12. Februar 2016


Open Letter to Politicians and the Media. 
Based on the fact that this immigration crisis 
has been planned a long time ago as a UN 
replacement migration. 

The replacement migration of the UN 
must be openly discussed and we must 
reject it with full force!

Written by Jahn J Kassl 
Translated by Franz


We are misinformed!

Why is it important to point again and again at the unbearable 
circumstances, regarding the expectations of the responsible
individuals in politics and in the media and call things by name?
It is so that those, who make decisions, which are of great 
significance for all of us, will hear us and so that we manifest 
what is important for us and is important for our life.

This necessity appears more than obviously based 
on the immigration crisis: We must predefine our politicians 
the direction, whereby we openly report the conditions in the 
country, whereby we call a spade a spade and whereby we 
reveal the true causes of this people migration. 

The replacement migration of the UN must be openly 
discussed and we must reject it with full force! 

It is necessary to understand that these population migrations 
deal with a long planned plan from the UN.
Replacement Migration  Until the year 2050, as it says in 
the UN document, 674 million new immigrants (13 million per year) 
shall come to Europe. Prof. Dr.Dr. Gunnar Heinsohn also tells us 
how many Africans want to come to Europe 
( Afrikaner nach Europa): „In the next 35 years about 
250 million refugees come to Europe for economic reasons” (…) 
„The migration wave from Africa and Asia has not reached its 
peak for a long shot. Dr. Dr. Gunnar Heinsohn, expects until 
2050 950 million migrants alone from Africa and the Near East.“ 

If this is understood, everything else makes great sense, 
especially Merkel’s holding on to her high treason policy, 
when in the end everyone loses one’s home.
Our politicians must be confronted with our unwillingness 
regarding this plan and with our determination to never 
allow this.

Radical Shift in Thinking

I indeed expect a radical shift in thinking in government agencies –
but not only there, instead also with and in us. It is high time that 
we strip off false belief patterns regarding “refugees” or “immigrants”.
It is time that we release the patterns we connect with the issue of
“helping” and it is time that we recognize whom this people 
migration serves and what damage it shall wreak in us.

„Upper Limits“ instead of Border Closings

The borders are still open and “upper limits” are still being 
discussed instead of a clear message, which is directed at the 
ones willing to emigrate, that we do not accept any more immigrants.
Germany and Austria have their hands full for years to come with 
the capture of illegal or criminal immigrants or with the integration 
of valid immigrants.

The boat is not only full – but also more than full!
Especially of the illegal ones, which disappeared.
In Germany it is estimated that there are over 1 million
illegal immigrants and in Austria much more than 100,000, 
which are not registered and stay somewhere in our countries. 
What do these people wait for, how do they manage to survive? 
Questions, which we should ask ourselves, and our government, 
should react to. 

Our home country must remain our home and immigration 
shall, as like it did so far, enrich our culture and our life-style 
and not extinguish it.  

We will not solve the chaos in Africa, the Middle East and the
Near East, a chaos, which the USA and NATO caused, whereby 
we take in all refugees! We can only solve this, whereby we 
refuse NATO and the USA our allegiance and make it clear to 
human Beings, who want to knock on our door, that they 
will find no entry.

Civil War ante portas

The policy of still open borders brings war also to us.
Conflicts between new immigrants and inhabitants have already 
openly broken out some time ago. Our streets, means of transportation 
(trains, subways, etc.) and great events are no longer safe. 
It is not much further to civil war. Yet despite all this the stream 
of refugees continues undiminished. Thousands daily.
And while the EU politicians fight how to distribute the refugees, 
or want to offer billions to Turkey for the work, which they are
unable to perform, the conditions in the affected countries get 
more and more explosive. Violent acts by new immigrants increase 
everywhere, where the “welcome culture” was declared a core value. Inhabitants begin to arm themselves, women color their hair from 
blond or brown to black and inhabitants as well as police avoid 
some regions. No-go areas have developed and expand like 
cancer. Countries like Germany, Sweden, Norway and Austria 
will not change in the future, instead they have already changed!
Daily human Beings from cultures, which could not be more 
different, clash with each other.
And instead of stopping this with a rigorous policy of border 
control and deportation, “bud grabbing” is put under penalty
in Austria, while new immigrants remain free of penalty for 
raping our women, remaining free instead of immediate 
deportation. It is grotesque, almost comical, if it weren’t 
so serious and dangerous. Everything gets out of control 
and we must radically shift our thinking and turn around.

