25. November 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Today is the last day of ignorance,
Today is the last day of narrowness,
Today is the last day, wherein you are deprived of reality. 

Today is the day of realization, 
Because you have determined 
it for you! 

I am Elija

How long did we walk through time and space,
How long did the journey last?
How long did we hold on to things,
Which neither had any value nor could be possessed?

How long did we try to interpret the course of the 
world, without remembering the omnipresence of all Life?

Now remembrance, knowledge and awareness come back.
Now the day has come, when we devote ourselves to the 
Light and to God.
The great Sages of these days know it,
The great light warriors of these hours know it,
The great Masters in this world recognize it –
Life in its uniqueness and the unique pathway 
of every human Being through time and space.

Beloved Brothers, beloved Sisters,
Beloved Siblings from the Light!

Life’s Truth 
At the end of time, it is time for a short and efficient review.
It is time to look at the simple truth of these our lives. 
And it is simply true that we have chosen these lives in 
this world, in order to gather unique experiences, so that 
we ascend to Gods and as such bring forth new creations
– at the end of time, which is now.

It was up to us to create this world!
We have built it, for our thriving and 
for the growth of all Life.

Now we leave this world. We have seen what has 
been hidden from several Angel eyes, we have 
experienced what remains unknown to subtle Beings, 
and we have overcome the illusion of the separation 
from God. 

Today is the day, when we recognize that this life 
has not only been illusion and deception, but at the 
same time this life held the greatest of all treasures: 
whereby infinite and eternal Gods have experienced 
transitory Life.

The impermanence, the dying and death, is the central 
experience of a human Being and mastership lies in its 

There is no other deeper reason than this one, 
because in this world everything obeys impermanence.
This is initially foreign to a God from light-filled and subtle 
realms of Creation, until he has incarnated in this world 
and faces death matchlessly close in one’s flesh and blood 
and can experience dying.

This, what was able to mediate the greatest fear, 
was the reason that we began the journey in this 
reality, because it was necessary to look through this 
fear as an illusion, to overcome it and in daily new dying 
reach the point of transformation, when dying and death 
are overcome. 

Today is the day, when we end our wanderings, 
because truly: how could time still mean something 
to us or harm us, as we have looked through the 
essence of it and have understood the mode of 
operation of this level and have experienced it. 

Today we release ourselves from the bondage of illusion,
today we leave the labyrinth of fallacy, and today we 
recapture eternal Life and the Light of our souls.
This is a triumph of infinite implications and today 
nobody can contest the value of this great deed.

We arrive and we have already arrived.

What is still lacking for Perfection? 
The last step into the Light, the last great throw of the 
Creator and the last human insights along the pathway 
to God, in order to become perfect and equal to God.
Death is alien to us and eternal Life is familiar. 
Today is the day, when we face ourselves.
Time has no more power over us, because our 
consciousness stretches far beyond time.
We stand in the dignity of a Creator God, 
whereby we experience our unbound reality in 
the Now.

Everything is familiar, everything is given and 
the inexhaustible Source of all Life nurtures us.
I am with you and I live with you in this world.
I remain until all human Beings claim their heavenly 
heritage and until this world completes the last great 

I am

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