6. November 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The creation of the new galaxy and of new galaxies 
brings forth far-reaching consequences for this planet:
1.) Acceleration of the magnetic pole reversal.
2.) Acceleration of all transformation processes, 
which in the run-up are connected with it.
3.) Acceleration of all revelations, which still must 
reach the linear field of events before the day of days.

Attaining Multidimensionality 
In this phase of end time the multidimensionality 
of human Beings becomes proverbial. While the perfected 
“old souls” and the “Great Ones” currently are in many worlds 
simultaneously, they keep all soul fragments in this still dense world.

This is necessary, in order to provide the necessary energy for the 
“smelting” of this world, a process, which continues daily, until the 
moment of separation of this world has been reached. Thereby it 
deals with the supply of sufficient Light energy for the final 
moment of the ascension.

This is guaranteed, whereby the light warriors of the first and 
last hours, with all of their soul fragments, which constantly 
expand the flame of ascension, until they have captured all
levels of this world and have immersed the planet into the 
reality of the Light.

Experience Multidimensionality 
These human Beings actually experience multidimensionality 
in different and conscious manners:
1.) Whereby they receive visions and inner images of 
their multifaceted Being.
2.) Whereby on the level of dreams, in waking dreams 
or in different conscious dream pictures, the infinite
number of fields of action will be revealed to the ascending ones.
3.) Whereby these human Beings fully consciously experience 
themselves as multidimensional Beings and in the waking state 
give orders or mandates, which pertain to the “distant worlds”, 
the constitution of which is very familiar to them. 

4.) These human Beings very often appear in many places
simultaneously, sometimes they have knowledge of it, 
sometimes not. Yet it will be reported to them.
5.) These human Beings divine geological and geopolitical 
developments far in advance of when they occur.
6.) These human Beings have an unmistakable instinct 
for pure divine vibration and for polluted cosmic as well 
as earthly Beings or conditions in general.
7.) These human Beings currently receive transmissions 
of new energy qualities, vibration patterns, which expand 
their abilities and their conscious power of creation on a 
daily basis, and which they, in their still limited experience 
on earth, also perceive.

Almighty Key 
The great light warriors of this time now inherit their almighty 
key to all Life. They receive back what a long time ago and before 
they descended into this world have left behind with the guardians 
of karma: The instrument for a permanent, eternal and 
multidimensional life.

Instruments, which until today had to be left behind in All-That-Is, 
because every instrument from the unlimited essence of Creation 
would expel experiences in space-time. The desired human journey 
through the limited world demanded it, to surrender the unlimited 
possibilities of a Creator God for a long time, because how could a 
human Being experience life in all its facets, with all the pain and
happiness. This time is over, because the work has been done 
and the illusion has been recognized. 

Now the universal divine attributes will be transferred.
Everything that makes for omnipresent Gods, from now 
on also belongs to human Beings, who lift this world from 
here to over there, and imprint their stamp to the new 
universe and give it their name.

Gods face each other 
Everything has an effect, everything touches each
other, and nothing exists detached from the Whole, 
that is: The All-That-Is-Reality in God.

We are the guardians of the new galaxy,
We are beyond this world, and in this world,
Because we are you and you are those, who you waited for. 
Multidimensional Gods speak to themselves and at the end 
of time multidimensional Life encounters itself – in the Now.

We are One and omnipresent in Creation,
We are those, who you are.


Separation of the Galaxy begins – 6D-SPACE FLEET OF THE LIGHT: 

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