14. Juli 2014



written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Genocide in the Ukraine.
Europe remains silent! 

While the Ukrainian Nazi-Regime slaughters their own 
citizens and President Poroshenko gives the necessary orders 
for it Europe remains silent! What an uproar when Russia arrested 
„Pussy Riot“ and later released them, what an uproar with respect 
to the rights of homosexuals and what an uproar about any supporter 
of Putin then, as Crimea wanted to be part of Russia. The media and 
politics left out nothing or untried, in order to pounce on Putin and 
ussia, as if they had to deal with the devil incarnate or with a 
“Rogue State”, according to US interpretation.
Today on the other hand, when the Ukraine indeed has 
to deal with the devil and the Nazi-Regime carries out a 
genocide…..nothing. Not a word. Europe remains silent.

In the meantime human Beings in Donetsk take flight. 
All trains to Moscow or to any other place – the main 
thing out and away from death – are overbooked.
Human Beings anticipate what is coming.

And Europe? Remains silent and prefers to commemorate 
the Nazi-Crimes from 1933-1945.

To keep the past alive and ignore the presence is 
the most reliable method in order to be overtaken by history. 
The solution: Europe must give up the doglike submissiveness 
toward Washington, to strip off the behavior of a US vassal and
to refuse Obama blind following! Because it is true that whoever 
marches with Washington also goes under with Washington.

Conclusion: America brought War to Europe!

And instead to wake up and to oppose the world leadership 
of the USA, Europe remains silent and quarrels with Russia. 
This is a political and moral total failure of our Elite, which 
cannot be justified by anything.
If Hitler were again possible today? 
The answer is very clear, because Obama is possible.

While I write this essay, the following two reports reach me:
1.) The AFP (Agency Free-Press) reports: Biden calls Ukraine 
leader, offers condolences Washington (AFP) - US Vice President
Joe Biden called Ukraine's leader Petro Poroshenko Saturday and 
offered condolences for the deaths of soldiers facing off with 
pro-Russian militants in the country's east.
Separatists killed 19 troops in a hail of heavy rocket fire on 
Friday near the Russian border in a bloody reminder of their 
resolve to reverse the recent tide of government gains across 
the region. The military said four other soldiers died elsewhere on 
Friday and seven more were killed overnight in attacks that also 
wounded more than 120 soldiers. During the call, "President 
Poroshenko informed the Vice President about the latest separatist 
attacks using heavy weapons on Ukrainian forces and the Vice 
President expressed his condolences for the loss of life," the 
White House said. Biden expressed support for Poroshenko's efforts 
to convene a meeting to discuss a possible ceasefire with the 
separatists, as the Western backed leader's top aide said all 
talks with the rebels were off and that the only possible side 
that could be involved in negotiations was Russian President 
Vladimir Putin. Biden also told Poroshenko of "ongoing US diplomatic 
efforts to work with our international partners to impose costs on 
Russia if it continues on its current course of providing the separatists 
with heavy weapons and equipment."
The White House released details of the call just hours 
after the Brazilian government said Poroshenko had accepted 
an invitation to attend Sunday's World Cup football final in Rio 
de Janeiro, where Putin will also be present.

Reader Commentary:
"The US offers condolences to the Neo-Nazi fascist thugs in Kiev? 
The US perpetually embarrasses itself. Their push for world domination 
is so apparent. The EU is waking up to the fact that the US is trying 
to destabilize the entire region. The US is running the risk of losing 
its allies. Look at Germany now. The polls indicate that the Germans 
don’t like the US so much anymore. The missing gold and all the 
NSA CIA spying. The US even treats its friends like enemies. 
Soon they will start acting like enemies. Wait till all the countries 
start trading in their own currency or the RMB. That will cool off the 
US from all its interference and bullying."

2.) Elena Geller comes from Donetsk and presently lives 
in Dortmund, reports on Facebook on 7/10/2014:
„After a bloody Pentecost in Slovyansk “5 civilians lost their lives, 
including 2 children, one boy (12) and a girl (6). Before that ….
13 civilians after an air raid in Luhansk. Several civilians, after 
an air raid, in my Donetsk. Besides Slovyansk several persons 
in Krasnyi Luch, in the suburbs of Slovyansk and in Kramatorsk.
Civilians and police men in Mariupol (Azov Sea, south of Donetsk). 
This was all done by the Ukrainian army. What shall I do?

And on July 12th and 13th 2014: 
„I have just talked on the telephone to my friend in Donetsk.
Also Marinka…. 10 km from her house. A settlement, where one 
speaks Ukrainian and normally is for a “unified Ukraine”. There 
was no militia. Bombed and destroyed. How many people lost 
their lives, is not clear. One talks about 30 dead civilians; my 
friend says, many more. The settlement no longer exists and 
nobody understands, why the Ukrainian Army does something 
like that. A mine in the vicinity was also destroyed. Her house 
trembled. Even the animals lost their orientation….”

Sometimes it is good to accept a higher perspective of things 
or at least try to, so that the events lose some of their dynamic 
and a deeper sense may be recognized.
Maybe this toxic planet is in the middle of a great 
purification and mankind is in front of the greatest leap 
in consciousness since the beginning of mankind?
Yet this is not the subject of this essay.

Jahn J Kassl

This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor”
to all editorial staffs and publishers of daily newspapers and
weekly magazines in Austria, Germany and Switzerland,
as well as to top-level politicians in Austria.

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Exchange of Gangsters in the Ukraine – JAHN J KASSL: