8. November 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream 11/03/2014: I am with my wife and my son Noah at the 
ocean beach. Noah plays in a water puddle and wants to drink the 
stale water. I explain to him that this is not good to do. I then look 
over the sea and I see that a great wave is building up, yet before 
neither my wife nor I can react to it, a wave captures Noah and 
takes him with it. It is indescribable what takes place inside of me. 
Shortly thereafter I see how the wave releases Noah. (End of dream) 

Report: After that I lie in bed awake and confused. I grab the 
“Autobiography of a Yogi” and “by chance” I open the following page: 
 „A historical healing incident concerns King Baber (1483-1530), 
founder of the Mogul empire in India. His son, Prince Humayun, 
was mortally ill. The father prayed with anguished determination 
that he receive the illness, and that his son be spared. After all 
the physicians had given up hope, Humayun recovered. Baber 
immediately fell sick and died of the same disease which had 
stricken his son. Humayun succeeded Baber as Emperor of 
Hindustan. Many people imagine that every spiritual master has, 
or should have, the health and the strength of a Sandow
(a German athlete, born 1925, known as the “strongest man
in the world”). The assumption is unfounded. A sickly body 
does not indicate that a guru is not in touch with divine 
powers, any more than life-long health necessarily indicates 
an inner illumination. The condition of the physical body, 
in other words, cannot rightfully be made a test of the 
master. His distinguishing qualifications must be sought 
in his own domain, the spiritual.” (from the 
„Autobiography of a Yogi, p.200-201)

After I read this I fell asleep again and dreamed one nightmare 
after another. Many of my closest companions were harmed, 
yet they always got up again and again and continued to 
walk, and finally there was still the last scene.
I saw a woman known to me, whose sad and miserable 
sight could rarely be surpassed. “I am pregnant with my 
sixth child” she says to me, in order to squat down shortly 
thereafter and give birth. Yet instead of a child a small 
dead bird was born. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,
This is an extremely significant, 
as well as complex dream picture.


The first scene of the dream with Noah in the water 
shows that an unpredictable “sudden wave”, an event, 
will bury everything under it. Nothing and nobody can stop 
it and also a reaction is impossible, because things are 
taking their course. Yet Noah is released from the water, 
which means that even a great Master, as there are several
among children in this time, can be captured by the suction 
of events, yet will not go down in the suction of the events.
This is an important message, because to be untouched by 
the events, means to come out of them undamaged at the 
end of all days yet does not necessarily mean to stay totally 
far from them.

Thereby the assignments of a human Being play a decisive 
role. Some Masters remain on-site; others on the other hand 
change, before the “wave” comes close, to a higher vibrational 
The citation of our eternal brother Paramhansa Yogananda shows 
clearly that the essence of a Master is only unveiled to the one, 
who understands the complexity of Life. Who knows whereby a 
Master soul is defined? There are only a few and in this example 
there is another key in order to remain free of false assumptions.
Superficial observation of such human Beings always comes 
up short. In summary this means now: 

Many light warriors of the first and last hours, 
some Masters of this time, will be captured by 
the events, yet will not be devoured. 

Here it is important to consider individual assignments.

Because to remain until the end also means for some to 
vibrate with the waves of the final events – yet without 
being damaged.

Journey through the Underworld 
The additional nightmares show how the different lower 
vibrating levels still affect this world. This journey through 
sluggish vibration fields shows, with which discharges human 
Beings and this world are confronted. The birth of the dead bird 
from a woman shows that these messengers from Heaven can 
no longer live on certain 4D levels.
They no longer can anchor themselves there and remain far 
from these levels. The woman being experienced as miserable 
shows on which level Jahn was present.

Why this?

Because these vibration fields are now being redeemed 
and are being uncoupled from the earth, which uplifts.
It is significant for Jahn’s work to know the intensity of the 
horror in order to remain vigilant and to thwart early on 
eventual attacks or encroachments.
What pertains to your “companions”, who are affected, 
this points directly to the situation in the Lichtweltverlag.

Protect yourself! 
Actually the “crystal cube of ascension” is being prepared.
The dark energies wanted and want to hinder this significant 
manifestation. Rocks are thrown into your path by all means, 
at the end without success, yet it is very demanding for your 

This means, protect yourself from the forces, 
which may hinder you, at any work for the “ascension 
cube” by the use of powerful mandates. Make it your “habit” 
before you work on it, to speak a mandate, because the 
arrows fly low, as they can.
This is important to consider, then everything will be done.
The vehemence of the actual attacks is also related to 
the activated “Put down the Weapons!” Mandate for this World. 
The light-filled and powerful energy has been set free and it
reaches “the system” and the “camp of the dark ones”. 
Resistance, an outcry is logical and has already occurred.
Also in this case it is important to stand up by means of 
mandates and the transferred Light sword, and then you 
will be untouched. This fact that the dark forces have now 
been startled is yet noticeable and therefore all of you 
are very challenged.

Redemption of the Money Issue 
Furthermore the talk between Karl and you, which you had 
yesterday, needs to be considered, because it points to very 
many, still unredeemed energies, which are coupled with the 
issue of money. Also here very many levels are actually 
redeemed, also in a global context. 

