16. September 2015


Commentary regarding the spreading notion 
that the Last Days of Mankind have begun.
With excerpts from actual still unpublished 
messages from Mahavatar Babaji
Written and Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Have the last days actually begun or do many human 
Beings expect in vain the end of time, like already 
before the year 2000 or before the year 1000?
There are obvious signs, which from my perspective 
point to the upcoming end of time.

The Godlessness 

Initially there is the fact that mankind distances itself 
from God and has created new Gods. The article from 
Michael Snyder*, which was published yesterday at this 
site, names these signs and describes the extent of 
Godlessness in the example of the USA.
Naturally this finding is not only true for America, 
because the ruling political Nomenclature and the leading 
media in Europe formally compete with each other to serve 
Washington and Wall Street. As convinced vassals do they 
not only obey the orders from the respective US administration, 
instead they also adopt the arrogance and heinousness of the 
ruling US elites, consisting of High Finance and the military-
industrial complex.

Painful Events 

Mankind must be confronted with their godlessness, in 
order so that human Beings and all those, who fall for 
these false prophets, have an opportunity for a reversion 
to God. And in most cases this is affected due to very painful 
events. Why?
On a certain level of human consciousness progress can 
only be made thereby. Each experience of suffering, as 
unnecessary it may even seem for an awakened consciousness, 
enables growth on a lower vibrating level and leads human 
Beings eventually out of this spiral of suffering. 
Because whoever has seen much suffering in many 
incarnations, has inflicted suffering and has experienced 
it, one day with all strength turns away from this.

This is a fact, which today determine the behavior 
of awakened ones and from which unconsciousness 
mankind is still far away. 
Daily events, which occur on earth, are evidence for it.
It is necessary to name this factor and whoever negates 
this fact either does not know human nature or closes 
the eyes regarding this.

A change in consciousness, which is fulfilled without 
earthly experiences of suffering, instead due to loving 
guidance from God, is preserved for those souls, which 
are already redeemed and are more highly developed; 
it is those souls, which have already traversed the 
lowlands of being human and have overcome these. 

It is true that all human Beings are equal in front 
of God and carry the divine spark. But it is also true 
that human Beings are aware of this fact in different 
manners and become aware of it in different epochs. 

And this is the clincher for the manner of life on earth. 
Consciousness and individual assignments define how 
things occur in life, which experiences are still outstanding 
and how they want to be lived. This is a fact, which should 
be openly expressed, foremost now, because the obvious 
great events build up and discharge.

Messages from the Light 

For me the determinant signs that today we actually 
experience the last days of this time, whereby the 
expression “days” is not to be taken proverbially, 
instead is to be applied to a broader timespan, are 
the messages, which are regularly transmitted to 
me regarding this topic. The following excerpts of 
actual transmissions from Mahavatar Babaji 
are plain-spoken: 


JJK: "I see so many human Beings “dying”.

BABAJI: "Yes, in this world, which has cast off God, 
it will occur like that and because the levels still penetrate 
each other, the light warriors of the first and last hours will 
have precise knowledge about the events. You must have 
this knowledge.”

„Today I announce to you that the protection precautions 
for individual States and for individual human Beings have 
been completed. In the same breath the last protection 
grids of individual States and individual human Beings 
were removed.”


(…) „Each human Being decides if he joins together 
with God or if he creates his fate far from God.“


JJK: „I have a strong impression and the picture in front 
of me that without direct divine intervention this earth will 
be entirely destroyed.

BABAJI: „Yes, mankind is in the process of doing so. 
And it will not occur. The number of “just ones” is 
determinant. A ring of heavenly entities from different 
galaxies surrounds this earth, providing protection, and 
these Light entities will continue to intervene directly on 
earth, in order to hinder that, which may not be. 
God is truly amongst you. Do not be afraid.”


„I have come to earth so that I may divert the greatest 
misfortune from earth! I have come to earth so that I 
spare earth from extinction!“ 

If I bring these messages in connection with the actual 
current events, a logical consequence and an obvious 
picture emerges: The last days, weeks, months and
years have truly begun.

What needs to be done and how do we face this time?

Babaji says: (…) „Ask for me, fulfill your heart 
with the longing for God. This is my language. 
And this shall also become your nature.“ 

Jahn J Kassl 

*Are We Living In The Last Days – Michael Snyder: 

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