20. Mai 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

The Way of the Masters is the Way of Duty!
The Way of the Masters is the Way of Discipline!
The Way of the Masters is the Way of Duty and 
Discipline. This is the way of the Masters.


Beloved Ones!

Recognize your assignments and fulfill them dutifully 
and with discipline. Do not look to the right or to the 
left. Do not look behind you, neither above nor below. 

What counts today is that every human Being, there, 
where God put him, fulfills his work with joy and with 
devotion toward God.

Duty and Discipline 

The spiritual path is always a path, whereupon duty and 
discipline combine to the great power, which is capable
of manifesting everything.
Today we stand at the point in the development of human 
Beings, when Master souls awaken and want to elevate to 
great deeds without valuing the little deeds.
"Look here, here I am” say some and thereby reveal a lack 
and not their greatness and enlightenment.

This means and these words are directed toward those, 
who portray themselves as Masters and yet entangle 
themselves anew, because they give space to their ego, 
which it may not claim – the space, wherein the spirit 
makes the decisions about life and wherein the ego has 
no right to have a say in the decisions. 

The Masters of today have only one duty, to recognize 
their assignments and to fulfill them without if or when. 
These human Beings appear in this world like Gods 
untouched by recognition or rejection, Gods, who 
encounter themselves in all and recognize themselves 
in all. 

Is there anything less; are there human Beings and 
things of less value, because everything is divine?

Recognize your status as awakened Masters and pay attention 
so that you do not let yourself be blinded by the laurel of your 
master ship. Do not let yourself be carried to inappropriate 
deeds, which injure other human Beings.
I am the power, which prepares the truthfulness on all levels 
in this world, and I guide every human Being into his reality. 

If you are offered the honor of a king, remain untouched; 
if one presents you with the shaft of the beggar remain 
untouched, because the one, who has given dignity to 
his life due to his soul’s Love, has truly arrived in God. 

Never say, not even to yourself, you may be something 
“special”. Because “being special” means to elevate self 
above human Beings, to put you into a special light, 
without being put there by God. 

Say, I fulfill my duty, and I fulfill my assignments with 
discipline and total devotion. Then everything is said. 

The devotion to God is awakened due to the fulfillment of 
duty to Life; the loving one matures and begins to recognize 
oneself in God. Today many human Beings, who find themselves 
on the spiritual path, have the tendency to neglect the performance
of one’s duty. The words “performance of one’s duty” is negatively 
biased and therefore human Beings keep a distance from it. 
Also the expression of “discipline”, which means to carry out 
a conscious life of self-observation, is being neglected today.

Freedom and Slavery 

Today the mistaken belief rules among many highly gifted 
human Beings to be able to claim special rights and thereby 
deny the associated duties. An atmosphere of arbitrariness 
rules and human Beings think that everything is allowed them: 
Freedom, which is wrongly understood.
Freedom means to be free of all fallacies, and not to 
get arbitrarily involved in fallacies. Whoever serves mankind
in God’s spirit, is free, whoever follows the illusions of this 
world due to human incentive, is not free, is a slave, who 
has no knowledge about his imprisonment.
Freedom, which means to give free reigns to one’s fancy and 
to be unbound from duties as a divine entity, is capriciousness. 
This is alien to an awakened one and the knowing one shuns 
this path of misfortune.

A Master serves Life and thereby serves self. 
A Master does not know the urge for “self-recognition”, 
because he receives a reward from God for his work. 
It is the way of the Masters to perform service for 
Mother Earth, to perform service for this world in 
harmony with God.

It requires the high school of discipline for it; it requires a 
great consciousness and a consciousness free of the ego for 
it. Such a life is sacred and such a human Being, in the 
fulfillment of his duty, experiences the greatest gift and 
the greatest freedom.
In these days pay attention to the disorientation in language 
in this world. Good is evil, evil is good, light is darkness and 
darkness is light; and on this stray path of all of mankind 
those values get lost, which keep the soul on course and 
which we talk about in this writing: duty and discipline.
Capriciousness given out as “new freedom” has polluted
the human spirit, inappropriate behavior is the consequence 
and fallacies increase, until a human Being gets totally lost 
in the labyrinth of this matrix.

You Masters!

Remember your heavenly assignments and carry them out 
dutifully and in devotion to God. It does not require the 
dignity of a Master, or the dignity of a Creator God for it; 
it only requires the clear intention, a humble heart and 
the unconditional devotion to God for it. 

Whoever serves the great divine plan, knows self and 
knows God. Beyond that this human Being does not claim 
any attributes, which shall document his status in this world, 
in order to make him visible for human Beings. 

Liberate yourselves from scepter and staff, from laurel and 
crown. Live a simple, genuine and devoted to God life. Perform 
your assignments and only talk about them, as human Beings 
can be given an example and help for their own path. The divine 
is simple and whoever serves God carries out a genuine life – 
away from the trodden path of human Beings for recognition 
and rejection.
Foremost: recognize yourselves!
Whoever knows self, knows life and encounters all Life 
in deep humility – because in front of God all are equal 
and all Life returns in God.
Recognize the multitude in this world and recognize 
the unity wherefrom this multitude emerged.

For a moment in time, slip into the sandals of your siblings. 
Recognize their fate and their path, the travail and the trouble, 
the joy and the happiness; and the unique fate of human Beings 
is revealed to you, who experience themselves as equals in 
fortune and in misfortune.
Become dust and you have understood life, have 
captured the divine and have recognized your omnipresence.
Whenever human Beings awaken, no rock remains on top 
of another, and once the rock of blindness is removed, 
which keep human Beings in the belief to be able to 
elevate themselves above their fellow human Beings then 
the awareness of Life is free. Remain persistent, endure 
and fulfill your assignments. Leave anything else up to God, 
because truly: In His care this world is perfected and human 
Beings attain bliss.
Whoever recognizes the character and the blessing of 
performing one’s duty, his life becomes instantly calm 
and his perspective changes instantaneously from the 
outer to the inner.

Reflect about yourself and life will richly gift you with
 the reflections, which serve you and fulfill you.
Outfitted with all, all fulfills itself – far away from 
encouragement and far away from rejection in this world.

I am with you at all times

Call me, as you redeem your belief patterns and you 
want to liberate yourselves from deeply seated patterns. 
I do not require any sleep, and I do not require any pauses.
I am omnipresent eternal and unlimited consciousness on 
all levels of Creation.

I am God’s Power,

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