11. November 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: I am in Brussels, as the day becomes turbid. 
All human Beings somehow seem to know that the MPR 
is happening now. There is silence. Then I see myself sitting 
at a table, the shape of a half-circle. A few other human Beings 
sit with me at the table. Additional tables are arranged, organized 
in a half-circle. Meaning: At the tables of the first half-circle, the 
“regents” have taken a place, and at the other tables sit the still 
“not free ones”. Obviously this is a meeting wherein the fate of 
the world is decided and formed.
Suddenly I then perceive myself lying on the ground at a bus station, 
as I look at the feet of women with my eyes open, who wait for the 
next bus. It is a wonderful bright and sunny day, in exact contradiction 
to the atmosphere before the MPR. Life seems to continue, I think to 
myself, before I realize that somewhere I must have lost all my 
papers (drivers license, passport, credit cards and money).
I think how do I now get out of here? I give a very intensive 
request to Heaven in order to help me now. 
Thereafter I find myself with a nun totally dressed 
in white, and I tell her my situation.
Suddenly all documents materialize in my hands, 
and shortly after that I sit in an airplane flying back 
to Vienna. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

This dream image describes the scene after 
the MPR in a higher vibrating 4D world.

Humans from another Star
The “Regents” at the table of the first half-circle are 
the returned Ascended Masters, who direct the fates in 
this world. The “not free ones” are described, because 
they are still not free and must first be released into freedom.
Brussels symbolizes a center of concentrated dark energies, 
which must be redeemed and also do this in the face of the 
MPR, like in the dream.
The nun dressed in white represents the purity of service of 
Love and symbolizes a “white unwritten piece of paper”, 
as a sign of the new beginning of life on a higher level. 
The bus station shows that life also goes on after day X and 
foremost much more beautiful and more light-filled (as the 
weather shows).
The most significant statement for the newly Ascended Masters 
consists of the fact that Jahn initially loses his documents before 
they manifest in his hands.
The “loss of documents” shows that this level, 
these worlds have been overcome.
The “manifestation of documents” means that the Masters 
return to those worlds and they receive everything what they 
need at the moment.

Additionally this image shows that these Masters create 
everything by themselves from the ether of what they need 
for living; it flows to them from a source invisible to human 
Beings and they are indeed called “Humans from another star”.
This dream serves the attunement to these 4D worlds, which
many human Beings inhabit and which several of today’s Masters 
will then come to with the insignias of an “Ascended Master”. 

Dream II: I see an infinitely huge and black airplane in 
the sky. It seems to occupy the whole sky and it obviously 
serves dark purposes. 
It is a global listening station for mankind.
I think to myself how obvious this is and yet that 
nobody – except for myself – recognizes this. (End of dream)

The black Airplane 
Again this is a sequence at the end of this time, 
which shows how global the lack of freedom for mankind 
is pursued and how comprehensive the lack of knowledge 
is concerning this.
These conditions will now be imprinted again and again, 
called into memory and be revealed, so that they find access 
to messages like this one, so that it will serve many human 
Beings to bring more profound insights into their life.

For the light warriors of the first and last hours this is a matter 
of course, because they understand the fundamental context of 
this time, yet for the half-awakened ones it is still a “Bohemian Village”.

What is needed, is to heave the tepid ones, which are unknown 
to Heaven, to a platform for the ascension, to a higher 4D world. 
Those human Beings, who originally entered into this world with 
high assignments and now are in danger to fall into the world of 
long darkness.

Because the lazy one cannot enter into Heaven and the 
tepid one is like stale water, which is spit out by everyone, 
who drinks from clear springs and receives life energy from 
pure waters.  
Once again this is a possibility for awakening, 
again an opportunity to recognize, again a choice, 
which needs to be made or be rejected.

With these words of affirmation, of repetition, 
of anchoring of what is now, I bless the world 
and I bless all of mankind,
Which truly has arrived at
The turning point of space-time,

In infinite Love


Trust in All-that-Is – FROM ALL-THAT IS: 

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