28. Februar 2016

From ME to US, GOD

Conversation with God
Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Attacks and Lies

JJK: Over and over again I myself and the Lichtweltverlag 
are confronted with attacks, hits below the belt, lies, which 
are distributed about myself or about us. Sometimes it comes 
from human Beings, which at one time were close to me, then 
again the sources are unknown. Attacks, which come regularly 
and which sometimes affect me deeply and sometimes not. 
And this is the question, which is posed to me, why these 
hits below the belt and the hate sometimes flow down like 
liquid manure on marble, then again I have to fight for 
some time to get rid of it. Why do attacks sometimes 
penetrate me and then again not?

GOD: Beloved Jahn, Beloved human Beings, you, who follow
this conversation. This phenomenon affects many human 
Beings and therefore I will address it more closely.
How and if such infringements and attacks, hate and anger, 
which come to a human Being from the outside, and have 
an affect in oneself, fundamentally has two causes:
1.) The intensity of the attack.
2.) The energetic, psychic, physical, mental, emotional 
and spiritual „condition of the day” exactly at the time 
of the attack.

This is what counts and it is necessary to adjust to that.

In these cases, which you describe, which you are actually 
more preoccupied with, because these hits below the belt 
are very vehement and because you find yourself in intensive 
energetic processes. It is as if someone during surgery on an 
open body enters the operating room and disturbs. This is
always to be considered. Thereby it is important to understand 
that this always portrays a snapshot. Attacks from the lower 
vibrating ego level – and all attacks come from this pool of 
energies – cannot not attach to a higher vibrating entity for 
very long; they flow off. It is necessary to wait for the time 
until then, to care for eventual emotional and mental injuries 
and to heal. Whereby? With the divine Light and with your 
spiritual family beyond the veil, which has a great mandate 
for these healings.

JJK: I myself always make use of the Crystal Cube of 
Ascension. For me it is an unbelievably strength giving 
as well as powerful help.

GOD: Yes, this recommendation is expressively given here. 
Because issues, which normally would take several sessions 
in the divine Light, can be redeemed in a very short time 
due to the help of this gift.

JJK: Meaning: Attacks must sometimes “penetrate” 
and reach us, because our being is open somewhere 
during energetic work?

GOD: Yes, to a certain stage in the development
it is like that. This changes as soon as all energetic 
tasks have been completed – after enlightenment 
has been attained on all levels. It is important to 
understand that you deal with such situations naturally. 
Never drift into self-accusations or self-indictments.
What have I still not redeemed, or what have I overlooked? 
These are justified questions. But do not ask them immediately, 
instead following after the smoke has been cleared. Why? 
At the very first it is necessary to escort the troublemaker 
out of the “operating room”. And for that I give you today
a very powerful handle.

Please begin the process to destroy energies, 
which want to destroy you. Ask the forces of 
Light for it or mandate it for yourself:

I (speak your name here)
MANDATE THAT THESE (name the attacker 
or attackers, if known) ARE OR WILL BE DESTROYED.

Today this is of great significance.

Destroy dark Energies

Dark forces and entities react differently to the prospect 
of their destruction than to the possibility of their 

Whoever wants to avoid one’s change into the Light, 
will reject transformation impulses and will continue 
with the destructive actions as long as possible. 

But as soon as such an entity is confronted with one’s
destruction it retreats. One’s own ego is the greatest 
value of the egotist. If it feels threatened it changes its 
behavior. Here one answers with exactly the energies, 
which emanate from these forces and it is pure fear of 
one’s destruction, which then prompt these entities to 
retract. It is also important to understand that in this 
time the attacks become more and more massive. 
Ultimately it is about nothing more than the survival 
of dark energies on this level. And these fight for their 
continuation with all means.

In the future you must formulate your mandates even more 
decisively and clearer. Never back off from DESTRUCTION 
and removal of a condition, which is unhealthy and unbearable
for you. Affirm this process and no longer back off from it.
Call the Heavenly forces for help; call ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 
to your side, and you will quickly and thoroughly be freed 
from the monsters of this matrix, which romp about in 
your environment.

JJK: I now come to a further question, which is on my heart.

GOD: I am all ears…

JJK: Why do conditions of jealously and envy rule among
those, who call themselves Light entities, which think 
consciously to walk the path of the Light and also call 
themselves light warriors? Why do the light warriors fight 
against each other instead of “marching” in unison? 
In the esoteric scene the “fight of jealousies” rages 
and sometimes I have the impression that that world 
barely distinguishes itself from the world of outer 
expressions, which we have undertaken to change.
Among „Priests“ hate is the greatest, so it seems.

