12. Mai 2015


Message from the Light Reading 
on April 24th, 2015 in Vienna
channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

I am amongst you!

I am El Morya – Master from the Light, enlightened 
consciousness, which guides human Beings to enlightenment, 
Chohan of the blue flame of clarity, courage and truth. In this 
Light, Life reveals itself to you as it is; in its full abundance 
and far from any deceptions.
I am with you, as I have been with you in many ages; 
endowed with assignments, as you are, and as you are 
today, fitted with all heavenly instruments for it.
I am also a very good expert of human life and I know your 
fate and your issues, which you face now. I know what it 
means to be in service on earth and to be confronted with 
this reality. I know how it is to be subjected to a lack of love. 
But I also know how it is to overcome this condition and to
experience love.

And now I would like to guide you there, so that you may 
follow my track and the track of the ascended Masters, 
by overcoming this world today and transform yourself – 
into Gods, which you all are!

Discard your Powerlessness! 

Powerlessness is an energy, which blocks you in 
all areas, whereby you become incapable of acting.
Recognize, and this is of great significance, how 
powerful you are! You are powerful due to your 
knowledge, powerful due to your spoken word, 
powerful due to your seeded actions. 

Become aware that the universal energy of an 
omnipresent God emanates from you, and thereby 
you are able to change any condition or create any 

Too many human Beings still see themselves lacking 
protection, without hope and foremost to be powerlessly 
subjected to the events of this time! This is a fallacy, 
which could not be any greater.
Yet it requires your self-consciousness, an entity, 
which has recognized itself, in order to appear with 
certitude and self-evidently. Therefore I say to you:
All events on the geo-political stage of the world – 
in the outer – and all events in your immediate personal 
environment, serve in order to lead you to a new self-image. 

Clear decisions are only possible due to 
clear thinking and your purified inner Being. 

Therefore as you look at the events in the world and at the
often massive adjustments to new circumstances in your life, 
as a world threatens to break down without the new world
becoming visible, these are good signs that you are being 
liberated from blockages and belief patterns. 

Some situation must become unbearable for a human 
Being or for human society, before enough willpower 
and transformation energy for a change can build up.

World is being purified 

Actually this world is being purified from the ground up!
Meaning, the great purification, which has already been 
announced to you, is ongoing.
What surfaces is truly far from anything understandable,
because a compassionate Being can barely understand to 
which evil acts human Beings are capable of and which dark 
conditions have been consciously created in this world.
The character of this 3D matrix reveals itself and the 
more Light flows into this process, the more massive 
and also more horrible are the facts, which reach the 
light of day of the public.
Please be aware: What has been redeemed step by step 
over many ages, today finds salvation in a great throw 
and in an instant. The redemption tasks no longer take 
place step by step, instead in a unique time quality of 
All-That-Is, whereby the vibration window opens to 
the 5th dimension.

This is the reason why these events must present 
a unique sequence in quantity and in quality – 
and they do this beyond all measures. To understand 
this, initially creates relief and awareness, because 
whoever understands can deal with anxieties in an 
entirely different manner and can perform an extremely 
valuable contribution to this time of transformation.

The phase of global as well as individual transformation 
will still go on for some time, until you reach the point 
when you can perceive the new world as “real”.

Seeing the 5th Dimension 

Already today, it seems to many of you that both worlds, 
the lower vibrating 3D levels and the higher vibrating 5D 
levels exist simultaneously. Again and again you are fed 
into different levels of All-That-Is.
Thereby the world of the 5th dimension becomes increasingly 
visible; an inner sight and capture is possible today and as a 
next step this world will also arise for your human senses in 
front of you. Until then it is necessary to capture this “discrepancy” 
with your human mind, whereby the dark exists side by side with 
the Light in a unique peculiarity – then much has been achieved 
and understood, and an inner peace appears. But now back to
your “power”. Know:

Each one of your thoughts, every spoken word, 
each deed has the strength to change a situation. 

Today it is necessary to be fully conscious of this fact – 
also and foremost then, as, based on a mandate, which 
was done by you, you do not immediately notice a change 
in your environment or even in the world. Meaning, you must 
be clear in your sensations, thoughts and words – and the 
clearer you are, the greater is your power of creation.
The reverse conclusion that a human Being, who is blocked 
in his Being, is barely capable to create forcefully is also true.
Therefore it is necessary to continue to redeem and setting 
light-filled impulses, until they are realized.

„School of Liberation“ 

Today you are attending the “school of liberation”.
You are being freed from your false life concepts!
This is a very painful process. Thereby much is initially 
taken from you and only once you are without clothes 
and naked, meaning, you have been freed from all false 
imprinting, you will be given everything.
From powerlessness to true power, this is 
the way, which is now enabled for you.

And many of you already have an idea how this 
new strength feels and many of you have advanced 
far on this path, whereupon your power is claimed 
more and more.
The great awakening has started, measured great in 
quality and not in the number of human Beings.
More and more the Light penetrates you and your 
life changes again. Whoever continues to foster old 
habits, which have fulfilled their significance, have a 
hard time, because the Now obeys the instant and does 
not know past or future, takes any tradition ad absurdum, 
and dissolves the deadlocked behavior patterns of old 
time in Human Beings. 

Utilize today all energies, which flow to you from 
Heaven and are made available – they are the 
Creator’s infinite rivers of Grace. 

The more darkness seems to spread the closer is the Light,
because darkness can only be recognized as the Light shines 
there. Therefore the facts, which today come to light of the 
worldwide public, are an indisputable proof of how much the 
process of healing has advanced and how the finding of the 
truth for mankind continues.

Foremost know this: Today you are a great number in this 
world, in a great number as light warriors and light messengers! 
Never before were so many self-conscious entities incarnated in 
this world. The Gods you wait for have returned a long time ago, 
only most of you are not really aware of it.
Therefore this fact is repeatedly being announced to you, 
until you have internalized this and thereby have changed 
your life in this certitude. 

You are neither slaves of the system nor an instrument 
of the matrix. You are creator of a new world and fully 
conscious entities from God’s inherent origin. 

And the dark powers of time were most afraid of this 
awakening of mankind for eons. This is the reason why 
a system was created, which cut off all human Beings 
from the divine life source.
Thereby the awakening was prevented for a long time.

Now this time is over! Now the final and farewell event 
is in full swing and at its end stands: the separation of 
darkness and the victory of the Light!
Gratefully accept further changes in your life!
Now unique avenues of insight are being opened for 
the actual light warriors, those, who love God from 
the bottom of their heart.
It is your divine nature to bail from the abundance of 
all Life. And in order to attain this, is to overcome the 
lower human nature.

And thereby we stand with you. 
We, the ascended Masters and myself, 
who I have been, are and remain amongst 
you, until together we return into the Light. 

The return of Gods in human Gestalt on earth 
fulfills for the last time. Heaven expects you, 
the long journey is over and it is now only 
necessary to take the last step:
The step into your reality. 

I love you infinitely,

Love is the Way (pdf) GOD: 

The Light Reading is in German. Yet energy is not bound 
by language barriers and therefore every human Being, 
no matter what one's language is, can experience the
Light Reading lifestream or on location. 

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