4. Mai 2015


»The one who does what is sinful is of the devil,
because the devil has been sinning from the 
beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared 
was to destroy the devil's work.« Bible, 1.John 3,8 

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

The Son of God and human Beings are one!
I am El Morya, Master from the Light and Chohan 
of the blue ray of healing. In my Light the human 
soul is strengthened, the human body becomes 
whole and freed from evil, which has taken 
possession or wants to take possession of it.

Come to me, I expect you, do not hesitate, come.

Today we are in the middle of events, wherein the 
evil is removed from this world. In this process it is
destroyed by the forces of Light or is overcome by 
the dark ones as they turn toward the Light.

Today the great destroyers among the light warriors 
do their work and as well the great mystics from old 
and new mystery schools, who guide evil toward the 
Light or remove it due to their spiritual power, far 
from any battle.
And indeed the works of the devil are now recognized 
by mankind and are destroyed. After the devil has left 
this earth and has returned into the Light, the dark 
human entities and dark entities from far away galaxies, 
keep the energy of darkness alive, until the ray of Love, 
the Light of the great warriors devours it.

This great battle is truly ongoing.
The efforts to overcome the dark on earth are immense, 
and great Yogis and the Wise ones from old days in inner 
earth and on the surface of the earth act at God’s behest.

These are days, which are described by the fight in the 
outer and the fight in the inner of human Beings, because 
the dark is overcome and destroyed on all levels, meaning 
that all levels are captured by this process.

Now the trust in God begins to spread in human Beings.
Deep anchors are set, so that Light may shine, so that 
the strength resurrects, the strength, which is present 
in you human Beings since eternity:
The Golden Snake of Life. 

Great efforts of strength are demanded of you in 
these days, and the greater the tasks, the greater 
the support, which is given to you. Nobody is left to 
stand on his own two feet; the powers of Heaven 
are always with you.  

Whoever trusts in it, is truly powerful and is superior 
to any force of darkness. Deep trust in God’s almightiness 
and in one’s power of the Light bring today the victory of
the Light over darkness. The constant binding to God and 
the deep rootedness in the specific individual assignments 
for this world solely decide if a mission on earth succeeds. 
Nobody stands alone in the battle of times! A vast number 
of light warriors, a truly impressive army from the Light
stands at your side.  

Perform your light-filled work, destroy the 
works of darkness or offer those, who recognize, 
an opportunity for a return into the Light. 
Trust your powerful reality. 

This power from the inside reaches the outer world 
and changes it. The golden snake of Light exits from 
your crown chakra and makes itself known – this is 
the end for the dark powers and it is the rebirth for 
the Light forces.

New World create yourself, New World build yourself,
I order it, I mandate it, and I breathe you into reality 
due to the power of my omnipresent Spirit.

So God is.
So God is with me.
So God is within me.
So I am God.

In infinite Love

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