„Local Self-Defense“

Peter Sloterdijk sees Europe and Chancellor Merkel (CDU) 
on the wrong path. "The policy of open borders cannot turn 
out well in the end. Merkel will row back”, says he in an
interview in the magazine "Cicero".
Sloterdijk: The Federal Government has "in an act of sovereignty 
surrender given away being overrun”… A stricter separation between 
asylum and immigration law would be necessary. (…) "Permanently 
the territorial imperative prevails. In the end there is no moral duty 
for self-destruction." (…) The nationalism developing now developing 
is "local self-defense".("lokale Notwehr") 

At the very first each one of us must recognize and understand 
that we are not dealing with a regular refugee crisis, instead with 
a long-time plan for the reshaping of Europe. I have nothing against 
the Islam, but I have something against the Islamization of Europe – 
including Sharia police.  (Scharia-Polizei) 
It is about our culture, our language and generally about our way 
of living. If we allow that masses of human Beings continue to flow
into our country, very soon we will not recognize our country – 
and we will lose it. There is still some time to object, there is still 
time to stand up and there is still time to awaken.

Politicians need our Support!

Our politicians need our help so that they can make clear and 
courageous decisions. They must be confronted with our 
expectations in this question and we ourselves must deal 
with it extensively. We must look at what is and strip off 
any ideology. Thinking “left” or “right” does not get us any
further now. We must formulate our expectations free of 
any ideologies and express them wherever we can or we 
feel called to do so.

I expect!

In this manner I expect from politics, media and the 
local Muslim Imams and from all of us the following:

1.) I expect that the Muslim communities, which do not 
want having anything to do with the criminal Islam, will speak up.
2.) I expect that representatives of the secular Islam make 
themselves heard and openly and loudly object to unacceptable 
requests to speak like the Imam Abu-Yusuf from Cologne:
Women are themselves guilty of the sex attacks”, and 
 »one of the reasons why Muslim men rape women or 
molest them is how they were dressed.” 
Frauen sind selbst schuld an Sex-Attacken“ 
3.) I expect that Austria’s Chancellor Werner Faymann apologizes 
to Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for his arrogant attitude 
in the summer of 2015, when he even compared him to Nazis
and, as far as effective border security is concerned, seeks 
expertise from Budapest. (▷  NS-Vergleich )
4.) I expect that the actual background 
(UN Replacement Migration  of this population 
migration is revealed by politics and the media.
5.) I expect a clear and unmistakable message from Austria and 
Germany to the ones wanting to immigrate, so that they never 
start this dangerous journey.
6.) I expect that all arrivals are registered and are examined 
for their claim of asylum, and that all illegals are captured. 
Fingerprints which are not stored are rather a joke than a 
serious measure. ( Fingerprints) 
7.) I expect that worries and fears of our own population be 
taken seriously. 80 percent of questioned Austrians are worried 
about the wave of refugees. (80 Prozent) 
8.) I expect that to those new immigrants, which regularly 
violate interpersonal boundaries, boundaries will be set.
9.) I expect that people of distinction say to those human 
Beings, who take a shot at Germany or Austria, who molest 
our women and curse our culture and lifestyle: 
Go back home! What are you doing here?
10.) Regarding the example of drowning human Beings 
in the Aegis, I expect true humanness.
This would mean to say to human Beings, who want to 
make the journey, that it is not only life threatening but it is 
also futile. Here partial guilt in the death of these human Beings 
is suggested in all of us. These human Beings do not drown because 
we do not accept them instead they understandably want to leave 
countries, which do not seem worth living in. Humanness means to 
help human Beings where they live; to end wars, end exploitation; 
and not to push their countries into chaos, which happens consciously 
due to the NWO elites in the form of the USA and NATO. To act 
humanely means to change the conditions in the affected countries 
and not to accept everyone in our countries, so that our conditions 
also change to being worse, whereby our society is destabilized 
and slides into civil war.
The humanness of our rulers is inhuman, and we, who reveal this, 
are made into inhuman Beings. The arsonists pretend to be the 
fire fighters. The world goes in the wrong direction. 
„In Germany the one, who points to the dirt, is considered 
much more dangerous than the one, who creates the dirt.“ 
Kurt Tucholsky (1890-1935) German Journalist and writer.
10.) I expect foremost from those human Beings, who want
to do good and thereby still believe that the unlimited acceptance 
of immigrants is our human duty, not only an open heart but also
a sound mind. Meaning: Observing, recognizing and changing and 
no longer exchange misery for empathy. It is necessary to redeem 
the still existing patterns with regard to the issue of “help”. 
11.) And finally I expect that Merkel, the trigger of this 
catastrophe, retracts her invitation and then, as a true 
service to Germany and Europe, resigns! 

