5. September 2015


Message from the Light Reading on August 28th, 2015 in Vienna 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz
Translated from: Licht des Himmels: 

The Light of Heaven performs its work!
Uninfluenced by all disturbance fields the Light of 
Heaven penetrates to earth and it reaches the hearts 
of human Beings. 

Cosmic processes obey cosmic laws and earthly 
intentions or aims cannot keep them back or 
thwart them.
The Light of Heaven is omnipresent on earth and 
brings forth what human Beings have hidden from 
self for a long time and what mankind did not want 
to look at. 

The Light of Heaven works.

the fellow traveler of mankind on its way to God, 
on the way back into the Light and into the home 
of our eternal souls.

Recognizing Anxiety Fields and leaving them 

The issue of fear is portrayed in this message and it is the issue, 
which is necessary paying attention to and wherefrom “anxiety 
fields” can reach you.
The indications of an upcoming Third World War seem to
condense and some human Beings are caught by fear and 
begin to freeze thinking about it. The beginning of this 
“great drama” is expected for the months of September 
and October of this year. Human Beings prepare themselves 
for it and they begin to take on fears and slide into fears. 

I point to the fact that the intensive Light flooding of earth 
reveals all potentials, which now may become effective, 
yet not all potentials will be realized or will be fulfilled. 

It is important to understand that you have it in your hands 
where the way goes and how the change is completed.
Yet it is even more significant to understand that you yourself 
are responsible for all settings of the course in your own life 
and thereby every event is possible or every miracle may be 
affective. This means in particular:
1.) Look into the abyss, look at all existing potentials; 
yet do not let self be taken in by them. As soon as fears,
“fears of Armageddon” appear, examine precisely how they 
develop, where they come from and remove them. How do 
you remove them? You can remove them due to meditation 
and/or intensive examination of these emotions. Go to the 
bottom of these issues, which create unrest in you and 
turn them over to the Light.
2.) The time has come wherein God reveals himself. 
Which means, each one, who loves God and serves 
human Beings in love, is under God’s direct protection.  
Is there a “personal” God? Today this question is directly 
answered for every human Being.
3.) What for the one is being fulfilled is lacking for the other 
and what occurs for one state, other states remain excluded 
from it.

Today this third point is of particular significance. 

„One will be taken from the field, while the other 
remains in the field.” This time with all events, 
which are based in it, may be reduced to this 
prophetic statement.

God Realization is highest Goal 

Consequently today it should be the first and highest goal to 
aim for one’s own God realization. How will this be attained? 
It is attained due to the unconditional readiness to devote
oneself entirely to the divine Light. Whereby we have arrived 
in the center of your Being, in your heart. 

As soon as your heart vibration has reached the 
heart frequency, all fear falls off and you are in 
your creation power. 

Consequently this energy is the key in order to face all 
anxiety fields of this time in an appropriate manner 
and to remain uninfluenced by them. 

The direct connection with one’s inherent heart 
frequency creates an energy field, which cannot 
be taken in by any dark forces. 

The human heart is the carrier of the highest possible 
vibration of a human Being and upholds the binding to 
the divine. Today all your aims shall be directed toward that,
remaining permanently in this vibration.
Mental consciousness can be overlaid with “confusion”, 
emotional consciousness can as well be confused due to 
“impurities”, yet the base vibration of your heart cannot 
not be destroyed by anything or anybody, because it 
represents the immortal divine spark in every human 

Yet what occurs is that you shall be held back from consciously 
reaching this vibration due to different energy fields, from 
reaching it and foremost from also maintaining it.

Light Work in God’s Countenance 

And exactly at this point prayer and meditation are of help. 
The Light work, in order to redeem individual issues, 
makes the difference.
Therefore there is only one rule of life for your completion: 
To orient oneself entirely toward the Light and unconditionally 
allow healings in God’s Love. 

In view of the increasingly unleashing events, you shall 
direct your whole strength toward the inner, because 
miracles, which you expect for the coming time, 
occur from there. 

Act according to your assignments and your inner knowledge. 
Let self be guided by God and never say: “I do not know how 
God talks to me or how He guides me?” This is a disregard of 
your divine essence. Please know: Whoever asks honestly, 
will be given everything! Open your hearts for the Light. 
Be willing to polish your life daily in God’s countenance.  
Draw the right conclusions and act consistently. Discard the 
tepid, bear up and put self entirely under God’s protection. 

You have all reason to look at the future with confidence 
and joy. The uplifting of Mother Earth continues and 
your perfection is looming. 

Encounter all building up dramas around you in the knowledge 
that the “great circle of this universe” completes and that all of
us receive “personal” protection from God. Everything is possible 
for God and God makes everything possible for His children.
I have entered into God’s Love and I have returned to 
you on this earth. 

Our Light is great as our Love is powerful, whereby we 
will overcome every condition, which has fallen out from 
All-That-Is, and returns it to God’s Grace. 

The love for mankind has brought me back and this 
world completes itself in the Love of all of us.
We are the Way, the Truth and Life, and we are here for 
a good reason, because our lives are fulfilled in these 
days and human hearts are flooded with the spiritual Light.

One journey ends, a new one begins.

I love you infinitely

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