6. September 2015


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 
Translated from: Niedertracht aufzeigen, Vergebung üben: 
Report: My brother Karl says to me that he would find it proper, 
if I would abstain from any polemics or any expletives in my 
essays, which depreciate and diminish other human Beings as 
an entity. Some human Beings, who read our blog, no longer 
want this polemic and also Karl himself would find this course 
of action agreeable. About two hours later I turn to SAI BABA 
with the plea for an explicit sign regarding this issue. I open a
page in the book (“Jesus and Sai Baba”, Govinda Sai Verlag), 
which compares statements from SAI BABA and JESUS in a 
great variety (558 pages), as I do in similar situations, 
according to the “random principle”, and I focus entirely 
on this question, whereby I open the following passage
(page 148): 

“…Forgive the mistakes of other human Beings,
yet pass stern judgment on your own mistakes.” 
(Sai Baba)
And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have 
anything against anyone, so that your Father also who 
is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.”
(Jesus)  Mark 11:25  (End of report)

Beloved Jahn,

Indeed, the time, when it was necessary to stress the 
character of a human Being by using the method of 
“over-emphasis” is over for you! Leave this level 
communication and description behind and begin 
to author any text in this new manner.


The energy has turned! No matter about who and from 
whom you write, no matter about which horror you may 
report and how deeply you may plunge into the abyss of
individual human Beings and their deeds, while doing your 
research, always honor the dignity of an entity and abstain
from overlaying it with negative attributes. 

Even if incomprehensible “crimes” for the human spirit, 
the human soul and the human heart appear, it is necessary 
to offer the energy of forgiveness and let it flow.

Even then and especially then.

This is an internal and spiritual process.
The energetic and outer segregation against such deeds 
and the entities remains untouched. This is furthermore 
imperative, in order not to be influenced or be absorbed
by these energies. 

You shall reveal the heinousness of a human Being, 
yet you shall not treat the human Being, who is 
responsible for it, in a heinous manner. 

From now on act according to this maxim,
The time is ripe for it.

The Lichtwelt Project progresses, grows and thrives, 
in order to be of service for this world and for human Beings.

In infinite Love I am with you,


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