10. Mai 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 


Beloved Ones, 

Today it is essential that you act out of the power of your 
soul and let yourself be inspired and guided by your divine 
consciousness. The earth is indeed in your care, as soon as 
you recognize how powerful you are due to the Light.

Powerful due to the Light 

Nobody can harm you; nothing can keep you from living in the 
reality of the Light, as you become fully conscious of your actual 
strength and of the power, which God has given to you.
The essence of a Creator God penetrates everything and can 
change and transform any condition. The Light, which emanates 
from such an entity, reaches every place in this and other worlds.
It is a truth, which you may become totally aware of today, here 
and now, so that you go from impotence to power, from doubt to 
confidence and attain absolute trust in God. 

Mandates, decrees and measures, which you perform in the 
sign of the Light and with the mark of Love, reach more and 
more those levels, which were addressed. 

No force in the universe can withdraw from this power.
Darkness cannot exist in the Light, just as little can dark 
entities exist, as soon as the Light touches them. The dark 
powers of this matrix only know one fear: The fear of the 
Light, which means the end of their existence.

World’s Miracle occurs 

And the end of darkness has come now, the Light penetrates 
everywhere and touches so far untouched levels of this matrix.
The great game of being separated from the Source is over!
The project of the human free will in a 3D world has ended 
and therefore all dark entities, which are closed to the
transformation, will be removed from this world. 

The world’s miracle occurs, no power can hinder this. 

Look at the newly discharging events with the wisdom of 
someone who knows. Because you know that you have 
mandated this yourself and that now Heaven and earth 
unite in this world. Look wisely at the now unfolding scenes 
of end time. Recognize in each detail event the great arch, 
the great circle of Life, and look at the infinite cycles, which 
ran through this world before it could get to this point.
Look fixedly into the face of horror and know that it cannot 
reach you. The Light is your protection and creates a high 
frequency energy field, which is superior to any low vibrating 

Love is your reality, while the unredeemed hate of the whole 
world is transformed in front of your eyes. To see this is the 
challenge, to be untouched by it, is the miracle, which happens 
to every human Being, who loves God. 

Trust Life 

Have trust in your power, trust God, and trust Life. 
Turn away from the “sin of mistrust”.
Trust your strength and replace any doubt with certitude.

The return of the Gods has been fulfilled, because you are 
the ones you waited for, you have come down from Heaven 
and you will ascend to Heaven at the end of time. Truly: 
Gods live on earth and now they become aware of it.
And in front of your eyes the world changes and it attains 
peace, happiness and harmony. The Light has returned and 
is deployed for the benefit of all Life. 
Now go there and fulfill your assignments.
Because the power of creation has been given to 
you so that you deploy it for the benefit of all Life.
Herald the Light to mankind, until it has changed and 
until this world returns to the Light and sets a deep 
anchor in the ocean of God’s Grace.

The transformation of the planet and the healings 
of human Beings continue – mankind awakens.

I am amongst you

I am

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