5. Mai 2015


Conversation with Sananda
From the Book: 
Master Dialogues, Volume I 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb

Do Human Beings awaken?

JJK: More and more human Beings seem to look 
through the dark game in this world. Resistance 
stirs and more and more human Beings, due to 
their moving down socially, also have less and less 
to lose. A spiritual awakening is still far away 
and yet something is happening.
Yet what is it with those human Beings, who 
superficially walk on a «spiritual path» and who 
have been overtaken by the fallacies of New Age 
or the esoteric scene? Is there also progress on their 
level, does an actual evolution/revolution take place?
From my perspective there is nothing of that sort. 
I perceive the exact opposite, «bunker mentality» 
rules in the esoteric scene and nobody wants to 
give up the attained securities, the attained half-
knowledge. Meaning: Gurus remain gurus and disciples 
remain disciples, whereby, as always, the one eyed is 
orientation for the blind ones.

Therefore while the average human Being awakens, 
whereby the crimes of the elites are increasingly looked 
through, the «spiritual human Being» falls behind in his 
development, because he still rejects naming these 
crimes and is frozen in the «light and love illusion»?

SANANDA: I bless every human child, who follows these 
words from the Light, because truly: Nothing is, as it seems 
and the further awakening of human Beings pertains to those, 
who until now were deep asleep and the ones are excluded, 
who have fully devoted themselves to their newly attained 
spiritual concepts; these want to be lived, experienced and 
acted out.

For this end time this means that human Beings, who 
have little knowledge about the fact of the planetary 
transformation, take great steps in the direction of their 
spiritualization, and that those, who have viewed themselves 
as spiritually awakened stagnate to a large extent, because 
they back off from further insights, yes, shy away. This is 
the one fact and thereby the distance of these human 
Beings to the «last insight» increases.

Prisoners of the Matrix

Furthermore it is to be mentioned that many originally
light-filled messengers from Heaven have been taken 
over and are now controlled by the outside. Based on 
the fact that many of their open issues still wait for 
liberation, the dark has ingratiated itself with these
human Beings.
On the basis of unredeemed vanity and the unredeemed 
inferiority of these human Beings, darkness established
its power base. 
It raised itself to the altar, where these human Beings 
believed to serve the Light, yet in actuality they adulate 
the golden calf and honor the evil in the darkness.
Because those, who do not recognize the dark forces in 
these days or name them, are woven into their net, into 
the matrix of illusion, even if this fact for the affected ones 
is entirely differently portrayed to them and even if the 
affected ones experience this altogether differently.
Thereby the half-enlightened ones carry their false and 
half-knowledge as the great and ultimate insights in front 
of them, and do not recognize that their pearls are fake 
and viewed up close, lose every fascination and shimmer.
Actually many light warriors stray from the light path, 
because the ascension «promised» to them, seems to 
stretch out and therefore they lose the binding to the 
Light; neither do they understand this mentally nor do 
they understand the dynamic of these days on the 
emotional level. Many human Beings awaken, many 
fall back into their twilight sleep; and this pertains 
foremost to the so far promising light warriors.

The «spiritual scene» is indeed affected the most by 
regressions and by giving up, while human Beings, 
who so far were far away from any knowledge about 
the ascension, perceive their first awakening experience.

JJK: From my perspective this is a very remarkable situation. 
Yesterday I clicked through different new titles of spiritual 
books on the Internet. Everything appeared to me like 
pabulum – absolutely washed out and unified healing 
offers smiled at me from many covers. Actually I no 
longer stand this literature, and I much rather read, 
as I have time for it, a well made political book or 
simply another exciting reading. Today esoteric literature 
seems to me too trivial and fully permeated by dark 
energies and contaminated.

SANANDA: Indeed very much has changed here.
The arbitrariness has increased radically.

Status of New Age

And under arbitrariness it is to be understood that certain 
topics are infused over and over again, like tea, until it is 
only stale water. Newly infused and enriched with new 
content, and these contents very often carry the handwriting 
of deep darkness. Thereby human Beings are also often 
led astray from so far reliable channel mediums and 
neither the hoaxer nor the hoaxed one has knowledge of it. 
In summary it is an event that is owed to the demands of 
this time. And what is required is the consistent awareness 
work with and in oneself.
It is a constantly recurring issue at the end of time and 
except for a horde of knowledgeable ones, it is a permanent 
fallback of the esoteric scene into a lower vibrating reality 
of life, which is within one’s reach.

The group of human Beings, who partially awaken now, 
because they look through the dark game of the shadow 
actors of this time, will until the final day, obtain a certain 
degree of insight, which is suitable for arriving at a higher 
4D world. This means, today it is more significant to look
through the connections in this world and to fully consciously 
turn away from them than to build pie in the skies in Heaven 
for oneself, only so that one forgets the goings-on in this 
world or not having to face these. 

Awareness work contains everything and always starts 
from the inside. If therefore a human Being refuses 
self-reflection, he also refuses the view of the world.  

The smallest of all groups are those human Beings, who will 
attain great and ultimate insights. It is those light warriors of 
the first and last hours, who have decided to unconditionally 
and consistently walk the path of Light, which means to carry 
out with full dedication and attention the daily work in one’s 
own vineyard and to genuinely look at the world as it is.

