4. Februar 2016


Conversation with Asana Mahatari
Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

The Perfect Deception

Dream: I step in front of the apartment building, where I lived 
in an apartment several years ago. As I step in front of the door 
I see a very friendly and well-taken care of younger man. After 
I greet him, he does not leave my side and he begins to pursue 
me. I gruffly send him away and he falls down the stairs. 
Thereupon I see how his whole body changes into another 
person; ugly and unsightly – I turn away.
In the next scene I look over a mass of human Beings. 
Obviously it deals with a demonstration. I notice how all 
human Beings smile and are very friendly and peaceful; 
suddenly all human Beings begin, like the “friendly man 
before, to change at the same time. Friendliness turns 
into hate, and their so far still lively and happy faces 
turn grey and are filled with viciousness. I think that
this is the “perfect deception” before I wake up.  
(End of dream)

Beloved Ones, 

The truth displays itself on all levels and the true 
countenance of the whole human civilization begins 
to unveil itself. Nothing remains hidden and human
 societies as well as individual human Beings are 
brought to the point, which makes everything visible.  

A human Being, whose expectations are not fulfilled, 
or who is turned back, can react to it in different manners:  
Due to:

1.) Acceptance
2.) Tolerance
2.) Anger
4.) Hate

And in this situation, which is reflected in the dream, it is about 
clearly recognizing the actual time quality, whereby energetic 
and physical misuse on all levels is turned back and is no longer 

Today at many places discharges appear, because individual 
human Beings and the human collective have begun to no longer 
allow being misused or do not let themselves be exploited by 
second or third ones.

Whoever pretends inner realization and adorns it with friendliness, 
today comes to the point when the truth is revealed. This process 
reaches individual human Beings on all levels and groups of human 
Beings all the way to entire populations. The unredeemed demands
redemption and it becomes visible before healing can occur. Only 
due to the observation and recognition of the condition of what is 
can healing processes be started. This dream points to the actual 
time quality, because truth on all levels is revealed.

Positions of expectation and false imaginations will be destroyed 
on all levels, so that clarity and truth may appear on all levels. 
These are purification processes of great power and of decisive 
consequences. These purification processes pertain foremost also 
to those light warriors, who have willingly opened their being for 
energy vampires. Here a radical change takes place and an obvious
turning back in thinking, feeling and acting. 

The mostly redeemed light warriors are no longer 
available for infringements of their Being. 

Each infringement, if of energetic or physical nature, today is 
clearly recognized and is called by name, being a very uncomfortable 
condition for energy vampires acting in the dark. Whoever of those, 
who could only be successful due to a hidden game, is out of free 
will ready to reveal his card? There are few.

This dream conveys that light warriors have begun to flatly turn 
back dark intentions and destructive forces. Nobody is “invited” 
any longer and with great determination each uninvited “guest” 
will be refused entry. Guilt feelings are redeemed, recognition 
has been attained, and knowledge is given.
Based on this behavior of the light warriors, the dark energies 
must allow being recognized, because they are cut off from the 
energy source, which supplied them so far, and no longer can 
maintain the sham. Today evil is given a clear rejection; it is 
actively turned down and turned back.

Time Quality of Uncompromising Attitudes

Mankind has entered the time quality of uncompromising 
attitudes – and all levels of human coexistence have been 
captured by this energy. This not only has an effect for the 
coexistence of individual human Beings, instead it has an 
effect on the relationships of whole populations. The 
determination of where you stand on all levels and who 
today opts out of transformation will be recognized for 
what he is and it will not be seen for what one pretends 
to be. Illusions break apart, masks fall and lies dissolve.

This dream picture pertains to all human Beings, all groups 
of human Beings, states and people, which pretend false 
intentions. The energy behind the visible begins to appear; 
the true countenance of human Beings and people, meaning 
that all encounters between human Beings are lifted to a new 
and genuine level.

JJK: I myself observe again and again how human Beings 
initially approach me very friendly, often even subserviently, 
and as soon as they do not get what they expect, they show 
a different side.
In most cases it is the energy or it is healings, which I may
not or shall not offer, which trigger these disappointments. 
Personal channelings, which I decline, have entirely confused 
some, or in my closest environment, when I do not want to 
listen to a personal drama. These are situations, which some 
light warriors may experience at this time.
If I transfer this dream picture and the situation described so 
far regarding Europe’s immigration crisis, whereby many immigrants 
will not receive what they imagine, or what they were made to believe, 
what is available here, then it may well come to unbelievable tensions 
in society. Conflicts in our closest vicinity as well as in Europe in 
general, seem to be preprogrammed!?

ASANA MAHATARI: Indeed, great discharges build up here and 
this, because the problem has not been recognized at its roots
and because equalizing justice always creates balance.

Energy Fields of Manipulation

That neither human Beings nor the ruling ones recognize the
true causes in the acute case of the great migrations is based
on the fact that appropriate techniques of manipulation ensure 
that human Beings remain in deep sleep. Yet more and more 
human Beings break through this “energy field of manipulation”, 
and for the awakened ones it loses its strength.

Yet in the greater context situations must be redeemed
and the ranks must thin. And Europe is the epicenter of this 
societal tremor. Due to the issue of migration of many people, 
a balancing justice is created; suppressors and the suppressed 
for a long time exchange their roles. Thereby this balance may
occur and thereby this may and must occur.

