23. September 2015


3-Day Meditation and Manifesting 
Signs of Decay of this Matrix


Written and Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb

Honored Reader,

In the “Act of Liberation” and the meditation in 3 consecutive 
days it is about to reach the high vibration of our heart and in 
succession maintaining it. Under the care of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 
and ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL, we are guided through this meditation, 
at which end stands the constant binding to the divine vibration.

This will be achieved whereby the heart chakra is opened and our 
being is flooded with the Light of Love from the prime Source of 
All-That-Is. Following it this energy shall determine our daily life 
and I am convinced that we will also be successful in it, after 
some exercises.

The Lichtwelt Verlag or myself do not conduct any correspondence 
regarding this meditation, as well as regarding all published articles.
This is impossible for us, due to our resources and due to our 

It is the goal that every human Being, each group of human Beings 
and each meditation group, out of itself, find the right time and the 
appropriate way in order to accomplish this “act of liberation”. 
You find everything worth knowing in the following message, 
which was transmitted from the prime Source of All-That-Is, 
from Mahavatar Babaji. 

We would enjoy it very much, if this meditation would draw a great 
circle and will be performed in many parts of the world and will be 
repeated again and again with as many human Beings as possible.
Meaning, it is expressively desired to pass on this meditation in its 
full content and with the information of its source.

Today we have it in our own hands to become active.
And being active means, to set the foundation stone 
for the constant binding to God’s Light. On this basis 
we let everything develop and everything will be fulfilled.

We are many and we become more and more, who want 
to rise above the coercion and dependencies of this matrix.

And our return to the heart and the devotion to God is the 
key for this “Act of Liberation”.

In Love

Jahn J Kassl

Act of Liberation

Exit from 3D and 4D Matrix
Departure to the 5th Dimension 

“It is the Goal of permanently maintaining this heart vibration 
in order to be able to energetically act outside of this Matrix.”

The time has come for a new base adjustment of human 
frequencies and it is time that more and more human Beings 
are permanently anchored in the vibration of the fifth dimension. 

I am BABAJI and this is a message from the 

Beloved Ones of this Earth!

We hand the tool over to you, whereby every human Being can 
permanently increase his inherent vibration and gradually can 
anchor it in the fifth dimension of All-That-Is. Thereby we invite 
you to start a meditation on three successive days, which is 
entirely dedicated to this issue.
It is the goal of retrieving the highest vibration potential and this 
is possible, as soon as you merge entirely with the frequency of 
your heart. The human heart has the highest inherent vibration 
and the electromagnetic field of the human heart is a vibration 
field of Love, whereby any healing will be affected.

Every insight process and any change in consciousness develop 
from the human heart. The human mind always goes into the 
background regarding this.
Whoever would like to understand or experience God with the 
mind, no matter how much effort there is, will fail, because God 
experience and seeing God will be attained with an intact, meaning 
opened and an in its prime frequency rotating heart chakra. 
The heart activates the inner knowledge in a human Bein
and prompts a being to unfold his consciousness. 

And now the main point, the point that counts:  

As soon as you can permanently maintain your 
genuine and pure heart vibration you no longer
belong to this matrix!

This is a journey we are now inviting you to, 
because the time for it has come.

How do you leave this sluggish matrix in practice?

Whereby you go into your heart vibration and thereby increase 
your heart vibration and adjust it to the fifth dimension of All-That-Is. 
With a little bit of practice you will pass the gate of Light and will leave 
this world behind you.

In addition it is also about not to enrich any longer the 3D and 4D 
matrix with your energy. Inherent energies are the whole spectrum 
of fears, fears, which maintain the 3D and 4D worlds. On account 
of the heart frequency these fears step back or they dissolve.

On this occasion we invite all human Beings, who are 
ready for it, to a common act of liberation.

Proceed as follows:

The 3-Day Meditation

1.) Determine three successive days with a fixed time of 
the day for an individual or collective meditation.
Here the “three” functions as the sacred number of 
anchoring, whereby this vibration is anchored in you.

