3. Mai 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
tranlslated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

the gates to Heaven open, you step unto the bridges 
between worlds, and you begin to cross them. 
Unnoticeably you have reached the Garden of Eden, 
the paradise, because you have become it yourself: 
Beauty, grace, joy, Light and Love.

The kingdom of world peace is being built and it 
develops in the hearts of human Beings, who remain 
calm during the great unrest in this world, who remain 
in peace during the great discord, those, who appear 
lovingly while hate discharges in an unbelievable extent. 
One talks about the deeply anchored Light towers of this 
time, of the never staggering pillars of Light, the immovable 
and eternally changing Gods of this world. 
Godlessness ends, the Life in His Glory begins.


I have come in order to bring peace to this world, in order to 
announce the kingdom of world peace, and in order to accompany 
human Beings into this wonderful time of grace. Together we have 
walked a long way and together we still have to walk ways, take 
hurdles and have to overcome manifestations traversing the way.

Little, but enough Time 

Until the time of the pole reversal there is still time.
It is little, yet enough time in order to perform valuable 
and seminal work until then. Seminal, because we plant 
our spirit into the old world, the world, which we leave, 
and give it direction, and it is valuable beyond all measures, 
because we sink our Light into the earth, so that it serves 
well to those, who remain behind; Because also the old 
world renews itself and remaining mankind finds into the 

Today we perform the base work for it and we perform 
this until the very last day in this world.
When the earth transforms in one day, when the “great 
event” is carried out in a short time, then it is necessary 
to orient every process toward that moment, and it is true 
that the precision work for the ascension continues. 

Whatever seems to be delayed, goes off according 
to plan, what does not come, is already ongoing, 
what stokes the impatience of human Beings are 
the expectations on the outer, because the 
experience of the rebirth on the inner is still 
not fulfilled.

Cut the String to Impatience 

Step into your life and dive deeply into your souls. 
There is the key for any progress, for any recognition, 
and there is where the string to impatience is cut. 
Whoever understands oneself as an eternally timeless 
consciousness, has overcome the illusion of time and 
has arrived in the timeless of All-That-Is – in the here 
and now. 

Postpone your uplifting never to the beyond, 
never adjourn your ascension to the day X, 
never capture your rebirth as a moment in the 
future and never declare your transfiguration 
as an event, which requires certain conditions 
on the outer, in order to be fulfilled. 
Everything is possible for a human Being, 
who is awakened, and everything is possible 
for such a human Being at any time. 

Outer influences have an effect, yet they can 
never determine the dynamic of the awakening.
This is solely determined by the decision and due
to the inner strength, which is being made available 
by a human Being; and it is necessary to rekindle this 
inner strength, because a new epoch is emerging and
the pole reversal will happen overnight in this world.
Today is the day of ascension, now is the moment of 
rebirth and in this instance you can celebrate as 
perfected Gods, the physical having fallen off.

This means that any lack of Love has been wiped out 
from you, that all fears have been removed from you 
and that every doubt has been replaced with certainty 
and knowledge. To be God in a world of awakened Gods 
is one thing, to uplift oneself to God in a world of unconscious 
human Beings has a totally different quality and offers an 
experience, which is unique in the realms of Creation.
We have decided for exactly that kind of experience.
Therefore our all ascension occurs already before the 
planetary ascension, our assumption already happens 
before the transfiguration and our life fulfills itself in 
the unconditional Love to all Life; here and now and 
not in the beyond of a far away future.

Beloved siblings, brothers and sisters of the Light!

Say goodbye to all timely concepts and to the last 
expectations regarding the ascension.

Dis-deceive yourself, 

Whereby you liberate yourself from any deception. 
Then calm sets in, then your hearts will be flooded 
with the energy of peace and then your soul becomes 
a calm ocean of Love. 
Please pay attention to the following: Impatience, 
except for the childish impatience, which sets free 
much joy, not only holds any awakened human 
Being hostage, instead impatience diverts the 
attention of a human Being from important things 
to unimportant things, and thereby confuses the 
human spirit. 
Meaning, Impatience pushes a human Being 
from his center, makes a human Being restless 
and takes him into doubt and mistrust. 

This condition can be easily remedied as it is looked 
through and will no longer give space to impatience, 
because truly:

Fulfill your Duty 

Whoever understands time and captures being timeless 
performs his work in the vineyard of the Lord as if it were 
his last day. Whoever has internalized being timeless, 
knows that he can suddenly be taken or called from the 
field. Until then it is necessary to care for the seeding, 
so that it thrives, it is necessary to perform our duty 
and fulfill our assignments, the reason why we have 
started our journey to earth. 

To call out the end of time before the end of time is 
foolish, yet it is even more foolish to stop fulfilling 
your duty in this world before the end of time.

Do not turn away from this world before it has been 
transformed, do not turn away from your assignments, 
which you have received for this time, and do not turn 
away from Life on this earth, as long as you are alive on her.
Utilize every day in order to perfect yourself in this world 
under these dark circumstances on the one side and the 
light-filled conditions on the other side. 

This is the assignment for each one of you, who you are 
a light warrior, to act as Light columns and like obvious 
light towers reach into Heaven.
The end of time comes with the certainty, which is 
based on all divine processes. And until then?

Live your days and live your life, without leaving 
the field of your seeding at your own discretion 
before the end of time.

You will be called, each one of you!
Never be arrogant about this fact.

Expect it, without waiting for it, internalize it, 
so that being eternal exists within you and that 
in recognition of this you find great peace.

This is the moment when out of an impatient spirit 
a patient one emerges, and it is the moment when 
a human Being recognizes himself as a loving 
consciousness, which is capable to heal this 
world and to breathe new worlds into creation.

We are many and we still become more.
Also if the discharges of this time manifest 
at all places, be aware: The great healings 
continue and at the end of time truth prevails 
and Love triumphs – truly and for eternity.

Omnipresent divine consciousness is amongst you.

I am

Master Dialogues, Part I (digital) – JAHN J KASSL:

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