False Prophets wherever I look

Why do so many highly talented Light entities open 
themselves to dark energies, which strengthen the ego 
and kill God devotion and humility? And it seems to me 
that the number of these human Beings is very high. 
False prophets wherever I look.
Why cannot everyone work for the benefit of all, there 
where he has been put, without sounding off about the 
work or the life of others? Why can many “Masters” not 
enjoy the work of other “Masters”? They rather belittle 
it or they put themselves smugly above the work and 
the efforts of others.
Why is madness so widely distributed among “esoteric 
followers” and reason, love and peace so poorly developed?

GOD: Because the step from ME to US has not been taken. 
As soon as this occurs all wars will end on all and also on 
this level.

From ME to US

Many light warriors have not understood the nature of 
transformation and the interaction of all human Beings, 
or are closed for it. For some light warriors they are the 
measure of all things and instead of looking at the wonderful 
blooms and fruits in the neighbor’s garden with humility and 
thankfulness, they are jealous of it and feel envy as great and 
healthy fruits also grow in the field of others. One does not 
want to understand that each light warrior has come to earth 
with his specific assignments and that each light warrior 
fulfills these with his method.
Each prospective “Master”, meaning, human Beings, who 
today already walk ahead of other human Beings, is assigned 
to a particular group of human Beings, is assigned to a particular 
energy frequency, so that human Beings can be picked up from 
where they stand.

JJK: Human Beings must not seek us; instead 
we pick them up from where they stand?

GOD: Yes, this is the significant point so that as many 
as possible can be touched by the divine Light. 
Here it is about the essential first touch and not 
about enlightenment. And each, may it be a so tender, 
casual and seemingly insignificant touch of God’s Grace 
is a great gift for individual human Beings and for the 
whole living planet of Mother Earth. 

The goal is, and this is part of the awakening of 
the light warriors, that each one, where he has 
been put by God, who I am, fulfills his assignments.
It is the task of prospective Masters to live in peace 
with oneself and to be in peace with his assignments. 
Inner peace is the solution for everything. 

The step from ME to US must be carried out and ego-
consciousness must be brought back to its usual place 
in human consciousness before the kingdom of peace 
can be established.

JJK: Where is the usual place of the ego?

GOD: In human consciousness the ego exercises the 
function of protection. It guards human Beings on the 
physical, emotional and mental level from setting self-
destructive measures. The ego should not have any 
access to the spiritual level. And here is the reason 
for many upheavals. The ego has meddled in all affairs
of human divine consciousness and will not be called 
for “advice” in important moments; instead it has lifted 
itself to the sole ruler over human Beings and their 
Why with some light warriors and not with others?
Because those, who are affected by it, have not 
redeemed their interpersonal and intrapersonal affairs. 

Whoever has not redeemed earthly affairs, 
meaning relationships to others and the 
relationship to the self, whoever carry 
unredeemed conflicts inside, takes the 
low energy structure of the ego with him 
to the higher level.  

All is one; everything merges and works together.
If this is considered then much can change.
Many light warriors think that as soon as they operate on
a higher light level, that they are then decoupled from all 
human lowlands. This is not at all like that, because also 
to the high levels they carry oneself as a whole and exactly 
like they are. 

No human Being has succeeded to flee from oneself.

Power and Place of the Ego

No matter wherever you may go you can never run 
away from yourself and you take everything with 
you to everywhere.
Also the spiritual level is affected and again I point 
to the significance of self-examination and self-healing.

JJK: But why do so many light workers perform healing 
work for other human Beings, impersonate as Masters 
or Gurus, and thereby still have not finished their own 
basic work?

GOD: Because every human Being decides for oneself, 
either in knowledge or ignorance of things. Each human 
Being takes up the trace to oneself in a unique manner. 
Everything in this world is the result of conscious or 
unconscious decisions. Everyone is in one’s responsibility 
here. Everything occurs based on inner motivation.

Chances only happen because they come to you.

Arbitrariness is not meant by it.

JJK: Is it correct to say that some human Beings “help” 
others so that they divert from their own issues and 
thereby take on the aura of a “good one”?

GOD: This is the most widely distributed form of help. 
Human conditioning determines this. The lower vibrating 
human unconscious always seeks a way in order to remain 
untouched by the divine Light. The lower vibrating unconscious 
feels the best in the twilight and avoids any insight. On the 
other hand the higher vibrating subconscious is indeed 
interested in healing and insights.

JJK: Unconscious and subconscious?

GOD: Unconsciousness with the seat in the second 
chakra is the dark side of the ego, while the subconscious 
with the seat in the third chakra portrays the light side of 
the ego. This is the difference.

JJK: But some human Beings will shake their head 
again, because this version has been rather unknown 
so far?

