15. Mai 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: I am a guest at my last working place as a waiter 
(a restaurant in the center of Vienna), before I founded the 
publishing company. I talk to one of my former colleagues 
and I am in the process of leaving the restaurant, when 
I see that the tablecloth of one of the tables caught fire. 
One of the waiters is trying to extinguish the fire. 
I observe the scene for a few seconds and see how the 
flames get bigger and bigger. The waiter seems to be 
totally overloaded with the situation and I rush to help 
him. I myself am totally preoccupied with the extinction 
of the fire and I order to bring water as quickly as possible. 
Suddenly a former schoolmate from my time in high school 
stands besides the waiter and I also call to him to get 
water as quickly as possible. Yet nobody moves and 
both do not recognize the seriousness of the situation. 
I am desperately preoccupied with the extinction, 
while all human Beings around me remain standing 
like stock still and react entirely like paralyzed.

I am even more surprised about my former schoolmate, 
as this man today is a very popular as well as known 
regional public personality, who is credible, creative 
and successful in the office of a mayor.
The fire continues to spread and it is impossible 
to get it under control. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

This dream describes the beginning of the 
ultimate transformation in this remaining world.
The earth, where you have shifted your consciousness 
to today, which is confronted with great upheavals, 
and mankind, which is exposed to these, this is what 
is meant. The ascending ones want to extinguish the 
spreading fire, yet the fire of Life will burn any impurity 
and will fundamentally change this world.


In this dream Jahn’s previous working place describes 
the old level, a lower vibrating earth, whereupon higher 
vibrating energies also work.
The former schoolmate, who acts very successfully in this 
world, symbolizes the condition of societally relevant forces 
at the head of communities, state, church and economy.
On that level human Beings cannot see the spreading fire, 
and if they see it, they cannot interpret it correctly; they 
cannot do anything against the fire and its destruction 
and remain standing like stock-still.

Status quo 

This scene describes the status quo in this world,
whereby the established system and human Beings, 
which manage this system, cannot recognize that a 
great fire begins to spread. This image also illustrates 
that the ultimate events and that the day X will surprise 
the whole world very suddenly.
Jahn’s visit and his help mean the presence of different
Light entities on lower vibrating levels and show that 
these Light forces confront these destructions on the 
lower vibrating worlds.
Yet the fire, which paves the way, cannot be dealt with, 
because the fire of destruction is also the fire, which 
brings new life on this level.

This is a dream, which shows that in this to you familiar 
world of upper earth, in the world, which is familiar to you 
and which the Light forces overcome and where the sluggish 
energies continue to be anchored, that the fire creates a new 
reality and nothing and nobody can do anything against it. 
Paralyzed mankind looks at this fire and does not recognize 
its own responsibility for this fire.

Beloved Ones!

The Light of Love and the Fire of Heaven emanate from 
the One Source, that is all. Great purifications, which individual 
human Beings stay away from and the whole world, which does 
not recognize any necessity for it, will be affected due to this fire.
The power of this fire creates new Life and destroys old energies, 
which insistently held on to this world and did not want to yield 
at any price in the world. New life grows on this new soil and a 
new human Being is born: Resurrection and overcoming death, 
after the great purification is completed.
The message is: The lower vibrating worlds and human Beings, 
who have chosen this matrix, do not recognize, even at the sight 
of this spreading fire, the seriousness of the situation. Also the 
light warriors of the first and last hours, the Prophets and the 
Heralds of end time, from a certain point on in this world, can 
no longer do anything against it. God’s fire performs its work 
and the Light messengers of Heaven leave this world.

Thereupon the earth heals and human Beings attain new Life. 

The transformation of this world is ongoing and 
the Fire of Heaven is the bringer of Grace in this 
time – And on earth, liberated from rottenness, 
new Life grows for Eternity. 

I am

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