8. September 2015


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 
Translated from: Auswirkungen deiner Transformation: 

Beloved Ones! 

Why is the transformation of your own issues of such 
significance? So that you may no longer be manipulated. 

At first it is necessary to look through the “little game” that your 
subconscious plays with your consciousness. Once you have reached 
this degree of awareness, you are able to look through the “great 
game”, and are able to adequately deal with it. The ones, who have 
withdrawn power from their own subconscious, have the power to 
withdraw from the matrix. What works inside determines the outer 
world, because the freedom on all levels always follows victory 
over self.


Today it is necessary to aim for this high condition of realization 
and to attain it, the condition that your subconscious no longer 
plays any tricks and your low ego-nature no longer can dominate.

Therefore the transformation is due great significance, 
because only divine Light can illuminate darkness and 
can create the right circumstances. The right attitude 
in order to rapidly progress in one’s own transformation 
is: Seeing facts and recognizing phantasies, ideals or 
illusions. Once you have determined your status, it 
becomes easy. As long as you flee from the truth, 
even little becomes difficult.

The transformed Human Being 

Enjoys every protection from energetic infringements, 
because each manipulation is recognized in its core and
is nipped in the bud. 

Clear thinking, clear recognition, clear sensations 
and clear behavior patterns are only possible after
inner blockages have been removed. 

The more blockages exist in a human Being, 
the more diffuse is one’s perception.

The power of discernment is obtained on the basis of a 
purified Being, and therefore it is necessary to create this 
basis. Dark energy fields can then be quickly recognized 
and be left behind, and such a human Being remains 
unharmed in every life situation.
Please recognize the significance of your own awareness 
process. Those, who have freed their soul, attain God’s 
closeness and God’s consciousness.
Whoever would like to be wholeheartedly reborn, for him 
no path is too steep and no hurdle is too big, and he celebrates 
every small change as a significant step, because he knows that 
great changes are only possible on account of them.
It is time for great upheavals, inner and outer. The divine 
assignments are unveiled to you and your life becomes a 
symphony in order to honor God and to bring joy to human 

In the second part of this message I would like to point your 
attention to how “bad” deeds have an effect today and what 
kind of follow-up phenomena inappropriate infringements 

Acceleration of „Cause and Effect“ 

In this time, when a constant light flux from Creation flows 
to this earth, bad and evil deeds have a different impact and 
manifest very quick consequences. It is significant to know 
that every bad deed, each manipulation, today very quickly 
falls back to the perpetrator(s). This fact is of great significance 
especially for purified or advanced light warriors. Meaning, as a 
dark entity “trespasses” on one of the light entities, these deeds 
fall back to them almost immediately. Long timespans before 
karma is fulfilled or balanced, are excluded in this case; the 
balance has to occur immediately. The dark entities are quite 
aware of this. Meaning, the higher the intrinsic vibration, 
the higher is the protection. 

Today a dark entity evaluates precisely, whom it 
approaches in which manner and how.

To injure an enlightened entity, or wanting to do so,
means for that entity that the energy of this intention 
or deed immediately falls back to self. Therefore one’s 
own transformation is of priceless value also in this

Light warriors and Light entities purified from low energies 
enjoy a unique protection; the work with the divine Light 
makes this possible. More highly developed dark forces 
know about these legalities, they know the “principle of 
exchange” and behave accordingly, exceptions excluded.

In summary: The damage to another one is reversed
and becomes one’s own circumstances, or one falls very 
quickly into the pit, which one has dug for others.

The law of “cause and effect” has been accelerated for 
highly purified light entities and works immediately. 
The valid formula is: 

The higher the intrinsic vibration, the 
more quickly occurs the karmic exchange. 

For low vibrating entities the current conditions still apply. 
The karmic exchange occurs gradually and from life to life.
Now look at these two aspects of your transformation:
A.) You can no longer be manipulated and
B.) Dark attacks either decrease or they are less
effective in your life, because these energies are 
immediately returned to the sender.

Look at these facts in bright Light and perform with 
courage and joy what you have begun. 

Honor each day, when you penetrate more 
deeply into the mystery of your soul. 
You were created out of Love, you 
have emerged out of Light and you 
will return to God. 

Accompanied by Heaven we manifest the 
new earth and God’s word is fulfilled in us.

I am

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