5. Februar 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Build your house on a solid rock, because what is built 
on sand has no permanence and will be swept away 
by the wind! 


Beloved Ones!

Being spiritually awakened means, to entrust oneself 
to a new energy, and to surrender to it unconditionally. 

In order to attain certitude in God it is initially 
necessary to expose oneself to the insecurities on earth. 

Whoever is spiritually awakened nothing will remain for him as it 
has been, no rock remains on top of another and life changes 
fundamentally. You can see in your environment, in your friends, 
and in your relationships if you are spiritually awakened.

Whoever awakens begins to put his life into a different context, 
and all things, which belonged to the past, will fall off by themselves.
It occurs just on its own and nobody can prevent this, because the 
inner divine power has been activated.
Thereby there are

3 Signs of the Awakened One: 

1.) Has your life changed?
a.) Friends and relationships?
2.) Have you changed yourself?
a.) Observe yourself and recognize what is 
different today from only a few years ago.
3.) Is your life entirely devoted to God, 
meaning: Is God at first place?

Whoever awakens spiritually, his life changes radically. 
This is quite obvious for the environment, for the human 
Beings, who so far have been your friends and have 
determined your life’s environment. 

Transformation affects that not only inner but 
also outer relationships, and dependencies dissolve. 

Friends and relationships dissolve and very soon a human 
Beings stands alone in his life and looks for new relationships. 

Whoever ignites his Light on the summit, becomes 
a threat for those, who want to remain in darkness 
and therefore everything changes in the life of an 
awakened one. 

Therefore what is it in you that has changed in the last years? 
How radical were these changes and how radically have you 
advanced your own transformation? Have you worked on the
root or have you only touched the surface, have scratched on
it? With your open issues, have you gone to the root or have 
you been satisfied with a transformation placebo? 

It is impossible to be awakened and to continue 
your old life! Impossible! 

Because an awakened one participates in the vibration of 
the fifth dimension, whereas an unconscious human Being
finds pleasure in the third or fourth dimension, even if he 
complains about the conditions, which predominate there.
Whoever asks the question, if he is awake or is in the process 
of awakening, please observe your environment carefully, 
because the changes, which occur in your inner reflect in 
your environment and manifest in your daily life. 

The further you progress, the fewer “friends” romp 
about in your life and the higher you ascend the deeper
you look into the valley; at the life, which you have 
wholeheartedly left behind, and out of free will. 

Transformation changes you fundamentally and no rock 
remains on top of another! And even if it is called that no 
rock may remain on top of another on earth, then precede 
this process with your own transformation!
The main reason that a human Being closes off to his 
transformation is that he does not want to live with the 
Intuitively every human Being senses that due to
profound healings his life changes decidedly.
And whoever does not want to lose the familiar, 
does not want to miss embosomed friends or family 
bonds, and does not want to be perceived by the 
environment as strange, as peculiar, will never dig 
at the root of his issues. 

Only the one, who wants to build his house on the 
top of the hill, leaves the valleys behind and forgets, 
what once seemed so significant. 

Deep in the heart of each human Being it is decided, which
path will be taken. And deep in the heart is the key, which 
opens the gates to the desire, so that God’s Light may 
stream forth and God may enter. 

With God life begins and everything, which has been, 
becomes insignificant, because the inner sight of God 
let forget the beauty of the outer world. 

With God human Beings change and the impermanent
is dissolved and the immortal consciousness is born.

What do you really want? 

Never shy away from directing these questions toward you, 
so that you may remain oriented. You must know where you 
stand and recognize what you really want! Where have your 
decisions created new circumstances and where have decisions, 
which were held back, caused new circumstances to be lacking?
Where do worries and fears rob your sleep and why are you tepid, 
where you should appear with determination and like a fire? 
Openly ask these questions, you have nothing to lose, except 
your startled ego, have nothing to lose, yet everything to gain.

Fear is not equal to Fear 

Never say – as long as you aim for enlightenment and 
still have not attained enlightenment – you have no 
fears? Because truly: 

Fear will be overcome, whereby it is allowed and 
allocated at the right place and not whereby it is 
prematurely denied. 

And please consider: The deposited warning signs and fears 
in your cellular consciousness serve as a meaningful protection 
function, so that you can face a threatening danger at the right
time on this level of creation. Therefore fear is not equal to fear!
Yet to be dissolved are those fears, which totally weaken and 
block you, deep seating traumas, deep seating experiences from 
many lives, deeply effecting images of pain, prosecution, suffering 
and agonies; all these create multilayered and multifaceted fears, 
which must be dissolved.
It is necessary to direct the Light toward these hidden dramas, 
deep inside the soul, so that it may come to the surface what 
wants to be freed and what needs to be released into the Light.
Releasing blockages means to remove the boulders after the 
storm, means to dry the cellar after a flood and means, after
a terrible fire, to put fertile seed into the soil. 

Transformation work done half-heartedly, poisons the
soul and creates new illusions in a human Being. Again 
one builds on sand, again the light is hidden under the 
bushel and again God’s word is announced in silence 
instead of on the summit. 

Please determine, where you now stand in your 
spiritual development and go on courageously!

We are at your service,
We keep a watch over your processes and
We guard your Light, until you can guard it yourself.


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