16. Mai 2015


canneled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

I welcome you Masters among us Masters!
It is time for you to recognize this.


To become Master and to be Master is exclusively a matter 
of consciousness. There is no path and way toward it, no 
discipline and no exercise, which can bring you there. 
The one moment of realization is decisive, when your 
consciousness awakens. 

It is the moment when you realize that everything, which you 
are looking for, already exists. It exists within you and you 
realize that it never required a spiritual discipline or mortification 
of the flesh, in order to attain master ship over your lower nature. 

Discipline and order, no matter for whatever reasons they 
were done or under which excuses they served, always 
suppress the free flow of life of an entity and block its 

Look at the sun, look at a river, and look at the birds in the sky.

Enlightened Ones do not know Discipline! 

All Life is realized out of itself; entirely natural, easily and 
reliably it fulfills its deeper purpose. The stars do not know 
discipline and order, the elements do not know it, and the 
enlightened ones do not know it!
No bird in the sky obeys “discipline” – no, it obeys its inner 
nature and acts according to its inner destination: easily, 
obviously and entirely natural – it cannot do otherwise. 
Also a human Being, who has overcome his blockages, 
cannot do otherwise than to obey his familiar nature, 
than to fulfill God’s will. Such a human Being follows 
his inner determination in an easy and obvious manner 
and brings forth life and zest for life, growth and happiness. 

To subscribe themselves to an “iron discipline” are “Saints”, 
who want to be accepted as saints by human Beings!
Whoever seeks spiritual recognition among human Beings 
has a tendency to obtain life-denying modes of actions. 
Here the deep wish for power is acted out due to a deep 
denial of self, because a human Being, who denies self, 
always exercises power over insecure souls, which are 
not capable of such denial.

Saints of 3D-Levels 

The saints of 3D levels have elevated discipline and 
mortification of the flesh to a necessity and have imposed 
a life upon them, which let them die on the inside. 

To deny life is not a program for enlightenment; 
to accept life in its full abundance on the other hand is, 
because enlightenment occurs as soon as a human Being 
orients his whole life toward the Light and not, if he denies 
parts of the whole, because he cannot bear the destruction 
of his ego. 

Discipline is the master of the dead and any order is violence, 
and suppresses the free flow of energies. Discipline means to 
exercise pressure over oneself or to exercise force over others. 
It means to hide what one fears in oneself, means to deny life 
instead of saying yes to it. Therefore the saints of all times were
foremost masters in driving insecure and human Beings without 
orientation into feelings of guilt, instead of conveying freedom 
to them and to entice them to self-conscious action.

There is neither the journey nor the reward.
Human Beings are the journey and the reward, meaning, 
everything is already available and only needs to be recognized. 
Being conscious is the key word and enlightenment is only an 
instant of realization removed from you.

Put your life in this context. In times of times, at the end of 
the great epoch of ignorance, there is only one spiritual 
practice necessary: The practice of instantaneous recognition, 
meaning, on the basis of a purified essence, to always act freely 
out of one’s inner flow of life and without external influence.
Discipline closes off your infinite spirit, conscious viewing of all 
things opens it, because you are in the position to recognize your 
assignments and then it is natural and obvious to fulfill these. 
Then you equal the sun, which shines on its own account, then 
you are like the river, which flows on its own account, and you 
are like the birds in the sky, which, following their inner guide,
are always at the right location at the right time.

Journey and Reward 

As soon as a human Being has internalized this reality, 
which is the foundation of all Life, enlightenment occurs; 
journey and reward merge in an instant.
Be careful as discipline is asked of you.
Be careful as someone let you partake in his 
disciplined life and wants to draw you into his spell.
Be careful as someone puts more significance to the 
so-called “spiritual practice” than to the steady view 
of all life or life itself.
The unredeemed issues of human Beings hide behind discipline 
and any measure of disciplining increases the blockage, even if 
thereby it is claimed to trigger the opposite. A liberated human 
Being knows neither discipline nor the mortification of the flesh, 
because in God’s abundance Love is the highest principle; and 
everything is allowed for the one, who loves. Distinguish this 
precisely and it is simple, as the soul is ready for this step in 
realization.Said in one sentence: 

Disciplined is the one, who holds back his abundance 
and wants to hide his unredeemed issues. 

Make the decision for a new access to this issue, because the 
saints of old time were not free and very often were left to 
their own delusions. Yet healed human Beings of the new time 
are liberated entities from the Light, who have nothing to hide 
any longer, because the shadows have been dissolved and the 
blockages have been overcome.

Scent of Humanness and Love 

In this manner these human Beings fulfill their assignments, 
they are guided by divine energy and spread the scent of 
humanness and Love everywhere; in a natural manner, 
self-confidently and full of joy. The flow of life is activated 
in these human Beings, there is no need for rules, no instructions 
and no discipline, because whoever trusts the laws of Heaven, 
does not bow to any earthly paradigm. 

You are the Way, the Truth and Life.
Now there is not a goal to be reached 
or to perform a great deed, but what counts is: 
to care for the free flow of your divine energy, 
so that the spiritual Light of Heaven can circulate 
freely in you.

Then Life reveals itself to you and your assignments 
are fulfilled on their own  – in harmony with Heaven. 

In infinite Love to all human Beings
I am amongst you.

I am

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