25. Mai 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones!

Purify yourselves every day! Reflect, observe and 
recognize where, how and whereby you are losing 
your light-filled energy? When does your Light 
garment lose its luster? 

This work is necessary today, so that you are not permanently 
held or be permanently occupied by energies, which discharge 
now. Only then do you lose your orientation in yourself and in 

Sluggish energies, which establish in you, have the 
power to block you and make you unreceptive for 
any light-filled knowledge. 

Recognize the significance of daily purification, so that 
you remain free of outside burdens and free of alien images, 
which come up in you and display themselves as your own.  
God gives every human Being plenty of possibilities for 
knowledge and it is up to human Beings, to choose from 
God’s abundance.
Recognize, what draws energy from you, and take suitable 
measures, in order to eliminate these circumstances or,
in order to become already proactively aware of these 
Become more and more vigilant and go forward. 
Go step by step, whereby you direct your Light toward 
any situation and toward any entity, so that you can see 
who feeds himself from your light, without being willing 
to give up his darkness. Look at each day in the mirror 
of this reality. Distinguish true actions from untrue 

What am I dealing with and what do I have to do?
This is the question that every awakened one is 
confronted with today, and needs to get to the 
bottom of it. 

What is it that robs energy from me, what is it that 
brings me energy? Do I know the source within me?

All is within you! 

Activate your inner power station! It is the power station 
of your consciousness, which supplies you incessantly with 
sufficient Light, energy and knowledge. Never empower 
yourself from the energy of second or third ones! Please 
be entirely aware of it: Everything is within you.
In this message I point to the significance to purify yourself 
daily from alien energies and to activate your own inner power 
station in your soul, so that you may be uninfluenced and so 
that no infringements come from you to fellow human Beings.

»Masters« as Energy Vampires 

Whoever cannot nurture self, still has not discovered the 
inexhaustible source of Life within oneself and certainly 
still has a long distance to cover. Many human Beings, 
who portray themselves as Masters, in order to get close 
to the energy of their students, still have to cover this long 
distance: energy vampires, which give themselves a sacred 
coating, and are nothing more than poor souls – driven by 
hunger – committing injustice and yet never being satisfied.

It is of great significance to see these facts of time 
and to encounter them in an appropriate manner.


Call me, so that I liberate you from inappropriate 
powers in your environment.
Call me and enjoy my power and my Light.
Call me and be willing to let go of everything, 
so that the soul finds healing and so that a new 
awareness of life may develop, which is free of 
all alien energies. Be aware: 

Human Beings are Spirit and Light, 
and are provided for by Heaven – 
and yet you perceive yourself in the womb 
of this Earth and in the abundance of this World. 

I am among you.

I am

The Great Purification – ASANA MAHATARI: 

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