10. Februar 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Beloved Ones!

I have come to earth, so that I may ward 
off the greatest misfortune from earth!
I have come to earth, so that I may save earth from extinction!
I have come to earth, so that I may lead those, who it pertains to,
into Heaven and those, who it pertains to, to new experiences in 
the visible world. 

I have come to earth, so that I may manifest great 
peace and to establish God’s kingdom among human 

And all of you participate in this project.
As creators you co-create the new world.
You, who have attained master ship and who 
have internalized the service for Mother Earth, 
are the healthy seed for the new soil of earth.

Trust in God and Closeness to God 

You, who have overcome self-interest and egotism and have 
entered into the kingdom of peace, are the carriers of the Light 
and the heralds of the new time; Even though today you are an 
object of ridicule in many places or are fought against, so the 
day of truth is close and human Beings will acknowledge your 
service as such before the end of time. 

What is of significance in these days?
Trust in God and closeness to God! 

Whoever has put his life into God’s hands, will retain 
it and will ascend into the Light and will return to the 
oneness of all Life. 

At first individual human Beings must return into 
God’s lap, so that this earth can be returned to God’s 
lap. And this means to be entirely devoted to God, to 
dedicate one’s life to God and orient it entirely toward 

Which God do we talk about here?
About the One, who is ALL-THAT-IS.   

There is only One God, who is revealed 
to each human Being on the inside!

The Gods, created by human Beings, create confusion, 
and the God- and life-images created by the priests create 
insecurity. Therefore today it is obvious to dissolve the 
initiations from different sources and from different time-periods.
The ways in that direction have been opened for you, take them, 
because a redeemed consciousness is interlaced with the Light 
and is liberated from all tracks, which lead into darkness. 

God does not reveal himself due to a priest, 
instead he is revealed in your innermost. 

Listen to His whispers, so that you may perceive Him 
in you, trust your own binding to God and direct your
whole strength toward the inside in your search for God.
The search in the outer is over. And as the five human 
senses let you experience earthiness, now your spiritual 
senses will let you see the divine.
Open yourself entirely, completely open your heart!
Allow that thereby your whole life may entirely transform.
Do not get attached to anything, except to the certitude 
that God cares for everything, as you dedicate everything 
to God.

I bless you with these words, you, who seeks shelter 
under my roof and who has found protection in my vicinity.
I have come to give this world a new countenance.
I have come, in order to turn the “game” at the turning 
point in time, so that Light may prevail and so that 
Love starts regency on the new earth.

I have come to accept you. 

A long Peace follows this time and Eternal 
Bliss in God’s Kingdom on Earth. 


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