20. November 2014


Essay with Regard to the Western War 
Propaganda in Politics and Media against 
Russia and Vladimir Putin

written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

„It is not just about Ukraine. This is about Moldova, this is about 
Georgia, and if this continues then one will have to ask about Serbia 
and one will have to ask about the countries of the Western Balkans.“ 
Angela Merkel, German Chancellor of the US vassal State Germany, 
said this during her “Anger Speech” against Putin in front of the 
Lowy Institute, an “independent think-tank”, similar to the 
“Atlantik-Brücke e.V.”, in Sidney. Does it get any worse?

The „Evil Russian
It is easy to look through what the High Priestess of the NWO 
is doing here. Here one continues to knit in order to pass the buck 
to Putin, essentially for everything, until the path is free for a new 
total war. The propaganda placates the “Evil Russian” and lies are 
being sold as truth, until human Beings believe, until the public 
opinion shifts and breaks out into war cries against Russia. This 
is the plan so far and Merkel is fully conscious of her cause and a 
long time ago has already decided against Russia and for the USA.
Only how do I explain this to the citizens?
Now this is being refined and everything of rang and name is put 
into position, medial and political propaganda weapons are driven up, 
until human Beings are really afraid of the “Evil Russian”, and of 
Putin anyhow.

Why do you believe that we are trashed with such an abundance 
of “First World War Commemorations” and this conspicuously 
often in allusion to the actual situation? Does one wish to conjure 
up old ghosts? Yes, one does. And Merkel is the ghost conspirer, 
even though the whole Western World sees this entirely different.

Therefore nothing New in the West – Putin remains the demon 
and Obama the Light figure. The lie is the truth and the truth is 
the lie. This reversal of reality is ludicrous, yet has a system long ago. 

10 Questions
1.)  Who, I ask, hijacks the whole world?
Is it Putin or is it the “nest of vipers” (“You vipers, you will 
not escape the coming anger…The axe already lies at the 
root of the tree,...“ Bibel, Luke 3,7) in Washington?
2.) Who has according to its own information (in 2008) 761 military 
bases (experts estimate over 1000) in over 130 countries in this 
3.) Who, since the end of World War II, is directly or indirectly 
(proxy wars) responsible for over 20 million war dead and who 
without interruption and without a UN mandate marches into 
other countries?
4.) Who still allows torture in Guantanamo?
5.) Who kills, cowardly and in cold blood, 
women and children with killer drones? 

Is it Russia or is it the USA, Putin or Obama? 

6.) Who guards the opium fields in Afghanistan and 
floods the world market with drugs while the Afghans 
are slaughtered by the elite units?
7.) Who has caused murder and death in Libya, 
Syria, Iraq and in Kiev?

Have the “Evil Russians” caused this or was it 
the good Amis and their helpers and helper’s helper? 

8.) Who surveys the whole world by means of the NSA and 
who pursues the whistle-blowers, the heroes of this time, 
like Julian Assange, like hardened criminals?
9.) Who has granted asylum to Edward Snowden and who 
has convicted Bradley Manning, the 25-year soldier and 
Wikileaks informant to a 35-year prison sentence? 
10.) Is there a US ballistic missile defense in Poland 
or a Russian ballistic missile defense in Mexico?

What is happening here, and foremost, 
what is getting totally out of control? And why? 

„Strange that the wolves always succeed to convince the 
world of the danger of the sheep.” Austin O‘Malley (1858-1932)

In Summary: 
It is simple, sobering and brutal:
A.)The USA needs a great new war, in order to conceal 
their own problems and to postpone the threatening State 
bankruptcy as long as possible. 
B.) The USA march – and thereby they are holding Europe 
hostage – in the direction of the New World Order. For that 
the whole world must be destabilized, 6 billion people must 
be killed due to: epidemics (Ebola, bird epidemic), genetically 
modified or no nutrition at all, electromagnetic attacks on mind 
and body, vaccination programs and optionally due to wars, 
so that a small elite can be certain of absolute control after 

And the USA have taken their European vassals in politics and 
commerce and the controlling mass media into obligation: The 
„Fuck the EU“ of Assistant Secretary of States Victoria Nuland in 
the direction of Brussels hits this exactly, because that the USA 
cannot have any respect of a subservient Europe is self explanatory 
and our politicians do everything so that it stays like that
– see TTIP.