2.) Meditate as follows:
A.)At first ask ARCHANGEL MICHAEL into your presence. 
Ask ARCHANGEL MICHAEL to purify you from your own 
impurities and free you from foreign energies. After you 
have the impression “to be ready”, begin as follows:
B.)Focus entirely on the first three breaths.
Inhaling: Thereby imagine a light ray in a color, 
which corresponds to you, from the center of All-That-Is 
penetrating into your heart.
Exhaling: Thereby imagine how your heart opens and 
how Light and Love flows from your heart – to everywhere.

Repeat this three times, then you have reached the 
base vibration of the heart and a deep meditation begins.

C.) For everyone, who, in order to attain a deep base 
vibration, likes to go back to mantras, repeat as follows:

Follow as long until you are totally in peace and you have 
arrived in self. The visualization of the light ray is of significance, 
so that you may enter very quickly into the higher frequency and 
you find yourself there during the whole meditation.
During the time of the meditation, for at least 30 minutes yet 
should last for 60 minutes, you are unbound from the laws of
the 3D and 4D matrix and you are indeed in the fifth dimension 
of All-That-Is.

D.) Toward the end of the meditation ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL 
begins to seal this energetic condition in you. Remain on your 
meditation cushion or in your seat, or remain in your bed, until 
you notice that the powerful and strengthening energies of the 
Archangels, the Ascended Masters and from the Wellspring of 
All-That-Is evaporate.

It is the Goal of permanently maintaining this heart 
vibration in order to be able to energetically act 
outside of this Matrix.

Manifesting Signs of Decay of this Matrix

The further consequence of this process of becoming conscious
is that you no longer offer nourishment to the sluggish world 
and that the signs of decay of this matrix manifest even more 

The most effective means in order to overcome a sluggish 
vibration and to release from it is the increase in one’s 
inherent vibration, and this is reached due to this practice 
and meditation on three successive days.

These three days can be repeated, as you like.
Every human Being can decide for himself when 
he begins with it and carries this out.

Matthew 18 - 20 „For where two or three 
gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Everywhere in the world groups or initiatives may build, 
human Beings may gather in this spirit and based on this 
model, increase their inherent vibration. Your spirit overcomes 
any distance and therefore it is not necessary that you physically 
meet for this meditation, instead it is sufficient as you join each 
other in your unlimited spirit at a fixed hour, no matter where 
you are in this world.

This creates a new energy, which has a direct effect for the 
ongoing transformation processes of human society and 
Mother Earth. Thereby this change receives an entirely 
new dynamic.

Know: The more you are anchored in the high Light vibration 
of your heart, the less the lower vibrating environment 
exercises influence over you.
Revolutions, upheavals and transformations find a pathway 
into the visible world always whereby the new intentions 
are manifested in you yourself and are anchored in you.
The Golden Age creates a new human Being.
And this meditation forms this human Being in you.

The return of a human being to his divine prime vibration 
precedes the return to God.

Please make use of this possibility, so that the world changes with you.

Whoever is touched by the Light and 
encounters Love, remains behind changed.

Another key for self-empowerment has been handed to you.
This “act of liberation” means for you the departure to the fifth 
dimension; without any bloodshed and far from dramas or 
battles, which very often shape and determine the change 
in the 3rd and 4th dimension of All-That-Is.

Look at the world with new eyes and 
with your soul return to God.

It is given, how much you are loved,


√ Worth knowing:

Please do not combine this meditation with any other energetic 
work. Dedicate yourself entirely to this healing without going 
back to known or familiar healing modalities.
√ The anchoring occurs after you have completed this meditation 
after three days in a row. Should you, no matter for whatever 
reason, have to interrupt this meditation for one day, please 
begin again with day one, until you have reached three days
in a row.
√ The „Act of Liberation“ can be repeated as often as it seems 
appropriate for you. Thereby it is necessary for all, who have 
already completed the three days, to orient themselves to
their inner guidance, in order to determine the course of 
action (number of days). 


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