18. September 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

God’s Light brings mankind securely to the end and 
you will return to your home. The day is close, the 
celebration for your arrival is prepared, and the 
guests are expected. 


Before we see each other again in the Light, we complete 
the work in this world. And completing means to recreate 
this world, and outfit mankind with the offerings from 
Heaven and with God’s gifts.

Why will we reliably succeed in this, with respect to the 
dark facts, which actually spread and discharge?
With God, everything is possible, and through God everything 
can be changed from one moment to the next. It is true that 
your doubts wane, it is true that your fears yield and it is true 
that more and more human Beings aim for the direct experience 
of God and turn away from all guidelines and established belief 

Healings continue and those, who devote to God, become 
increasingly more purified, lighter and freer; it is a freedom, 
which develops in the new world.
It is the Love, which works as an energy behind it, which at 
the end of time will prevail and will manifest everywhere on earth. 

All endeavors of individual human Beings shall 
today be aligned toward the direct experience of God. 

Nothing is of greater significance, because it requires human 
Beings, which partook in this experience, because the light-filled 
willingness for manifestation emanates from these human Beings.

Direct God Experience 

The direct living experience of God fundamentally changes 
the life of a human Being. The oneness with all life and the 
oneness of mankind are directly experienced then and is no 
longer a remote concept, which has to be approached with 
the intellect or with intuition.
Then the certitude comes in that everything is connected with 
each other, that nothing can exist on it’s own, then the pain of 
the other is one’s own and the good fortune of fellow human 
Beings is one’s own good fortune.

That there are so many upheavals in this world and wars 
develop and great injustice, is based on the fact that so 
many human Beings are cut off from the direct experience 
of God. So called “God warriors”, which follow the dark earthly 
powers, rant and rage on earth, with the intention to continue 
the work of darkness and to continue to bind mankind to the 
wheel of fate of time. Oneness by maintaining diversity should 
be the light-filled goal, unitizing of human Beings, whereby their 
uniqueness is extinguished by force, is the dark goal; mistakes 
plenty, false doctrines wherever you look. And yet a great Light 
shines on the horizon, and it becomes brighter and brighter. 
God heralds himself and he sends us ahead as messengers 
and the spiritual Light performs his work and paves the 
way for God’s arrival. Until then old ghosts catch up with this 
world and new “crusades” break out, because not everyone, 
who refers to God, carries God in his heart, not everyone, 
who goes to battle, is a spiritual warrior of the Light, and 
not every prayer, which reaches God, is worthy to be answered.

The refinement of human Beings has begun and thereby 
the differences among human Beings become obvious. 
It is a chasm, which those, who will ascend together with 
Mother Earth, will close. Darkness will be flooded with Light 
and many children of humanity take flight from the Light 
and the truth. The “shadow worlds” will serve those human 
Beings as long until they get used to the Light and have 
adapted to higher frequencies.
Yet this world goes rapidly ahead and therefore many will 
be left behind; the “Day of Judgment” fulfills only for a 
few and yet it is enough, in order to change a whole world.

Change will be completed 

Look at what is, walk across the world with opened 
inner and outer senses and recognize the right allocations. 

The time of godlessness is over! 

The Light of Heaven prevails on this earth. 
Everything, what you see today, is subjected 
to great purification.

The constant Light influx to this earth breaks through 
the installed protection grids of the dark forces, and 
no power in the world can stop the waves of Light, 
which let the opened hearts of human beings vibrate 
higher and higher, and continue to uplift the planet. 

The change will be completed. And those, who have 
realized God inside, those, who love God and bail 
from God’s strength, thereby are assigned with the 
task to be the brightest Light in the darkest hour 
of mankind! 

Miracles and magic accompany their lives and 
human Beings see what comes from those entities. 

Power will be transferred to you, responsibility will 
be given to you and human Beings will trust you, 
after the last bridges to the old world have been 
destroyed or have been removed. 

We are the Great Brotherhood of the White Light, 
and we are siblings from eternity. Together we 
have chosen this earth as our earthly home. 

We have found this planet as a place of abundance 
a long time ago, and we will leave this planet as a 
place of abundance.  

Today we look forward to this irreversible fact.
While the Light at the end of the pathway shines brighter 
and brighter, the ghosts of this matrix cast their last long
shadows. Do not be afraid!

With every further step into the Light, you strip off old 
imprints and you take in the energy of the new level of 

Thereby you leave this world and you step on new soil, 
which is purified from all evil and whereon only entities 
act, which experience themselves as immortal loving 
consciousness in God’s Light.

Much has been done, much still needs to be done, 
awakening and to carry on the seeds of liberation, 
until the birth of the new human Being is fulfilled 
and the Light of Heaven is revealed everywhere
on this earth.

The way has been sketched out and nobody has 
to stand on one’s own two feet.

We are a great divine family, joined due to the 
everlasting bond of Love. Masters beyond and 
on this side of the veil have joined, in order to 
create Heaven on earth and to inhale new life 
into human Beings.

Hearts are fulfilled with Love, souls recognize 
themselves in God and the dark forces of this 
earth face human Beings, liberated from fear.

At that point time ends and space- and time-less 
Being in the fifth dimension of Creation begins.

Human Beings have returned to the original 
vibration of one’s hearts and from now on act 
as “Light from Heaven”.

I am amongst you


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