Discussion protocol: Karl and I talked about how we can finance 
the publishing house on its base. The free of charge availability 
of messages costs money and the basic financing of 10,000 Euros 
per month cannot be covered by our sales. And even though the 
donations flow in and some human Beings give much from the little 
they have, every few months we face the question: „How do we go 
on?“ This fact makes our work more difficult and therefore we 
deliberate how do we get readers, for whom this is possible, 
to give a fixed monthly contribution by means of a bank transfer.
Meaning that we, until the bank system collapses, can count 
on a fixed amount each month and thereby can also work. If for 
example from the actual 1500 daily readers only 200 donate a 
monthly amount of 50 Euros, we would be financed and we 
could spend the profit from sales for new projects.

As is said, this was the issue yesterday and our 
deliberations regarding this.
Naturally we have a deep inner trust that everything
is “cared for”, yet in such a nerve-racking manner? 
(End of report)

Indeed “it is cared for” – you hear this repeatedly from 
us in the Light realms. And indeed it is cared for, and the 
“how” and “whereby” is the issue.
Actually it deals with the fact that those human Beings, 
who are connected with your work or are personally close 
or very close, provide their financial portion, as they are 
able to do so. The development process of the Lichtwelt 
process still aims at providing the possibility of redemption 
for those human Beings, who still have not redeemed certain 

If today the Verlag would already dispose of unlimited financial 
means, many companions from the first, second and third row 
would not be able to redeem their money issues. Here it is 
still about to finance the project on this level.

As soon as all human Beings, who are open for this insight, 
have completed this process, we go on to the next level and
abundance in every respect is given. Like so often, and this 
is also frequently part of the discussion between Jahn and 
Karl, the Lichtweltverlag is a reservoir of those human Beings, 
who, based on the work and affect of you, can gain their own 
insights and thereby grow beyond themselves.

Meaning: Human Beings are given the opportunity 
due to this message and the events of these days, 
to provide for an adequate energy exchange. Some human 
Beings are still not fully aware of this, as they are barely 
familiar with the intensity of your work, because everything 
seems infinitely easy and complete. Which indeed it is like that, 
yet what is behind it? Only a few have sufficient knowledge 
about it. 

This means, before Heaven empties its Cornucopia over 
you, it is necessary to foster the potentials on this level. 

In this phase of the awareness process of mankind, for the
ascension candidates, it is about to become aware of their
Light and their shadows on all levels! Everything is energy
and money is still a taboo issue for many, who have plenty 
of it.

Question: Doesn’t a dependency develop then, an inappropriate 
energetic binding, as human Beings do their monthly fixed 

ASANA MAHATARI: No, because who gives freely 
does not create a dependency. And who 
pretends the free giving can attain new  
insights, because Karl and you are masters in rejecting 
any creeping assimilation. It is about to bring into harmony 
the Life of human Beings and money should flow to 
where the soul feels nurtured and where the hearts will be 
exalted. And this is without a doubt the case with the messages
from the Light, which reach the world through the Lichtwelt project. 
This is also the case with other light-filled projects.

Here it is about to awaken a new sensitivity
in these human Beings regarding this issue.

Be again reassured: It is cared for, even if for 
you the ways of abundance are not always opened up.

Purification continues! 
In totality the following is to be recorded regarding 
these dream pictures:
The great purification in all worlds continues.
Based on your assignments you are quite often 
in the middle of the events, also when, as you 
believe, you have been liberated from it a long 
time ago. The day of the final and complete 
liberation has not come yet; but it is ahead.

All issues of all times are redeemed from the collective 
energy field of the ascending world. Actually in addition 
the global money issues are also transformed, because 
the era of money politics ends.
This is an immense process. Thereby actual different 
vibration fields overlap and it is necessary to remain 
in oneself and be anchored in self.
Do not let yourself be discouraged by any experience, 
let yourself not be strayed from your path by any 
momentary picture, because at the end of time the 
wave releases you and you experience the new Life
– no matter by which events you were confronted with.
At the end of time the victory is yours.
At the end of time we enter into Heaven.

We are an invincible unity in God!
Do not let much different energy ever discourage us, 
which affect this our life until the day that is the 

We are God’s invincible unity, which trace their light 
tracks into the earth in this world for new generations 
of human Beings.

I am with you.
I am amongst you.

I am


Epilogue: Two hours after I wrote down this message, 
Noah has very severe earache – after three hours of 
uninterrupted crying he falls asleep exhausted at 8:30 pm 
and awakens repeatedly crying in pain. For me this is a definite 
sign how intensive these attacks are now and how the mandate 
and the situation described here also affect my family, which 
for example is severely affected before and at every Light Reading. 
Why at the time of the Light Readings? Because in those days, 
much energy is always discharged, in order to be transformed. 
My family is involved in these energetic processes due to our 
binding to the Light and the work of the Lichtweltverlag, and 
therefore also the children get a great share of certain processes 
and their energies. This is a factor, which I mention at this point 
so that the bandwidth of this energetic work becomes visible, 
because everything affects everything, which should encourage 
each one of us to be fully conscious of one’s self and one’s thoughts, 
words and actions. Nothing exists by itself – all is one. 

...11/04/2014, 7am
Noah wakes up in full health and all indications 
of a looming middle ear infection are gone. 


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