GOD: Human nature reacts to innovations mostly with fear. 
Therefore innovations or discoveries are initially ridiculed 
and later, as they begin to be accepted, will be fought against. 
Only after this intensive struggle with the new can the human
psyche accept it. The human Being, who discovered how to 
make fire due to friction, had to endure the same among 
his contemporaries. Before all human Beings could warm
themselves with the fire, he had to endure much ridicule. 
This happened to very many – not all – who brought forth 
new insights. It is not necessary to look at it any further.

Are our Assignments always fulfilled?

JJK: A question, which preoccupies me very much, is, 
if it is possible that a human Being is called back before the 
planned time due to outer circumstances. Meaning is it possible 
for a dark force to take the life of a light warrior, who is in the 
midst of his assignments? Is there the possibility, based on free 
will and the free game on earth, that human plans on earth do 
not get fulfilled, that individual assignments cannot be maintained, 
because a bullet hits you?

GOD: No. Heavenly assignments, as they are accepted, 
always get fulfilled. Always without exception – also even
if a bullet hits you. It is important to understand that these 
assignments are never rigid, instead that they adjust to the 
given circumstances. There are very many adjustments, 
which need to be responded to. Let us assume that your 
assignment is to walk from A to B and also to arrive at B.
You have accepted your assignments, are fully conscious 
of them, and with heavenly guidance you merrily go on 
your way.
Then unexpectedly hindrances block your way. 
What will happen? You will take a detour, look for a new 
path or remove the hindrances from the street to the wayside. 
But you will never lose sight of your goal. 
You may be “delayed”´, but you will never fail. 

Failure, as you follow your spiritual assignments,
is impossible.

A light warrior of the first and last hour, who has mostly freed 
himself from his ego and serves God with devotion, cannot fail. 
It is impossible. What occurs, is that the goal is reached foremost 
in another manner if the path is bumpy or impassible. Always.

JJK: Meaning if it also appears that a human Being is recalled 
in the middle of his light-filled work, he has nonetheless fulfilled 
his assignment?

GOD: Yes, always. The journey is the reward. 
This expression is widely distributed and is perfect 
at this point. Furthermore it is important to understand 
that everything occurs with God’s will. Nothing can occur 
without God, nothing. Whoever internalizes this truth has 
reached a great degree of freedom.

JJK: But what about human Beings, who miss their life plan, 
and do not live their blueprint and deviate from their original 
life intentions?

GOD: These human Beings begin anew, or they 
continue in a further life from where they stopped.
Here it is to be distinguished between the ones, who 
remain on their path and those, who have left their path. 
Whoever veers away from one’s path, negates his assignments 
and conducts a life in the arbitrariness of this level, will be prompted 
to make corrections after the arrival in the Light. Gradually also these 
human Beings find their way back to the right path.

JJK: I am still preoccupied with two questions…

GOD: I am with you; go on Jahn…

Refugee and Immigration Crisis

JJK: The refugee and immigration crisis in Europe. 
How will it proceed? Is there a danger for our life, 
I mean for the human Beings here in Europe?

GOD: It is part of the great transformation that these 
energies discharge and balance. Human Beings, which 
were put into motion, demand their part of prosperity 
and the riches of the “Western” world. The exploitation 
has been recognized as such and now the consequences 
become obvious, the boomerang returns. This is one level 
and this level includes the geopolitical intentions, the 
conscious creation of these conditions. Secondly it is 
important to understand that also in this time every 
human Being, who follows his light path and his inner 
guidance, will always be at the right place. 

Whoever is under God’s protection does not 
need to be armed, because he is armed.

Because I am omnipresent in his life and I have 
the ability to do anything. 

„Arm“ yourself with God, and then you have everything.

Walks with Obama

JJK: The second question: What does it signify that twice in 
a row I dreamed of Obama, as we peacefully walked side by 
side in the center of Vienna and we talked about trivial things? 
This seemed too trivial to me.

GOD: Here your multidimensional entity becomes effective. 
Assignments have led you to this earth and you have 
assignments on other levels, which you fulfill simultaneously. 
These dream images show you that Obama must vacate the
throne he was put on and will be confronted with his trivial life. 
Thereby it does not mean that he has to resign as President, 
instead that he is cut off from the energy sources, which carried 
and nurtured him so far. It is the calm before the storm for this 
soul, which is prepared for a great purification process. 
Your walks attuned this soul for this catharsis. Everything 
occurs in the Now, and you fulfill your assignments. 
ime and space exist only on a certain level of awareness, 
in a segment of consciousness.

We have reached the end of this conversation.  

Be assured; as night follows the day and the rain follows 
sunshine, Light will follow darkness and the good will follow 

Mankind has taken the path in that direction.

I am with you

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