3. September 2015


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 

Beloved Ones, 

of the religion, of the religions I speak to you now, 
I am JESUS SANANDA and whose actions as Joshua 
ben Joseph are recognized in connection with 
«religion and faith».

The future of religions is uncertain, because truly:
As soon as mankind awakens, the religions will 
fall into a deep slumber, from which they can 
never awaken on this level of All-that-Is. 

Therefore it is time for you who give form and 
power to the religions to wake up, because the 
form evaporates and the power dries up, like a 
well or a once bubbling fountain dries up.

The religion of the future, the religion of the new 
mankind is the religion, which recognizes the human 
Beings as all-knowing Gods, as creative divinities, as 
Beings, which can directly partake of God’s reality.
Less is inadequate, and for such a religion the days 
are numbered. There is no more propaganda of fear, 
which produces fruits; now, human Beings as a collective 
have developed to such a degree, that they question the 
current traditions. 

Religion is sacred, if it takes away the fears from 
individuals. Religion is repugnant, if it nurses and 
reinforces the fears, because humans are held in 
insecurity and obscurity or that the beatitude has 
been postponed for a life after death. 

The religions have an important role to play during 
the time of transition, to totally serve the awakening 
mankind, which means:

To dissolve the self-created dogmas for retention 
of power. As today’s governments dissolve, so the 
different religions dissolve, because in the 5th dimension 
of All-that-Is every human Being is constantly in the 
custody of God and does not need doctrines, which 
emerged from time and were legitimized by virtue of 
time. Today and during the transition into the fifth 
dimension I invite all religions of this world, to 
collectively foster confidence, certitude, peace, 
footing and trust in human Beings.

And I admonish all religions, to surrender 
all influence which creates fear, because: 
Who, due to their still existing trust positions 
in church and State, ignites fog bombs, will find 
selves in the labyrinth, which they created for 

I am always with you, beloved Ones, turn 
towards me in trust, because your heart knows 
Beloved shepherds, who guide your legions of 
the faithful! Turn to me and recognize, that an 
error cannot be repeated indefinitely, now, that 
the transformation of this earth and the 
transformation of human society accelerate 

You are honored for everything, 
what you do and are, 
in infinite Love to you


This is an excerpt of the Book: “Leben, Band I.”
The english version "Life, Volume I" is in preperation. 

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