24. November 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The responsibility for the painful downfall of this world 
for many human Beings, will have to be carried by those, 
who against better judgment, have turned toward the 
dark princes, instead of devoting to the divine Light, the 
all and all bringing universal happiness of God’s reality. 

I embrace this world with my presence,
I embrace every human Being with my Love and
I embrace our reality with Light;
The Light from the high Creation realms of All-That-Is,
Which incessantly flows into our hearts and guides our 
thoughts and actions, so that we do Holy and thereby 
become blessed ourselves.


A Prophet from antiquity, whose deeds have faded, 
yet who’s Light is unfading.
Today new assignments have been assigned to me:
1.) To assist the ascending ones, until the last day.
2.) To guide the ascending ones from “waiting” and 
“expectation” into the eternal and timeless Now.
3.) To give this world an example, how one can serve 
the great one goal of mankind while being in the midst 
of life.

Beloved warrior of the Light!

Now the struggles end for us!
Now the wars end for us! 

We are only being called to the battlefield 
of illusions, where we choose it for ourselves.  
We are being sent to where we send ourselves,
because our will has become one with God’s will. 

Today we, the light warriors of the first and last days, 
have been relieved of our responsibility to assist this
mankind in the middle of bloody fights, and therefore
I direct this message to those, who are responsible for 
the upheavals of time, without being really aware of it.

Yet also from a “higher-ranking” view this responsibility 
weighs heavily, because many of you stepped into this 
world with entirely different assignments.
I direct my words to those human Beings, who pretend to 
serve the Light and to love God, and yet they do evil, speak 
lies and think egotistically.

The false Prophets 
These human Beings exist in all levels of society and are 
acting everywhere. Also the spiritual scene or the New Age 
movement is full of such human Beings, who pretend to 
stand in the Light, and thereby are only willing executioners 
of destructive orders, as a henchman of the devil. You stoke 
conflicts, where you were supposed to serve the unity of all 
human Beings. You create suffering and pain, were you were 
supposed to bring happiness and wellbeing. You create injustice 
there, where you preserve your own interests, only to maintain 
your impermanent form in an impermanent world, which leads 
you certainly into death.

You fail! 
You have betrayed your light-filled assignments, 
you have given up your transformation work, and you 
skived off early and turned yourself over to the prince of 
darkness. And this one has sent you as a slave among slaves 
to the slaves, in order to fulfill a great dark plan for this world.

And this plan fails, as you fail!

This “failure” occurs in these days in this ascending world. 
Yet hardly any Master will enter into the world, to where you 
are guided and ordered, because truly: Who has followed deep 
darkness, who has descended out of free will to a world of the 
third dimension, begins anew the great circle, which was supposed 
to fulfill for you.
The number of those, who have made this choice among the 
original ascension candidates, is high and high is also the 
astonishment in Heaven about this your choice. Why is it that
so many stranded, so many of those, who once have entered 
this world with such great riches and talents?
Many answers are perfectly valid here, much potential 
affect each other, yet one thing prevails over any variation
in the divine game: the free human will under which these 
decisions were made. Today it is necessary to face these facts, 
today it is necessary to show how these actions work out and 
what kind of consequences are brought forth for today’s actors.

Europe and North America lose any kind of influence in the 
world, which expects you. The game turns around and begins 
again on the “planet without hope”.
Why do I give you such gloomy insights into a world, 
which the ascending ones have overcome today and 
will leave for eternity?

Turning back is possible until last! 
Because turning back to the Light is possible until last! 
Because life can be chosen until last and death can be 
refused until last. Until last. I ensure you:
The world, which you leave behind, you will find 
on another level. Only under a totally different portent!

Because there, you will carry out a totally different role.
Power will be taken from each one, and any influence will 
be impossible, because the burden of your unresolved karma 
weighs heavily.
This message pertains to all decision carriers in politics and
industry, in religion and the arts, pertains to the false prophets 
and all those, who have empowered themselves over mankind, 
no matter of what kind.

Meant are those, who have committed themselves to the dark, 
destructive and manipulative development of this society, only 
to gain one’s own advantages, which spring forth from ego and 
power addiction.
It pertains to the responsible ones, who hold the scepter of power 
in North America and Europe, because truly: Those, who arrogate 
themselves to subjugate the world and those, who use mankind 
for their own self-interest, will be subjugated themselves by cosmic 
and planetary events and will be born in a new world with their 
intentions; under entirely different preconditions for their further 

Become aware of this, before you continue with your doings! 
Be clear about the fact that every deed brings about 
consequences – undone remains only what has never occurred. 

Wake up! Turn around! 

Who of those, who are addressed here, will read these words, 
which so far only a selected crowd, a “minority” is reading?

Do not get mislead, it is more than you think, who are reached 
by these words, because the warriors of darkness have hunted the 
warriors of Light long ago, meaning, they know you and they know
your work for the world.

I am Elija 

I call on all warriors of the Light, 
which have veered off from the path 
of Light, those, who have denied their 
divine assignments, to leave darkness 
behind and to reorient your life fundamentally 
new and devoted to God. I urge you, who 
reads this and who knows that it pertains 
to you: turn back! Now and still today!

Because as soon as the new morning breaks, the time is over, 
the last dice has been cast and the gates of opportunities close 
for a long time, which will be perceived as eternity. 

Wake up, turn back! 

What, as it seems, keeps waiting for a long time, 
irrupts overnight. For the one as praise and blessings, 
for the other in order to turn away from self in the 
reflection of their life. 

I am Elija 

Wake up, turn back!
You, who we are taking about here. 


The Great Wave – ASANA MAHATARI: 

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