for the soul of this human Being.
The soul accepts such situations as a challenge and provides
sufficient positive and light-filled energy for it. If this is not
the case, then stress develops, which undermines the nerves.
Whoever pays attention to the plan of his soul and listens to it, 
experiences challenges differently than those, who do not live 
according to the plan of the soul. Now it is necessary for you 
to determine the status.
Make the right and necessary allocations now, so that where 
you go in the wrong direction, you release from stress, and 
where you have entered the way of your destiny, you anchor 
yourself more deeply.

Suspension of Stress Programming

Begin to suspend all stress programming.
The dark forces of this matrix have confused mankind, 
whereby they keep human Beings in the hamster wheel 
with mostly useless activities, without individual human 
Beings noticing it. It is necessary to look through this.
On the one hand begin to address the question, if your 
job is also your vocation, and on the other hand ask if 
your work contributes to the benefit and the wellbeing
of the world and of mankind.
Continue with these considerations, whereby you go into 
meditation. Thereby ask the heavenly forces of the Light 
to liberate you from stress programming.
Spend some time to observe yourself in this context and 
you will quickly recognize what has the right compliance 
with your true life.

I am GOD

Come to me with your questions, come to me with your 
requests, come to me with everything that is in your heart. 
You can never bother me; instead you can only forget me. 

Remember so that I may enter into your World. 
Remember so that I may lift you into my Kingdom. 

Because my Creation is your home, 
and your home is in God, who I am.

We are ONE

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