1. Februar 2016


Healing due to God’s Grace 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl 
Translated by Franz


Now we would like to let the energy of gratitude flow. 
The never drying up stream of gratitude brings abundance, 
peace and Love, because indeed: God’s whisper points the 
way for us, let us overcome obstacles, enriches our life and 
in each event we recognize it as a gift from Heaven.

Beloved Ones, Brothers and Sisters, companions of the Light!

We have all reason to be thankful, we have cause to thank the 
Creator and thank creation. But foremost we have the assignment 
to adopt the attitude of gratitude toward ourselves, instead of 
being in conflict or in unrest. Today it is time to thank life, the 
twists of fate, the accompaniment and direct guidance from God.

It is time to consciously set free this energy, because the
energy of gratitude affects great healings, also those healings, 
which are not at all expected. 

If the cells of the human body are flooded with gratitude, 
they change their vibration and orient everything toward
the benefit of the whole organism. 

The mood rarely darkens in thankful human Beings and they 
always carry radiance in their face. Health in body, mind and 
soul are directly connected with gratitude. Thankfulness is revering, 
while ungratefulness expresses disregard, whereby the human Being 
is damaged on all levels.

What was each one of you allowed to receive in the past years? 
What did each of you receive from Heaven?
What was turned over in your life, so that your path into the 
Light could be continued?
What kind of assignments did you receive and have resolved them?

What was directly given to you out of God’s abundance? 
When were opportunities opened for you, which suddenly 
opened – after you were near desperation? How were you 
able to dissolve the many conditionings of old time, and 
thereby come closer and closer to the Light? Who stood by 
you, in difficult hours and whereby you have overcome inner 
and outer circumstances? What is it, which made you into 
what you are today?

Work bears Fruits

It is your decision to serve the Light and to walk consistently 
on the path of Light. Today the work of many years richly bears
fruits. Today you can distinctly recognize the whisper from eternity, 
after many years of inner purification, and while clearly being 
oriented toward God you can get the true value out of your life.

You must attain the victory of the Light over your lower nature 
on a daily basis and thereby the transformation to a higher
Being is fulfilled daily.

Now it needs a path into the outer world, so that the victory of 
the Light is also fulfilled in the visible. Your vigilance regarding 
yourself let you gain new victories over your ego-nature and 
thereby not only your ascension is possible, instead the 
ascension of the whole world. 

Your daily triumph over your lower nature, which would 
like to keep you on earth, is the greatest achievement, 
which comes to a human Being in these days. Only due 
to your consciousness work the world gets back into 
kilter and becomes a place of peace and harmony. 

What you have achieved in the past months and years is 
indeed remarkable and today deserves proper appreciation. 
How much gratitude is fair for these facts?

You have received much from Heaven and much 
of it you have passed on!

These lines pertain to you, who still has a tendency to put
your light under the umbrella and who believes to have 
wasted your talents instead of having increased them.
Remove this doubt about your own status now, because 
you have all reason for it.
The proof? You are here, you have taken place in your 
seat or you have been led to this transmission by whatever 

Rise up; look at yourself in your light.
See the light, which emanates from you, and how it 
radiates to human Beings, to the animal and plant world. 

You are what you are. And therefore you are always 
much more than your limited mind would like you to 

It is time to thank you!
It is time to put you into the center of life, to move 
you into the center of Creation, because truly: 
How can you be less than that if you are equal to 
God and are divine?
If God is the center of all life, than you must also 
be it! And you recognize this as soon as you are 
one with your Creator.

Everything, which pertains to God, also pertains to you. 
And now you are being opened for this mystical truth. 
And the energy of gratitude serves as a door opener, 
because gratitude opens a being while ingratitude closes it.

Act of Gratitude 

I am thankful for the many insights, 
which I partook of in the past months and years. 


I am thankful for the never-drying-up Stream of Light, 
which reaches me from the center of the Universe. 


I am grateful for the Love, which God, 
the Angels and the Masters give to me. 


I am thankful for what has been achieved 
and I encounter myself with great Love. 


I am grateful that my life fulfills itself and 
that I have turned toward the Light. 


Irrevocably: There is no turning back.
God cares for you, God heals illnesses, God leads 
you to the wellspring of Life, God protects you and 
He shows you the way through the labyrinth of time.
For God everything is possible, and for a human 
Being, who lives in God, everything is possible.

Now remind yourself of what you want to give thanks for.
Where was divine guidance responsible for the fact that 
you heal in body, mind and soul and you were able to 
recognize it? Call such situations into memory and be 
fully grateful for it. 


Now thank yourself for being what you are.
Say thanks for your devotion to the path of Light, 
say thanks for your willingness to consistently walk 
on the path toward the Light and honor yourself for 
what has already been attained.

Gratitude and peace fill your heart and life is beautiful… 


The healing energy of gratitude now streams 
forth from your heart into the world…. 


Human Beings are touched,
Animals are touched,
Plants are touched,
Mother Earth is touched.

And: You yourself are touched – 
from your Light and your Love. 

Pause…(End of the Act of Gratitude) 

Beloved Sisters,
Brothers and Siblings in the spirit of the One who is all!

At this time we have found each other on this earth 
so that we may complete the work begun eons ago. 
We are the great swarm of Star seeds and light warriors, 
the great number of heavenly entities, who have agreed 
to breathe new life into this earth.
And we work together and foremost very successfully so 
that everything is fulfilled, which has been assigned to 
us, and what we ourselves have decided for.

The dark storm clouds of time, which actually brew on the 
earthly firmament and the storm, which brews over the 
world can change nothing about the fact that behind it 
new life is born and a new world is lifted out of its hinges. 

Indeed: We are only a breath away from the day 
when the victory of the Light over darkness on all 
levels is manifested. 

I myself have, as many of you, served on earth in many lifetimes! 
Today I am also amongst you, as a human Being in flesh and blood; 
with worries and fears, with joy and confidence, which is inherent in
human Beings. I am one of you and one like you. This way I also 
contribute to the whole and give my best.

We are truly a great family, having come forth from one Source
and we have gathered here today. We have stepped onto our 
beloved earth and this time we will not leave until everything 
is done, until we can say: God’s eternal order has also been 
restored on earth.

Have Courage!

Therefore let us go on, with courage!
Time is too valuable, in order to waste it with 
hindering thoughts or fears, which this matrix 
brings forth again and again.

Today it is necessary to apply consistently what you
have accumulated in many existences in self-recognition 
and in knowledge. You know that there is no death; you 
know that life is immortal and you know that every deception 
only remains in existence as long as you keep it alive in you, 
because there is no spring wherefrom sweet and bitter water
flows at the same time.

Come on, Beloved Ones, 
we are an invincible power, 
an unconquerable divine community!
And our all arrival in the Light is the reward for 
our great efforts in this world.

Devote your further life to God, so that you may prove 
worthy of Her Grace and you may guide His Blessing to 
all human Beings. 

….because the sweet Spring, which nurtures us all, 
never dries up. 

I love you infinitely

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