JJK: Worldwide I actually see how the dark system prepares
itself for the downfall, as far as it is possible. The calls that 
the financial system will fail increase – even the mass media 
already report about it. It is interesting that the broad mass, 
despite the here mentioned «awakening» of many human Beings, 
still refuses to believe that the end is near.

SANANDA: This behavior is the protection, which those human 
Beings, who refuse to look, give themselves, in order to be 
able to prolong their life on this or a similar level. This is a 
behavior, which is appropriate for a certain development 
stage of a human Being.
On this low level of awareness, this behavior is logical, 
yet for those, who have the understanding, this behavior 
is absolutely foolish.

JJK: Is it many human Beings, who function like that?

SANANDA: Yes, very many! This means that until the day 
of days, great shifts in the collective consciousness of 
mankind can hardly occur. But it also means that on an 
individual basis very much is still possible – until last.

The Dice is cast!

Generally the dice is cast for all levels of human 
society and for the different types of human Beings.
What makes this time so significant is the fact that it
is necessary to create an optimum starting position for 
all human Beings; the starting position and the basis 
wherefrom they start their new life.
Has the moment of the «great events», which goes off 
in a cascade of pioneering events, been reached, then it 
is too late for turning back. Yet until then, everything is 
possible for each individual human Being.

JJK: And the task to create a «good starting position» 
for our siblings, we have taken this on, the light warriors 
of the first and last hours?

SANANDA: You were born for this, you were sent 
into the world for this, so that you 
1) prepare this world for the mutation and
2) establish the conditions for this mankind, 
whereby they can attain growth.

JJK: How does it go on now? The full moon portals come 
and go, as the days, weeks and months pass and much is 
affected. Yet we are still in this quite sluggish and for me 
often unbearable world?

SANANDA: This is a fact, which creates headache for 
many human Beings. What is it about in order to receive 
deep understanding of this situation?

How does it go on?

It is only about to be bound steadily to the source of all 
sources, to God, and due to this steady binding to God 
attain an inner knowing of these divine processes. 

True closeness to God automatically also means 
divine knowledge, means the participation in the 
divine all-knowing reality. 

As soon as a human Being plays mind games and gets 
lost in it, he strikes the hard reality of the mind, which 
has no access to the infinite image of the Creator and 
to his infinity. 

The following access to Life is actually of great importance:
To capture with the mind, what is possible, and to recognize 
with your all-knowing consciousness, what is beyond any 
mental recognition. 

Here you must change your viewpoint and always take 
on the higher-ranking sight of a conscious Creator God.
And for the one, who stands in service in this world and 
as «leader», as a Light on the summit is orientation and 
the way for many human Beings, the maxim is true:
Overtax or demand too little from nobody – also from 
yourself! What this means in actuality and in the 
situation described here:
Recognize, where human Beings step aside; understand it 
without being strayed from your own path and from the 
certainty about the correctness of all things and your actions. 
Understand the doubts and the skepticism, which you are now 
confronted with and continue to perform your work in God’s 
vineyard with all called for caution and dedication. 

The one, who masters these days the best, 
is the one, whose consciousness is one with God.  

And in order to express this union between a human Being
and God in the most effective manner, you go on unerringly 
and you lovingly pay attention to the growing grass on the 
edge of the path, because doubters and skeptics are far 
from this reality.
Helpful in all these considerations of this end time and for 
all human Beings, no matter if you are a Master, an adept 
or an ignorant one, is not to expect something unreasonable 
from the mind. This must fail, because the understanding 
of this epoch, in its center being the ascension of this 
world, is impossible for the human mind. 

Call on the mind to serve you, command the mind to 
be silent, as it would like to raise itself to be your Lord. 

Begin now to entrust your inner knowledge, as well as the 
indescribable certainty in yourself, as you entrust a mathematical 
formula or an event in this world, which is visible to your eyes, 
because the reality of all Life is beyond the visible. Only a small
portion of 1% of your almighty consciousness constitutes Life, 
as you perceive it. Where are the other 99%?
I say it to you: All around you, you are surrounded by it, 
surrounded by Life, Light and worlds.

You live through, in and with your unlimited omnipresent 
consciousness. As you look at this time from another and 
limited perspective, then you can never capture the Now 
and the ascension portrayed as a «delay», can only be 
encountered with lacking calm.

The key lies in the shift of the level. Wherefrom do you 
look into the valley? From the mountaintop, whereby the 
valley lies below your feet, or from a hill between the 
mountains, where you can see only a portion of the valley?
Trust your inner sight and sharpen it, then you have 
recognized and have understood the Now.

Events Ante Portas

The cosmic Light flooding continues to increase, which
increases the vibration in this world daily. The Life of 
human Beings and of this world is fulfilled. 

The events Ante Portas!  

With these words I bless mankind. 

I stand by this World – with my Love, Strength 
and Glory, now, as everything serves Life and 
is devoted to God. 

In infinite Love


Master Dialogues, Volume I (digital publication) – JAHN J KASSL: 

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