18. November 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

I am Human among human Beings, light warrior among 
light warriors, creator of new worlds among creators,
who have risen and are now ready to start the last of 
all journeys.


The time of the prophet is over! 
I have stripped off the mantle of the prophet.

Light Carriage and Power of Creation 
Today I serve as messenger from Heaven amongst human 
Beings, as way shower of the One, as ascension flame of mankind, 
which like myself once, in the thousands ascend in their light carriers 
and enter into His Kingdom of eternal Grace. 

What has been reserved for a few, is now possible for all 
ascending ones - to step into their Light carriage and to rise, 
beyond this world, in order to enter into the new world. 

My consciousness has overcome the old time long ago, 
my assignments were steadily supplemented and expanded. 
And therefore today I stand among my brothers, among my 
sisters, among my human siblings, in order to perform together 
the last tasks before Heaven manifests over-all.
Today many prophets of the old world are in this world and 
all prophets fulfill today more far-reaching and higher assignments 
than at any time before.
It is a common effort of strength, which occurs now, 
because God has called on us to claim our unbounded 
creative power, in order to breathe new life into this world. 
This has been decided for us and in these days we show 
ourselves worthy of God’s request. 

Prophecies are released from this time, 
because the Now knows neither future 
nor does it have a past. 

Therefore I have gained a foothold in this world among human 
Beings, in order to make the long wait for ascension of mankind 
bearable and due to the experience of the Now shorten or entirely 
fade out the wait and expectation. 

In these days of waiting a profound inner understanding 
of time bestows patience to every impatient one and 
bestows wings to every slackened one. 

How long had and have the prophets to wait for the fulfillment 
of their prophecies? I say to you: eternally! During their lifetime 
only very few experience recognition in grand style, because any 
proclamation is given far from time, even if it occurs in time.

New Proclamation 
It is given to me, to lead mankind into deep trust about 
the correctness of all things, regarding the correctness of 
all events of the ascension. 
Waiting and expectation must slowly yield and make space 
for a deep inner peace, for a deeply anchored certitude, 
for an exalted view of this life beyond all incidents. 

A creator of one’s life invokes neither the 
future nor the past, a fortiori the new Creator 
Gods in this world invoke only the One that 
there is: The All-That-Is reality – God. 

A new proclamation has reached the levels in this world. 
A new reality spreads on this earth, a new sound from the 
highest realms of the Angels penetrates the etheric bodies 
of all life and affects healing everywhere; healings, which were 
no longer expected and nobody any longer dared to hope for.

Our assignments fulfill at the end of all of our lifetimes.
And in these days, which have now come, we understand the 
course of the world and the role of human Beings in the great game.

So the transformations of the worlds continue irreversibly and 
the progress, affected daily, is enormous. Even if the knowledge 
of it is lacking in many human Beings, the joy in Heaven regarding 
this is great. And the joy is great that we are unconditionally willing, 
with all the headwind of time, to step unswervingly unto the last steps 
into the Light, in order to cross them. We have set deep anchor into 
this earth, and yet we expand far beyond this world. 

The last meters mean to overcome the last imaginations, 
so that all objections dissolve and we cast off the leaden 
heaviness, which has captured many of us. 

What is the use of the preparations of many lives, as we 
sink into the field shortly before the end, as we wear down
or are left behind?

Many light warriors have encountered this fate.
Yet all who have fallen, can get up until last, all 
who have turned away from the path, can come back 
to the path until last, all who have lost courage and 
face the proclamations of Heaven in disbelief, can find 
courage and regain trust in God – until last! 

God’s Grace is without bounds and equally 
unlimited are the possibilities for turning 
back to the path of Love, the path of Light and 
the path of unconditional trust in God.

We are the invisible movers of this time, we are the great 
Beings, who still have not fully recognized themselves or have 
not fully revealed themselves – even if many human Beings 
have already recognized us.
We are the new Masters in this world, 
who have entered the stage of this world.
We have been and are being prepared for it, 
to appear visibly for all human Beings, so that 
the new earth can be born.

It behooves us to sound the final accord for this world, 
it behooves us, in joy and humbleness, to instruct human 
Beings in the awe of these divine processes, and it behooves 
us to enter into the blessings of the accomplished ascension.

We serve this world and ourselves, whereby we 
breathe life into the cosmic process of this dimension.

God’s true Servants 
Who can follow us, who can serve us?
It is everyone, who follows self, everyone, 
who serves his divine assignments. 

A true servant is the one, who knows his greatness 
and who wrestles significance from the insignificant. 
A true servant is the one, who has overcome his “I” 
and has found into his “Self”.
A true servant is the one, who serves God, 
because this service is worship for oneself. 

So we have entered into this world as “God’s true servants”, 
in order to be an example as Creator Gods.
So we have come, in order to ignite a firework of Love, 
so that mankind can look at themselves in their own light.
So we have descended, in order to proclaim as “guardians 
of this world” the last days of this time into all corners of 
this earth.

Time has no longer power over us, who have served 
this time – in many lives on the planet of our choice: 
the great Mother Earth.

I am amongst human Beings,
I am the anchor of all doubters,
I am the flame of the ascension flame, 
in order to keep the great fire of the ascension flame alive.

I am one of a few and one among many, 
because which human Being could be alien to me?

I am

From the Origin returned to this World of Love, 
in order to pave the way back to the Origin. 

From Knowledge to Certitude - SANANDA: 

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