13. Februar 2016


Where does self-responsibility end and where does the 
trust in God begin? This excerpt from the conversation  
Using the Energy of Anger Creatively 
with Sananda and Karl’s dream on 1/21/2016 demonstrate 

this very beautifully and bring Light into darkness.  

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Dream by Karl Kassl
Translated by Franz

Conversation with Sananada on 1/20/2016: 

JJK: We shall trust God! God is the best protection!
It says. But where does self-responsibility begin? 

Self-Responsibility and Trust on God 

SANANDA: This is a significant question, and a simple
answer: self-responsibility, whenever it is obvious for
you and trust in God, without exception in each situation.
Self-responsibility goes hand in hand with trust in God.
Both are mutually dependent and do not exclude each other.

It is part of self-responsibility how a human Being should behave
and which specific measures should be applied in a special situation,
how each human Being should react to or interact with his environment.
It is essential that you yourself do everything that is necessary and
possible for you on the physical human level. God guides you to the
right decisions and makes a “miracle” possible for you if it is

As you make possible the possible, God makes the 
impossible possible. This is the cycle of a blessed life, 
which is oriented toward God. (End of excerpt)

Karl's dream on 1/21/2016

It is war.
I find myself somewhere in nature, surrounded by 
hills and mountains, and I am subjected to permanent 
air attacks.
Everywhere I see air defense cannons, which have been 
dug into the rock walls, firing without interruption.
One wave of attacks follows the next one – partially 
feels very unreal.

- cut

In a populated area I run into a high-rise building.
A child and a male adult are with me. 
(Remark: I guess that I can sense whom the child and 
male adult are, but since I cannot see the faces, I do not 
name anyone.)
So we run into the high-rise building, there is no elevator.

We run up the stairways, the building is already slightly 
damaged by bombs…

…from each floor one can look down to the ground floor. 
We quickly get all the way to the top floor. In front of us 
is a door; it is closed yet not locked.
I fling the door open, the man and the child go into the room….

…I again look down and see how a man, one or two floors 
below me, holds a bomb in his hands and lets it fall. 
My thought is that as soon as the bomb hits the ground 
floor, it explodes....

…..another thought,
it is a nuclear bomb.

It hits the ground floor and I see the explosion.
A huge mushroom cloud comes up the floors..
…like in slow motion.
I go into the room and lock the door. I sit down on
a bench. I only barely perceive the man and the child, 
but they are there.
At any moment I expect a huge pressure and heat wave, 
which blows me into Nirvana, and I firmly have to intention 
to have no fear and to consciously perceive each moment.
The pressure wave comes, but it is not as strong as I have 
The heat wave...also bearable. Suddenly the room separates 
from the high-rise building, everything shakes and we fly like 
the flying classroom from this event. My inner voice lets me 
know not to go to the door or to the windows.
I remain seating on the wobbly bench with the certainty
that something great, something unique occurs here.
I sense gratitude.
After some time and somewhere the flying classroom lands….
We go outside…
I/we are surrounded by vegetation with such a lush green, 
which I do not know from this world. (End of dream)

In this spirit we may expect the upcoming with joy and 
face the upheavals collectively as well as oriented toward
God’s Light.

Jahn J Kassl

2016: Year of Revelations, JJK 
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