Merkel Member of the “Atlantik-Brücke e.V.” 
Merkel does full justice to her membership in the “non-partisan” 
(comical) and “charitable” (brazen) organization of the “Atlantik-Brücke 
e.V.” (This organization is registered in Berlin, and is not the 
Atlantic-Bridge organization, which has been disbanded in 2011), 
and has been trained as a DDR cadre for obedience and leadership. 
Obama command, I follow you! Thereby the German “Mother” dreams 
of her New World Order, as long as the last stupid one understands 
what really happens here.

Merkel has done damage to the German Nation, 
as well as almost all European heads of State, with 
the signing of the ESM and with the crisis in the Ukraine, 
which she substantially contributed to, which ended the 
good relationships with Moscow. This is high treason, and calls 
for imprisonment, because every German Chancellor has sworn 
to the formula of “diverting damage from the German population”.

The declared Mother of the German Nation is nothing more 
than the head of the branch office of the US- American interests 
in Europe, and does not care at all about the sovereignty of 
Germany. Merkel trots faithfully behind Obama and puts up with 
everything, even a war in the midst of Europe and among previous 

Occult „Mother“ of the German Nation 
And what the „occult“ Merkel, who at any possible opportunity,
as many of her colleagues also, forms the fingers into a peculiar 
tip/pyramid, a triangle (sign of the free-masons: the “all-seeing 
eye”, the “eye of the pyramid” or the “rhombus of power”, 
meaning: I am one of you, I belong to you!) cannot get done 
on the way to it, the mass media will do it. 

„The Media have become the most powerful in the Western 
countries; more powerful than any legislature, the police 
or the judiciary.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008)

Medial Super-Monster 
For example Merkel’s „Atlantik-Brücke“- Pal Kai Diekmann 
(Director of AB), Chief of Bild and Bild am Sonntag.
Or Claus Kleber, member of the board of trustees of the 
“Atlantik-Brücke” foundation, Moderator und head of the 
ZDF-News editorial offices and in this function foremost 
noticeable that his interviews with critical minds are equal 
to an inquisition and have nothing to do with an open discussion.

These medial super monsters are flanked, complemented and 
sometimes outdone by “Der Spiegel”, the FAZ and the ARD and 
there among others, types like Günter Jauch, who in a unique 
branding presentation of his talk show on November the 16th
2014 painted Putin like the devil on the mass-media wall and 
nailed him to the cross: 
“This man continues to hold the world in breath: 
Vladimir Putin. With tanks in Eastern Ukraine, with 
war ships outside of Australia or long-range bombers 
at the US borders. He departed early from the G20 summit, 
unapologetic and also somehow offended. And now many ask 
themselves: How dangerous is all of this, what does Putin 
really plan? And: Do we have to be afraid again of Russia?“ 
This is how our objective media sound. Pure cheap propaganda, 
Goebbels’s propaganda ministry would be overjoyed.

I take a Position! 
And thereby it is clear: I take, in opposition to the main 
media the position for myself, not to be objective! Just the 
opposite. I take the position, namely for Putin and for Russia. 

„The hottest places in hell are reserved for those, 
who in times of moral crises, have not taken a position.“ 
Dan Brown (Inferno)

I am against this building sentiment of hate, 
which in the end not only is directed against our 
fellow human Beings in Russia, but against all of us. 

I take the position for the truth! 

I reject all propaganda lies of the “fascists in the mask 
of democrats” (Adorno), who sit in the White House, 
in Wall Street, the City of London, the EU commission 
or in the Knesset. End this madness. 

Put down the weapons! 
http://www.lichtweltverlag.com/de/grobritannien-uk/blog/verfuegung-fuer-diese-welt/index.html Namely all weapons – words and images, 
bombs and grenades.

And away with these elites, who destroy our world and 
human Beings and populations, who in unison with each 
other play life against one another and incite each other.

It is war and nobody goes there!

