27. Mai 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones! 

Call me into your presence so that I may direct 
you into Heaven across the bridge of desire. 


The time of changes has come!
Great, unique and immutable changes come to 
this world and they occur in the hearts of human Beings.
The change occurs from the inner to the outer, and what
has already been anchored in your hearts and has been 
consolidated, now becomes visible in the outer world; 
the outer appearances of life receive a new countenance: 
the countenance of Love, of Light and Peace.

Joyfully Accepting Changes 

It is time to react to the changes in a new manner, 
to adjust to these in a new manner. Many human Beings 
still back off from the changes; they are frightened and 
behave cautiously toward any change, which is on the horizon.
Many prefer to wait instead of taking the initiative themselves, 
instead of being the change themselves.
The resonance with the actualities of this time is of great value
today, like a reed, which sways in the wind, this is how you 
shall sway in God’s Odem, because truly:  

It is God, who instructs you today, who accompanies 
you reliably step by step toward the ascension into 
another world. Attune today to further and so far 
unthinkable changes! Greet these and change with 
them, because truly everything undergoes a radical 

Integrate every change, which occurs in your personal 
environment, greet every change, which is carried out 
in the world, because change means to let die the old 
and give birth to the new.

Put your fears aside, hand them over to me, so that I 
can purify your energy fields and liberate them from 
these disturbance fields. 
In these days only a human Being liberated from fears 
can appropriately react to the fears, which the old rulers 
scatter around. It is not the fear, which comes to you from 
outside, which creates fear, instead it is the still unredeemed 
fear in human Beings itself that affects this. 

Please make the right assignment and call me, 
the Archangels and the Ascended Masters into your life. 
We affect miracles for those, who are open from the bottom 
of the heart. 

Nothing is impossible for us, unless you yourself 
block the possible and consider it impossible. 

Begin to make the decisions, which you have postponed 
for a long time. Satisfy your desire; take courage and act.

Time for Miracles 

The time for waiting is truly over and while you wait for world 
changing miracles in the outer, miracles constantly occur in 
your inner. Look at the miracle work in yourself and call me 
into your presence, because truly: 

Miracles happen as soon as a soul is ready for it. 
Whoever counts on miracles, only in order wanting 
to flee from this world, waits in vain. 

In everything that you do be whole, and then the new life 
will be given to you, it flows to you – in the instance of Grace, 
in the moment when your soul has been entirely opened toward 

Change yourself, and change your lives!
No rock remains on top of another, so how 
could a human life remain unchanged? 
The tired and exhausted ones, the lame and 
the resigned ones are now fitted with new strength, 
so that they may rise up and can orient themselves 
toward the Light. New means, new ways are now being 
taken and God’s Grace is omnipresent. Trust life, trust your 
inner strength and feel strengthened, as you look back at
the distance, which you have already covered. 

What you have already achieved is of significance for 
you, whatever you will still achieve, is of significance 
for all of mankind. 

Truly, I declare to you: The kingdom of Heaven is 
in you and is being built on this earth.
The trumpets of Heaven sound again.

Hear the signals, recognize the message and listen 
to the inner voice, the whisper from your soul, whereby 
God speaks to you. Hear, see and understand, the 
kingdom of Heaven has been announced on earth.

Father God, Mother God lift you and guide mankind 
from the valley of tears to the bliss of the prime 
Source of All-That-Is.  


Master Dialogues, Volume I (digital) – JAHN J KASSL:

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