29. November 2014


Healing due to God's Grace

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
tanslated by Franz

Today we direct again our Light to our Being.
Today we want to expand the knowledge and 
understanding about the proper grounding of a human Being.
And this “grounding” in this time is an indispensable necessity, 
as the spiritual flooding from the CENTRAL SUN increases daily, 
becomes more intense and has been elevated.

I am Elija and I bless every human Being, 
who now dedicates himself to completely 
anchor to the ground of this earth.

What is it about?

It is about placing our astral or emotional body 
entirely into the physical body – to center it there 
and anchor it permanently.
Because of many spiritual injuries, the astral body took 
flight in many human Beings or went far away, as soon 
as new injuries were experienced. This means that also 
a relatively purified human Being can on and off lose the 
astral body, as new pain or traumas come in. And this fact 
is widely distributed in this uniquely intensive time, which 
indeed holds new surprises ready for all of us.

Today, here and now, we would like to lead all our 
astral bodies back and anchor them in our physical body.

Anchoring of the Astral Body:
1.) Close your eyes and put both feet flat on the ground.
2.) Manifest (in your own words) the willingness so that 
your feeling and sensing body is now entirely anchored in you.
3.) Open yourself consciously to the higher realms, your crown 
chakra and wait what happens. 


4.) Remain in silence and in deep peace.
5.) Mandate (in your own words) the willingness 
for thorough transformation work, whereby you become
regularly aware of your feelings, pain and injuries, in order 
to release them to the Light, whereby there is no longer a 
reason for the astral body to leave the physical body.
6.) Say thanks for this healing.
(End of anchoring) 


Please consider the following:  
A human Being, whose astral body is 
absent or whose emotional body carries 
unreleased injuries in it, cannot realize 
his divine goals on earth.  
No matter how many mandates and invocations are spoken, 
the fulfillment will be lacking, because this human Being is
not in his full strength and therefore not in his full creative 

And in order to create a divine Life on earth 
requires the “whole and complete human Being”. 

Grounding therefore means thorough transformation work,
and does not mean to stand with both feet in the meadow, feel 
the earth and leave it at that. This is too little. 

Mother Earth and all earthly and heavenly elements serve
you, yet they cannot release your unreleased issues without 

You must feel, allow feelings, you must sense, 
allow emotions, you must recognize your pain, see 
your injuries, become aware of your traumas, then your 
emotional body will immediately finds its way back to you.
Thereby always observe the crown chakra, because the astral 
body leaves through it and this is where it returns again into 
your physical body.

A complete Being can deal the best with the high 
cosmic energies and integrates these playfully easily.
While all signs of time point to the ascension of the 
world and the transfiguration of human Beings, it is 
therefore necessary to remain firmly grounded to the 
earth and to remain anchored in you, so that the high 
energies of transformation and transfiguration 
can be managed.

In summary what is the essence of “grounding”?

In the recognition of deeply seated injuries and in 
the redemption of these! Then everything is done.

Veracious Living 
Today a sound grounding can only be attained 
through veracious living. Meaning, every human Being, 
who deals with himself truthfully, who recognizes his 
shadows and releases them to the Light, contributes 
the most to his permanent grounding.

Grounding therefore means veracity on all levels. 
Veracity, as you connect with Mother Earth, no matter in 
what manner, veracity, as you connect with yourself.
And this veracity is the measure of all things, the guideline 
of a permanent grounding and the basis for any permanent 
healing – also the one of your astral body.

Even the gardener, who experiences a deep connection with 
the earth due to the work with his hands, can be far from 
grounding, as his work is not due to a truthful life, which is 
liberated from the injuries of time.
Grounding therefore is a psychic, mental and spiritual matter 
and is attained due to the awareness of a human Being.

The direct contact with Mother Earth and to the elements 
thereby serves as an aid, but is not the only panacea, 
in order to get grounded or to remain so.
This expansion, what proper and profound grounding is, 
has been given today. Make use of the simple exercise at 
any time, under the condition that you are undisturbed!
Be courageous to heal your daily injuries and give this 
process a new naturalness. Because as your psychic body 
needs sleep for healing, your subtle bodies need your conscious 
attention, in order to remain in their strength and beauty. 
Lead your attention to your heart and observe your subtle body, 
as you observe your physical body; your Being is a divine and 
sacred unity, which wants to be fostered and valued on all levels.
Unite with yourself, regularly wed with yourself, 
so that you may live, as it is proper for you:
In deep trust of self and God.

Am I truthful? 
Am I truthful in everything that I do?
Am I willing to recognize my shadows and to redeem them?
Am I willing, no matter what high assignments have led me 
to this world, to fundamentally confront myself as a human 
Being among humans and be willing to confront my human 
Am I willing to allow my sensations and feelings, 
even if tears flow or if unknown aspects of myself appear?
Or do I deny Life with respect to the upcoming ascension, 
as it is portrayed to me in this world, whereby, whenever 
it counts, I take flight from myself?
Do I postpone my redemption; do I still evade 
my still existing issues?

Sharpen your awareness, because all your bodies 
are equivalent and tantamount parts of your whole 
Being, and they want to be perceived as such, be honored, 
recognized and loved. 

Grounded is a human Being, 
who loves his shadows and 
has shed any fear of self. 

Healing occurs, Life unfolds,
The Kingdom of Heaven is born in you.
Human Beings stand firmly on the ground
And no power can move them.
Because who is anchored in self,
To him time is a friend and
Light is the source of blessedness – on earth. 

I am with you
I am

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