1. November 2014


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The World follows the great Cycle
This s is the Truth  

Far from dreams is reality, 
far from imaginations is truth, 
and far from wishes is abundance, 
which now unveils itself in this world. 

There is no going back, for the ascending ones,
There is no going back for the remaining ones.

The transmutation of the world is being fulfilled and 
we reach the time, when the days are full of miracles, 
which happen in ourselves and in the ones around us.

The magic of the moment surrounds us entirely 
and the infinitely long search for Life ends.

We are ready to complete the way of ways and to 
appear in the Light of Eternity, as we are ready to 
overcome the world and to leave the events of time 
far behind us.

Great days begin and we, the reminders, 
the callers and the announcers of this new time, 
will prove to be true.

The law of all Life fulfills itself now in this world, 
because truly:  

A great cycle ends and a new 
cycle of all Life unfolds its strength
 – in the infinity of All-That-Is. 

Everything is exposed to this fact.
The worlds rise up now into the Light, 
and worlds fall back into the light-starved twilight. 

Time obeys the great cycle 
and the world follows it. 

End and beginning have been decided, 
and this day is irreversibly written into the book 
of Life of this world and in the chronicle of mankind.

A cycle ends and a new cycle begins.

Darkness is flooded with Light and the 
new circle of Life in God’s abundance 
unfolds its full Glory.

For us, who we are: The Way, the Truth and Life.
In Eternity.

This is the Truth.

I am 

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published on this website.Translated by Franz.