7. September 2015

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales: The USA worldwide is Terrorist Nr.1

Translated by Franz 
Translated from: Boliviens Staatspräsident Evo Morales: 
Die USA sind weltweit Terrorist Nr.1 
So that with all the events and the diversionary tactic the essential 
does not escape our attention, namely, who and where the actual 
perpetrators of all upheavals are, read here an excerpt from an 
interview with Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, regarding the 
foreign policy of the United States. 

"When the power of love overcomes the love for power, 
only then will there be peace." Jimi Hendrix, American musician 

Jahn J Kassl 

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales:
The USA worldwide is Terrorist Nr.1 

In an interview with „Russia Today“ (September 2014)
Bolivia’s President Evo Morales made the following statements, 
regarding the foreign policy of the United States. He said:

“The capitalistic system that Obama represents, is not 
a policy that embodies the people of the United States, 
but a policy of the transnational corporations, especially 
those who commercialize weapons and push for an arms 

“For the US government the worldwide invasions are 
nothing more than a business.” Morales declares that the 
US government criticizes, politically controls and finally 
exploits any country, which opposes their claim to power. 
He said furthermore:

„The United States wishes to control the natural 
resources and the energy sources in the whole world, 
so that they can exercise political control.“ (…) “
I am convinced that the United States is the country 
in the world, which practices the most State terrorism.” 

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