26. November 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
tranlsated by Franz 

Report: At the entrance of an apartment building are three 
boys, approximately 10 years old, totally blocking the entrance, 
making it impossible to walk in. I say: “Pardon”, and ask to be let 
through. They unwillingly step aside. After I had walked for a few 
steps into the building, one of the boys said to the others in a low 
voice so that I would not hear it: “asshole”. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,

This short scene of the day is an indication of the fact that the 
confusion of human Beings is very high and that this is also true 
for quite young human Beings. Human Beings forgot what their 
rights are or their duties, where they should step aside and where 
they should show their true colors or where they have to.

This scene describes the confusion and the mix-up in human
souls and also foremost the absolute refusal wanting to recognize
the correct allocations.

Unconscious, inattentive and careless, the broad majority of 
human society walks into the abyss and also the relatively 
young ones and small Beings walk up in front together with 
them. In this sequence of the day, it is again alluded to how 
uprooted, disoriented and unstable many of these young human 
Beings are, and a sweeping transfiguration of the “crystal children”, 
as the esoteric movement likes to describe it, is totally wrong and 
serves very little for one’s own awareness processes.

In summary it is to be given: Human Beings, who do not 
know their rights, also do not have any knowledge about 
their duties. And it is the “matrix of this world”, wherein
the “dark Masters of this matrix” continuously create 
confusion, just so that they can utilize the disorientation 
of many in order to exert power and ruler ship over these 
human Beings.

In summary this scene describes the picture of the elapsing 
world of this space-time – wherein “tall and short, young and 
old” walk into the abyss together. 

Nobody will be dismissed from responsibility, 
and even children have to carry out their 
appropriate part of it. 

JJK: Yet I also see how many wonderful young human Beings 
there are. It seems that indeed everything is mixed up in this time, 
independent of age in earth years of a human Being and exclusively 
obeying the inner maturity of a soul. Mature or immature, is this 
the legitimacy that everything is subjected to?

ASANA MAHATARI: Yes, indeed! This is the criterion of the end time. 
The maturity of a human Being is always determined by the age 
of the soul. Young souls, in old or young bodies, do not know any 
better, and they test themselves in this sinking world, in order for 
them to mature in these experiences.

Honored Ones,

It shows what is – also further on. In the meantime the ascending 
ones come closer and closer to their reality and to their ascension.

The next accord sounds, meaning: 
Human Beings of different vibration 
encounter each other for the last time, 
face to face, on this level of Being.

In infinite Love


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