19. Mai 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

I am Master EL MORYA
I am among human Beings in the time of times. 

Believe in the impossible, believe in the unimaginable, 
and believe in the life in God and through God! Believe 
that everything, which your soul guided you here, 
fulfills today. 

Before a human Being can attain the realization of the 
knowledge about the state of all things, he must find 
deep belief in the correctness of all events, he must be 
filled with the belief in God, because how can the 
unbelievable be unveiled for the one, who does not believe.
We told you that you should reach certitude out of knowledge, 
we told you that then you no longer need the belief. And so it is!
Because the one, who has seen God, knows and no longer needs 
the belief in God; then the aid of the belief is no longer necessary.
Yet for the one, for whom seeing God is still ahead of him, 
the seeker of the straw in the meadow, it is necessary to 
develop a deep belief, a deep trust, and a deep devotion 
to the unimaginable, to the limitless all-encompassing
divine consciousness. 

Whoever presumes God here and there and still cannot 
recognize God in the whole; to him belief will be offered 
as a foothold and trust as an aid along the way.  

Until the search and the seeker are exhausted, until 
certitude takes the place of belief, that God does not 
need to be searched for, because HE can be found 
everywhere. Therefore recognize now on which step 
of becoming aware you stand at this moment.

Where do I stand? 

Do not skip any step of realization, classify yourself 
correctly and be in peace with what you have achieved; 
because indeed, to be in peace with everything that is, 
is essential today, because the great time of discord
on earth has started.
The peace loving one will rise from the ashes like 
a phoenix und will start the last flight into the Light.
“Warlike conditions” may only rule in you, as you show 
evil the bounds and you want to pave the way for the Light. 
After each battle it is necessary to withdraw and to enter 
into one’s inner kingdom of peace, because it is certain: 
Today the light warriors are the peace bringers of the 
new time and they guide the light sword for the benefit 
of all Life, so that healings may occur and the dark 
power of time may be rebuffed or be destroyed.
Indeed it is the time, wherein Light and peace, 
darkness and war stay in one place and it is 
necessary to distinguish between them and 
take a clear position.

Whoever is tepid today, will be devoured by the events 
of time, because truly: Whoever spreads the Light is 
being bashed today, whoever serves peace is waged 
war on today, whoever talks about the unity of mankind 
and wants to ban darkness from this world, is deemed 
a destroyer of world order.
This world is upside down and set on its head, and the 
phase, wherein this world will adjusted, has fully started. 
Because: whoever is in distress today, will triumph over 
darkness tomorrow, yet whoever remains tepid today, 
instead of raising his voice and serving the truth,
darkness has already triumphed over him.

Summon Heaven; call us for help as you are in need!
Accept your status! Can you see in the signs of time 
the great arc, recognize the great whole and see God 
in everything?

Have you seen God or do you still blindly trust in God?
Both is good, both is just, both brings reliable 
orientation for these days. 

Whoever has seen God knows,
Whoever believes in God trusts. 

Both are good.

I am

Master Dialogues, Volume I (digital) – JAHN J KASSL: 

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