17. November 2014


This is the Message from the Light Reading 
on November 1st, 2014 in Vienna. 

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
tranlated by Franz 

I am the herald of end time, I am God’s messenger for human 
Beings, who are ready for Life, which is eternal, who are ready 
for their journey into the Light, and foremost who are willing to 
leave everything behind. Everything.

I am Elija

Beloved siblings of the Light,
The melting point in the process of transformation 
has been reached! Mother Earth as well as human society 
has reached the point when this world volatilizes or dissolves 
in front of you.

Melting of the System 
Indications for it are plenty, because if you put the actual 
events in human society into the greater context, if you set 
these into the “great picture”, then it is clear that this time
brings the end of an epoch. Day for day it becomes obvious 
how the old strips away, dissolves and volatilizes.
Now this “melting of the system” proceeds rapidly and
can no longer be stopped. The planetary and cosmic processes 
have progressed too far, so that modifications in God’s great 
plan would still be possible here.

On the geo-political level the “final battle” is taking place. 
Expressed more accurately, it is ongoing for a long time, 
as it has already been announced to you. Today what has 
been added, is that this fight has captured all levels of
human Beings living together.

The farewell from this world is impossible for the powers of 
darkness and therefore they throw everything into the battle, 
in order to stave off the unavoidable. It is too late and to no 
avail, because throwing everything successfully into the battle 
would have meant decades ago to turn back from darkness and 
to turn toward the divine Light.

The “dark ones” have repeatedly rejected this opportunity and 
they consequently avoided the offer from the Light forces of 
Heaven to decide for the Light. Hence this human society stands 
today where it must stand: at the extremely painful “melting point 
of time” for the dark ones and for the light warriors at the wishfully 
expected “intersection of time” when their ascension into the Light
is fulfilled. 

Truly great times are recognized in that long traditional 
paradigms, rigid and seemingly eternally valid norms are 
overcome by one part of mankind. And truly, this time is now.

The Fear 
In the meantime mankind is held in fear.
Fear is spread over all relevant levels and channels in 
society. Military actions, release of viruses and the political
as well as media treatment of these fears, mold these days, 
only so that human Beings stray from the path of Light, because 
they have been overtaken by these fears. Religions gain leadership, 
ideologies begin to spread and leave no space for freedom; lack of 
love and hate pave their way and until now unimaginable or 
discharges seemingly long overcome reach our daily life.
Recognize the background, and recognize the interconnections, 
so that you never swallow the bait of false propaganda!   

The “Islamic terror” is the headline of these days.
And it is a terror, which the proponents of the New World 
Order, the dark elites, have wished and have created it,
exactly like it is portrayed today. Foremost religious catholic
circles, zealots in the name of their dark God, pull the strings 
in the background. These are human Beings, who have occupied 
the important power positions of the system and who from there, 
nearly invisible to common human Beings, carry out their game.
It is the aim to destabilize this human society, to spread chaos, 
so that human Beings willingly accept the absolute dictatorship 
of the New World Order, only so that calm is established and it 
is peace.

And in these days this “scum of dark energies” is washed
to the surface and becomes visible to all human Beings.  
The redemption of this world precedes all unredeemed 
energies, and this is now ongoing.

Never be afraid! 
While the great dark events go off, your vibration is refined. 
Daily new, more intensive and higher vibrating energy fields
of Light reach you and flood your Being.
These healing streams of Light truly lift you 
above the low ground of this time.

This is also a process, which cannot be stopped by anything, 
unless, you lose the willingness to dedicate yourself to the 
transformation processes, unless you lose patience and the
nerves – because low vibrating energy fields demoralized you 
and you neither liberated or purified yourself from this 

This means: The most important measure in 
these days is to purify yourself several times a 
day from eventual low vibrating energy fields!

The most important Task of this Time
Integrate Light, redeem the Dark 
These energy fields affect this world as long as the
“time of discharges” continues.
This means for a certain amount of time that for the 
ascending ones it is only about to integrate the daily 
new vibration fields of the spiritual Light from the primal 
Source of All-That-Is and to redeem the sluggish energy 
fields, which are still present in this world.
Today no other task is more urgent than this one, 
so that you remain clear in thoughts, words and in 
your actions, be full of Love and act filled with Light.

Furthermore this means:
1.) Devote your undivided 
attention to yourself!
Once you have attained clarity in yourself, then 
you begin to capture all showplaces of the world 
in their actual Light with ease.
The clarity in your inner becomes the mirror for the
outer and nothing can be hidden from you. Take this 
step back to you today, you, who were in danger to 
get lost in many shadow fights in the old world.

2.) In each moment of your day begin
 to get to the bottom of things, events 
and of all encounters. 
Feel and sense into it. What is good for me, what is bad? 
Each moment must be defined by this attention and due to
your consciousness, because the dark energies can only 
take possession of a light warrior, as he is unwatchful and 
as he leaves his energetic gates unguarded or, as it is called 
for, does not lock them. This is the ONE message of today: 
Claim your full power! Remain vigilant warriors of the Light, 
because the dark ones always take flight from a conscious 
and over each moment exalted light warrior. 

Why? Because the Light always prevails over darkness, 
whereby it dissolves the darkness or whereby the dark 
forces, before they are dissolved, will take flight.
This is the ONE message of today and of the upcoming time.
At the melting point of time the most powerful centrifugal 
forces act not only on Mother Earth, but also on the physical, 
the psyche, the emotional, mental and spiritual body of a human 

If you walk in each moment of your day 
awake and consciously, you immediately 
redeem yourself of dark energies, then 
you are and remain untouchable. 

With this, we end this message of Love and Light. 
This is a message, which anchors you to earth and 
orients you toward the heavenly Divine. 

Heaven and Earth were never closer as 
in these days, even if the course of the 
world does not let you assume this. 

All tasks for the ascension of mankind and for the uplifting 
of the world go on in wonderful symmetry, synchronicity and 
harmony, which is inherent in all divine procedures and processes. 

Do not worry about the “when”!
Care exclusively about the “it”. 

Yes, you shall come and return to God.
And depend on it: you will. 

The Day of Judgment comes unexpectedly and yet 
the knowing ones recognize this day in advance, 
because they read the signs of time and they know 
the trail of the Creator. 

And these signs increase and let you divine 
how close Life is, which you have chosen
- the Life in and with God in Heaven.

I am

The Light Reading is in German. Yet energy is not bound 
by language barriers and therfore every human Being, no 
matter what one's language is, can experience the Light 
Reading lifestream or on location.
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