21. September 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

„Be like a King, who makes laws, 
yet who is above the law!“ 


What does this allegory stand for?

Uplift yourself above your lower nature, uplift yourself 
above all ego attachments, because only on account 
of it are laws necessary on earth like this one.
Be like a King, who stands above the laws and yet 
applies them to all those, who act out of lower motives, 
who live in ego consciousness or who follow their lower 
instincts without obeying their divine reality.

Where is Your Kingdom? 

Whoever has overcome his lower I, is King of his consciousness, 
is Lord in his own house and is described here; whose acts 
withstand any earthly as well as cosmic review.
Love has taken possession of such an entity and neither 
Kingdom or royal dignity of such a human Being is of this 

Truly, a King of his self has attained Mastership over his lower 
nature. Such human Beings walk on earth today, in order to 
give the human siblings an instructive example of Life in God’s 
abundance. These human Beings obey the cosmic and not the 
earthly laws, they always act in harmony with the creative plan 
and are familiar with their specific assignments, so that this 
plan is being fulfilled.

Any earthly office, the laurel of victory or the crown of power 
is alien to such human Beings. These entities no longer go into 
resonance, because they have dissolved all inner connections 
to these ego phenomena. It is pure service for mankind and for 
Mother Earth, which hereby is performed by these high entities.

And it is those human Beings, who perform the mandate
of a King on different lower vibrating levels.
The multidimensional reality enables this and laws guide 
societies, until human Beings step out of polar legitimacy 
and return to God’s covalent reality; whereby the principle 
of Love affects everything, rules everything, is lived by all 
and is applied by all. 
Then the condition of “lawlessness” has been reached, 
because the Enlightened Ones do not obey God due 
to divine principles, instead they do according to 
their self, a self, which has merged with God. 

A loving one loves, only being capable of doing such. 

Just like a fish cannot exist without water and 
a human Being cannot exist without oxygen, 
likewise an awakened consciousness cannot 
live without Love or act without Light. 

Once this cosmic vibrational law of Love, which penetrates 
everything, is understood, then everything is allowed for 
such an entity, because this entity has stripped off earthly 
legitimacies and is enabled to receive power and exercise 
it in a lower vibrating world.
As long as a human Being enjoys power or connects honor 
and status with earthly royal dignity, his Kingdom will be of
this world and it will remain impermanent, because truly: 

Whoever exercises the law on earth, shall be of 
this world, and yet no longer belongs to this world.

To be of Service 

This is the way, which many light warriors of the first 
and last hours are today being prepared for, because 
truly: Many of you have decided to be of service in 
the lower and lower vibrating worlds, and to remain 
in service after the ascension has occurred and the 
planets have taken their new positions in this universe.

These entities will guide human societies from legitimacy 
to lawlessness, from earthly laws, which very often want 
to correct misbehavior in a very drastic manner and which 
are indispensable in 3D and 4D worlds, to the singular 
principle of Creation, whereby all Life is perceived in 
Love and is experienced in Love.

What is Freedom? 

This brings human Beings into freedom – genuine 
freedom, because freedom can also be differently 
experienced and interpreted, and has a totally different 
significance for a lower vibrating consciousness than for 
a highly vibrating entity. If it is for the one, to be able 
and be allowed to do whatever he wishes, therefore 
capriciousness is the highest maxim of freedom, 
for the other freedom means responsibility and 
devotion toward others, and freedom is to participate 
in the service for the great plan of the Creator for 
the benefit of all Life. 

Freedom due to ego consciousness means the 
realization of one’s own still unreflect needs; 
freedom due to self-consciousness means the 
realization of the self in the greater context, 
in God’s reality and in universal dimensions. 
The 3D and 4D freedom means capriciousness, 
the freedom of a 5D society means mindfulness. 

„Kings amongst human Beings” are born in order to
instruct human Beings in overcoming the lower I.
It is necessary to distinguish falsehood from truth;
it is necessary to recognize the beggar as King and 
the King as beggar in front of God.

Listen you beloved Ones,
Whoever has mastered this time and is perfected on this 
level, has entered into the reality of divine order. 
Whoever is King himself knows about the significance of 
laws on different levels and knows where and how to 
interpret them and how to apply them.

This means for this message:
1.) Bring yourself into the condition of unconditional Love.
2.) Have the courage for fundamental healings of your 
being, so that at the end of time the healings are complete.
3.) Overcome your ego attachments, so that you may 
ascend into the Light.
4.) Begin to take on the role of the immovable observer – 
look, recognize clearly, and distinguish precisely.
The more you overcome your ego nature, the easier 
it is to look at the higher-ranking perspective in the 
world and at yourself. 

Being free in God and to create Love, this is the 
foundation whereupon a fulfilled consciousness 

Freedom, God, Love  

Continue to work on your own perfection.

Do no longer walk with the “spiritual staff of a beggar”, 
whereby you bow in front of earthly legitimacies, instead, 
retain the scepter of liberation, whereby you become conscious 
how this matrix works and how you can step out of it due to 
consistent awareness work. God will uplift you and you will act 
as King among Kings in the Light and Glory of your divinity, 
after you have dealt entirely with your ego consciousness in 
all its needs and facets; and after you have accepted and 
transformed your ego consciousness in all its needs and facets.
God is great and in God every entity experiences itself as an 
all-knowing divine consciousness.

Whatever is valid for earth is insignificant on higher levels of 
All-That-Is. The earthly laws have no power on higher vibrational 
levels. So go there and care for it, that earthly laws no longer 
exercise power over you. Rise up. Thereby remain a servant of 
the living Mother Earth and foremost remain faithfully dedicated 
to your divine assignments until last. 

Whoever longs for the Light and aches for God, 
will inherit new Life – as King among Kings, and 
yet it is not of this world. In Eternity.  

In infinite Love

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