This great injustice happened due to the cooperation of Europe, 
America and the Western Hemisphere. This balances now and 
even before the great change and the great day start.
After that everything happens very, very quickly.
This train can no longer be stopped, great discharges 
and societal unrest must appear before calm comes and 
before it is peace.

The maturation of human society continues logically consistent; 
new conditions are created without compromise and goal oriented. 
For many human Beings this is a very painful process, because they 
lose everything, which so far has meant so much for them and 
whereby they bonded to this world.

Today human Beings are confronted with the truth as long until 
they see the light and until they react to it appropriately and in 
the spirit of their divinity.

Please understand, everything is part of the 
great transformation. Everything.

JJK: Why is it so painful for many? Is there another way?

ASANA MAHATARI: Thoughts, words and actions have an effect. 
Nobody can withdraw from this law. Unconsciousness does not 
protect from consequences. How can a human Being, who negates 
the causes of his illness, heal? And how can Mother Earth, being 
aware of the causes of the disrespect for a long time, react 
differently to that than pointing out to human Beings their 
limitations and their mortality?

„Patient Mother Earth“ heals,

and thereby many interventions from the invisible world occur 
and many interventions from you, the light warriors of the first 
and last hour. Whoever dares to go into the “spider web” 
(see the dream Four Black Spiders), into the matrix of mortality
and slavery, will not be greeted instead will be fought. And today 
all, who stand up against the system, experience this, in order to 
weaken it at all corners and ends, until it breaks down and falls.
Today this great task is necessary and is carried out by you. 
The great time of peace comes after that and today all switches 
are set in that direction and all floodgates are opened for the 

JJK: What does that signify for the light warriors 
of the first and last hour?

ASANA MAHATARI: Fulfill your tasks, remain insistent and do 
not let yourself be driven into fear by anything or to let yourself 
be put off from your light-filled and courageous intentions. 
“Nonviolence”, as it is connected with sluggishness and 
laziness or which is owed to a fallacious peace, is useless.

Today it truly requires an “act of violence” in order
to lift humanity to a new level.
This does not mean that you shall become violent, instead
that you courageously walk ahead of mankind, actively, 
determined and shining bright, and that you shall build 
the bridges to the other world.

Courage, Courage, Courage!

This cannot be emphasized often enough and how much it counts 
in these days. Whoever recognizes the necessity for a courageous 
deed, shall gather all his strength, shall overcome his fears and 
shall manifest the new reality. 

It requires enormous efforts of individual human Beings, 
enormous measures of Mother Earth and enormous 
interventions from the light realms of Heaven, so that 
the rebirth of humanity fulfills in a new world. 

„Enormous”, in order to point out the order of magnitude 
and in order to honor the dimension of your effort. It is the 
light warriors, you and your companions, which really matter. 
Each light warrior, who has come to earth with the corresponding 
assignments, needs courage and willingness in order to stand up 
against the outgrowths of this matrix.

JJK: An „act of violence”? Does that mean the end 
of peace demonstrations?

ASANA MAHATARI: No. It is the beginning of the kingdom 
of peace, which I have come to establish! Whoever demonstrates 
for peace, but blinds out the true causes, goes in the wrong direction 
and accomplishes nothing, except that which exists up to now,
is strengthened.

JJK: This kind of demonstration, does it exist?

ASANA MAHATARI: Yes, they take place and it is a worthy 
contribution to the change. Yet the degree of maturity of 
many human Beings, who participate, is low.
Meaning, many tune in to the choir of the dissatisfied, 
but are rarely ready to change their own life, to redeem 
their own thoughts and emotions. They are not willing 
themselves to be the changes, which they demand.
A true light warrior is in deep peace inside, has established
the kingdom of peace in him. Who of those, who protest in
the streets, can claim this of himself? Who is in peace with
self and with his neighbors? And this peace is mandatory, 
in order to transfer it to the world.

A New Movement

Will develop, which will capture all human Beings in the world. 
Now it is important that each human Being cares for clarity in 
self, in all areas of life, and when this inner clarity is transferred 
to society, the demonstrations will become Light Manifestations, 
 because they will be fulfilled with a new, so far unknown, energy. 
This is where the journey goes and this is still lacking today. 
Foremost political positions are represented and new 
observations are made in many respects.
This is valuable, yet it is an incomplete “revolution” as long 
as the spiritual reality of individual human Beings and of all 
life remains disregarded.
And whoever has redeemed the issues in self, has taken
up the trace to his spirituality and has entered the path 
of consciousness. 

Revolts without a spiritual background – (not religious!) – 
carry the strength of upheaval in them, yet not the energy
of a fundamental change in society. Where the connection 
to God is lacking, everything remains only patchwork. 

Here a lot of work in consciousness must be made. 
It is made by those, who have entered the path into 
the Light a long time ago, and it is neglected by those, 
who recognize this matrix as the sole reality and who 
know God as little as themselves.

At the conclusion of this message I summarize:
1.) Peace in the world is accomplished due to inner 
peace. For that it is important to remove evil in self 
or it is necessary to destroy it in an “act of violence”. 
This refers also to the outer world.
2.) All revolutions, which neglect the spiritual reality of 
a human Being, has the potential for changes, yet is not
the cleverest solution.
3.) Heaven intervenes and the light warriors of the first 
and last hour are never alone. Together we create what 
is given to us; we create the new earth and a new human 

God is our anchor in this great time of transformation 
of a whole world. 

I am amongst you as one of you.

In infinite Love

On God’s Wings – Asana Mahatari 
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