Merkel and Obama and all of EU-NATO and of the US-Politics 
brood belong to the war trenches of this world, to the prisons or 
the concentration camps (FEMA), which they build for us, are to 
be chipped (RFID) and should be stuffed full with the food (additives), 
which they expect us to accept, yet would never eat themselves.
Vaccination programs? Yes please. But only for Bill and Belinda 
Gates, for the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, the Bushes and the 

Who acts for peace? None of the ones mentioned here, 
but they all speak of exactly that and thereby always 
mean war! A grotesquely sick world.

How stupid is Jauch really to appear so easily comprehensible? 
Arrogance comes before the fall, as we know, and for types like 
Jauch this will be very deep. For the Klebers it will not be any 
better, and to say nothing of what will happen to Obama and 
Merkel, after human Beings have looked through their game.

Understanding Putin 
In these days the ones, who “understand Putin”, truly do not 
have it easy. This is how far it has already come. Hallmarked 
by it, it is very difficult for anyone to live in public office. The 
political and medial execution follows immediately, because 
the common rule of speech has been found a long time ago.
Whoever possesses the sovereignty of interpretation dictates 
the rules and the game. And this sovereignty of interpretation 
is still in the hands of the US, while the game is visibly being lost.

But nonetheless: Obama in the USA and Merkel in Europe attune 
human Beings, with the help from the media, to a war against 
Russia. Still lacking is the igniting spark, yet missing is the 
“case for a reason” and still one cannot “shoot back”.
Also for that, as I surmise, these devil worshippers already 
have a solution ready. And this could mean another incident 
a la 9/11 or one that by far surpasses this crime.

Then the way is clear for a new war, because mankind having 
been put into fear, follows those, who pretend to liberate them 
from fear, blindly - and also into the abyss. Once a human Being 
has been softened up, intelligence and the ability to discern are 
gone. "It is the task of politics, to strengthen the feeling of 
threat in the population.” Angela Merkel, on 02/03/2003 in 
the executive board of the CDU.

War is Peace 
Let us wait, one thing is clear: 

The more Obama, Merkel and Co 
talk of peace, the closer is war. 

This is a war, which the new NATO General Secretary, 
with strong words, also heads for. Jens Soltenberg on 
Tuesday November the 18th 2014 sounded the alarm: 
The increase in troops in Eastern Ukraine has been observed 
on the Russian side of the border. “It is about troops, material, 
artillery and very modern air force defense systems”, he said. 
Escalating instead of deescalating, totally according to the 
great agenda.

What an audacity. Putin therefore actually dares to protect 
his own territory! Possibly a quick intrusion by Russia could 
save many human lives in Eastern Ukraine and spare suffering 
for many human Beings. „One does not march into other countries”,  
Obama has conveyed this in connection with Crimea and the Ukraine.
More chutzpa is impossible; Obama cannot more clearly reveal his 
hubris to the world! The aggressor and the mass murderer grumbles 
and believes that the whole world will fall for his bait.

Putin has the answer, whereby he answered at the great 
All-Russian citizen forum the remark of a Russian citizen that 
the USA wants to insult the Russian Federation and wants to 
spit at it, as follows: "No. The USA do not want to spit at or 
humiliate Russia. They want to subdue Russia! This is their 
true goal. In this manner they want to solve their problems
- at our expense! No one in history ever managed to achieve 
this with Russia, and no one ever will.” 

„Globalization is only another word for US ruler ship.”  
Henry Kissinger

Napoleon, Hitler, Obama 
And they will also never succeed in forcing their ruler ship 
on the whole world and especially not on Russia! Because 
whereby Napoleon and Hitler failed, the hyenas of the White 
House and in Brussels in particular will first of all break apart!

In summary: History shows it and the future will prove it: 
Villains always end badly! It is only a question of time when 
this fact will also be true in the case discussed here!

For me it cannot not pass quickly enough,
better today than tomorrow, because: 
„Those, who wish that the world remains as is, 
do not want that it remains.” Erich Fried (1921-1988), 
Austrian Lyric and Antifascist.

In Love

Jahn J Kassl 

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