Rules and human Beings, who obey these rules, are necessary 
for the peaceful coexistence in a nation. For a much too high 
percentage of new immigrants, these values do not mean 
anything to them, and for them we are unworthy and are 
„Kafir“ infidels.
(Kafir (Arabic: ‫كافر‎ kāfir; 
plural كفّار kuffār; feminine كافرة kāfirah) is an Arabic term (from 
the root K-F-R "to cover") used in an Islamic doctrinal sense, 
usually translated as "unbeliever," "disbeliever," or "infidel". 
It is used as a derogatory term.)

What do we have to oppose against?

Neither will they or do they want to live according to our laws. 
We must be aware of that or we must quickly become aware of it.
They simultaneously feel rejection and attraction to our life-style, 
and feel prompted by our women to rape them. For the young men 
full of testosterone, when our women appear in scant clothing the 
country, our country will turn into a huge bordello. These human 
Beings have come in order to force their world-view on us, their 
culture, their religion and their opinions with sufficient criminal 
energy. War and violence are well known to them. What do 
we have to oppose against?

Certainly there are entirely different immigrants,
Possibly the great majority, human Beings, who reject 
violence, who have neither overblown demands of our 
country nor inappropriate expectations of our women 
and would very much like to find a new home with us.

And here the unlimited immigration is reason for refusal, 
because these human Beings can only be in peace and be 
integrated – and for our population in acceptable numbers – 
if all the troublemakers are deported. Successful integration 
presupposes sufficient human and financial resources. 
Actually the limits have already been reached on all levels.

Often there is talk about “traumatized” refugees. I say: 
Whoever gives his criminal energy free reigns; I have 
little interest in his trauma. What interests me more 
is when he leaves our country and never comes back again. 

To excuse abominable crimes with “traumatization”
means also to continue to tolerate violence.
Whoever sleeps in a democracy will wake up in 
a dictatorship. And whoever sleeps during the 
refugee crisis, wakes up with Sharia. 

Attack on Europe 

„Europe is falsely shaped“, (Peter Sloterdijk) and human Beings 
are misinformed. The UN plan for population exchange of all of 
Europe proves this and explains to us the dilettantism of the 
European Union in order to solve this crisis. At least by now 
all should clearly see through this and have seen the 
“refugee crisis” as an attack on Europe.

In summary: This immigration crisis has been planned for 
a long time. Europe shall be reshaped culturally, religiously 
and socially, and human Beings shall be uprooted. „People 
and governments must fundamentally shift their thinking. 
A positive nationalism and a worldwide Brother- and Sister-
hood of human Beings must develop. A nationalism with 
heart and ethics is important for each country, because 
human Beings require a home, where they feel sheltered 
and which they defend also.“ 
Translated citation from the book: Sai Baba spricht zum 
Westen S.358 (Govinda Sai Verlag, ISBN 3-930889-00-5)  

Let us therefore continue to defend ourselves, to offer resistance 
and to support our country and our people. The "world-wide Brother- 
and Sister-hood of human Beings" develops on the sound soil of 
"Nationalism with heart and ethics." Let us not prescribe to us, 
how we should think and feel about our country, do not let 
ourselves be dictated how reprehensible "Nationalism" is and 
how desirable the standardization of all human Beings and 
populations should be.

Let us refuse the policy of incitement to racial and ethnic hatred 
and the breakdown of populations, until we have reached a shift
in thinking on all levels of society. 

We must prompt our national governments to a full 
breaking mode in the immigration crisis. 
It is about our home. 

Jahn J Kassl


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