26. September 2015


Conversation with Babaji

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

JJK: The pictures of destruction linger. 
I feel reminded of transmissions from Elija, 
for the books from Elija “Elija’s Prophecies”*
These are “prophetic” messages, which refer 
to the downfall of the world, and for me are 
always accompanied with slight “depressions”, 
as today. During my walk through the inner city 
of Vienna, I look into the eyes of human Beings, 
who drag like caravans across the city, and it seems 
that absolutely nobody has the slightest notion of 
what actually builds up and what several light
warriors prepare for.

BABAJI: I am with you and I am amongst human 
Beings. The discharges must occur and those human 
Beings, who are devoted to God and put God at the 
first place in their lives, remain untouched. This is the 
way it is and has been at all times. The „recordings” 
into your emotional, mental and spiritual essence 
continue, so that you can portray an accurate 
picture about what is coming up. 

Therefore I announce today that the protection 
precautions for individual States and for individual 
human Beings have been completed. In the same 
breath the last protection grids of individual States 
and individual human Beings were removed. 

This occurs so that the necessary experiences can be 
made, until individual human Beings and individual States 
find back to God. Many have not understood and they all 
have ignored the “warnings”, the signs from Heaven and 
the indications of the last decades. Instead of going inside 
and turning back, arrogance is practiced and human 
Beings begin to lift themselves above God.

The prophesies of the scriptures begin to fulfill for many.
Excluded from it remain the few devotees to God, who 
understood how to interpret the signs of time and who 
have adequately reacted to it.

God has returned to this world and God lifts this world.

Yet God’s arrival remained unnoticed for many human 
Beings. Therefore new reasons are offered, new dramas 
are projected and new twists of fate are created, so that 
human Beings can turn back and return into the world 
of Light.

These healings are preceded by great upheavals; 
it is like in those old and first days of mankind, 
when events in the outer world contributed to 
the inner awakening of individuals.
The darkness on this earth shall find an end, 
also for those, who live in darkness.
The Light shall rule on this earth, also for
those, who have no imagination of it.
Love receives entry into this world and those, 
who continue to web a net of karma due to love-starved 
deeds, receive a great teaching and face their mirror image.
Each event on the outer is a mirror image of human souls.

Whoever sows unrest reaps war, whoever scatters 
hate, hate will fall back to him, whoever serves 
darkness, remains a slave of his master and of this 
The great upheavals are a result of unredeemed 
human Beings and they must occur, because the 
destructive energy, which still acts in human hearts, 
must appear and must discharge. There is no judgment 
from God; what exists is the self-determination 
of each human Being: Light or darkness, peace or 
war – according to these decisions the end of the 
world unleashes and the new day of the Light begins.

JJK: Is there no hope for the ignorant ones?

BABAJI: Hope on this level and at this point in time 
is insufficient. What works and is, is God’s Grace – 
and each human Being may be worthy of this Grace 
until the end – turning around, turning back and 
coming home – and the Light in God’s Grace works.

I am amongst you. 

Ask for me; fulfill your heart with the 
longing for God. This is my language.
And this shall also become your nature. 

I love you infinitely

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